5.2: Everybody’s a Critic

Hello guys! In the last chapter of the Kanto Legacy, Ledyba gave birth to twin boys: a ghost called Missingno and a vampire called Ditto. They both grew into toddlers. Phillip bit Leds so that she could transform into a vamp herself. Finally, Tari aged up into an elder.

Romance 2-Baby

Romance 3-Baby

We have babies incoming from the legacy Sims and the spares’ children.

Romance 4-Breakup

JenGin broke up though.


Altaria: Hooray! Aren’t babies exciting?

They sure are. Speaking of babies…


Ditto: ~whimpers~ I’m hungry….

Missingno: You’ll never get attention that way. Step aside, brother, and let Em show you how it’s done. WE WANT FOOD!!!! WAAAAAHHHH!!!!


Ledyba: Yeah, yeah. I’m coming, you little brats.


Once the children have been fed, they congregate at the blocks table.

Ditto: You were right about that screaming, Em. It really did work.

Missingno: Of course I was right. Em is always right about these things. But aren’t you supposed to be the genius, bro?

Ditto: Oh yeah, that’s right.


Here’s little Kindra Van Gould. I do so wish that she didn’t have the standard alien face.


Ledyba: Uncle. Get your butt over here. It’s time to duel.


Once more with feeling this time. She beat him before he ran off to work today. Huzzah!

First Job!

Phillip finally got his first job offer! It’s been a week since he was hired…also, Beignet doesn’t have any kids, let alone a teenager!


Phillip: My first job. I’m so excited!


It’s so beautiful, isn’t it? I think the Link statue really brings the whole thing together. I didn’t really like any of the other statue options and I thought, what normal teenager wouldn’t want a life-sized Link statue?


Phillip: So Beignet, I finished with that room you wanted. You want me to wait outside in the sun for you to get home? Okay, I guess…

Yeah, vampires are probably the worst Sims we could choose to do home design.


Back home, the boys play together. I didn’t prompt this!

Missingno: Bro, why do we only have green guys? Where’d all the red ladies go?

Ditto: Maybe our aunts and uncles who had this house before us ate them all.

Missingno: You mean like how you’re eating one of the only two green guys we have left?

Ditto: Exactly.


Beignet: Oh…I wasn’t quite expecting a ghost…

Says the fairy.

Phillip: So do you have my review ready yet?

Beignet: Sure do.



Well then.

Be honest, it was the Link statue wasn’t it?


This child seems to enjoy eating things.

Ditto: What are things for other than putting them in my mouth?

Are we sure this one is the genius?


Since Tori wants to make friends with his little cousin, he gets to teach him to walk.

Torchic: C’mon kid, it’s easy. Just put one foot in front of the other…

Missingno: If that’s all you have to say, why can’t Em just learn to walk from that Rankin/Bass movie?


Phil comes home from his terrible first review and seeks comfort in the arms of his lady love.


Phillip: If I get woohoo everytime I have a bad day at work, I hope I get negative reviews every day!

Romance 8-Baby

Romance 9-Baby

Romance 10-Baby

More babies on their way! Tartlam baby will be our first spouse option!

Romance 11

Judyssa marriage!


What a beautiful family moment.

Phillip: Little man, your daddy has a totally hot bod. Your mommy can’t get enough of me. One day, you might have as good a figure as this.

Ledyba: You have got to be kidding me…


Our next chess opponent is Kimberly Strauss. She is dating Barry Slymer, Unown’s son.

Ledyba: I’m going to beat you so badly that you won’t want any photographic evidence of this embarrassment.

She won, of course.


Kimberly: Back in my day, people respected their elders!


Altaria: Sonny, you should take your poor old mother on a trip. Preferably one where we have to take an airplane.

Torchic: Mother, you know we don’t have WA.

Altaria: My older brother gets to go on vacations with his best friend Grim.

Torchic: That’s because he’s dead.

Altaria: Then make it happen!

Torchic: MOM!


Torchic: There you go, kiddo. Sleep tight.

D’aww, looks like someone’s going soft.

Torchic: Sh…shut up! I totally poisoned his drink beforehand!

Sure you did.


Ledyba: What have I told you about showing my weakness?

Yeah, yeah. I was just leaving.


This painting reminds me that we haven’t had an alien invasion in quite some time. I must be getting better at putting my Sims to bed at respectable times.


Ledyba: Wow, look at those fangs. I look wicked.


Ledyba: Do you mind, cousin? I’m trying to admire my hotness.


Altaria: I’m lonely. Will you hang out with me? Do you wanna go look at some constellations together?

Kimberly: I…umm…I have to go now. See you later.


Torchic: Why do I have to do this potty training crap? Isn’t this the kid’s parents’ job?

Ditto: Uncle Tori doesn’t wanna hang out with me either?


Phillip: One day, little dude, you’re going to meet a fantastic lady and get married. And you’ll be totally whipped but it won’t matter because you’ll have great woohoo for the rest of your life.

What are you teaching your son?!

Missingno: Em doesn’t wanna get married, daddy. Em thinks girls are icky.


Ledyba: New baby. Hooray.

Yay! I hope we get a girl this time!


Auntie Jamie does some toddler training too, while the parental units are busy.

Jamie: Didn’t I already do my fair share of this with my own children?

Ditto: Doesn’t anybody wanna hang out with me?…


Missingno: Em wants to be in more pictures! Pay more attention to Em!

Don’t you just love when they cry over nothing?


Next opponent: Jenna Young. Leds remains undefeated.


Jenna: Well that’s a load of crap.

That’s all for this chapter, guys! Thanks for reading and as always, Happy Simming!


3 thoughts on “5.2: Everybody’s a Critic

  1. Go Leds, she’s doing really well in her LTW. I find that one really hard, it seems so random when they win. Possibly doesn’t help that the LTW is often rolled by Loser sims, who lose more often…

    I can’t decide who I like more, Em or Ditto. We’ll see when they grow up a bit more and get more personality.

    An option for reducing the Kanto population might be to turn off the pregnancy options for them in SP? I’ve done that with some of my sims when they repopulate too much; Marius Rourke had 7 kids by 6 different women before I castrated him, lol.

    • Leds never ceases to amaze me with her awesomeness. I bet with any other Sim, I wouldn’t be having this much luck winning all the games!
      I never really thought of turning off pregnancy for the Kanto hood before. Might just have to do that with the grandchildren of the Cerulean spares. I wouldn’t want them running around having billions of babies like Marius! That’s crazy! I think the most babies any of my townies have ever had was maybe four!

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