5.1: Purple Nobility

Hey guys! Time for more Kantos! In the last chapter, our young heiress and her boyfriend aged up into YAs and finally took over the legacy! They got pregnant and married straight away. The youngest Vermilion child, Torchic, romanced his girlfriend, but then screwed it up. Finally, there was much romance between spare Kantos and legacy Sims.

Georgina Kanto

Chabbie’s baby was born!

Romance 1

Finally, a couple of legacy Sims figured out that I want potential spouses out of them. Hooray for Daniel and Gumby!

Romance 3

Not only are they dating, they’re gonna get married too!

Romance 4

Rice Krispies and Suzanna are getting married as well.

Romance 2

Weast! Can’t you pick somebody your own age? Preferably one of the other legacy Sims?

Romance 5

At least Alduin finally has some sense. Please pick somebody you can make babies with!


Ledyba: It’s about time you stopped showing popups and started paying attention to me. I AM your heiress, after all.

Yeah, yeah. Get back to raising your logic skill, why don’t ya?


Phillip: Could you keep it down? I’m trying to get informed about babies over here. I wanna be a good father, after all.

Jamie: No can do, sonny. I’m about to finally beat this really hard boss! Get him! GET HIM!

Phillip: ~sigh…~


Ledyba: Hey Cammy. Life as heiress is great, thanks for asking. Other than the fact that the Simmer keeps ignoring me. It’s not like I’m an essential member of this legacy or anything.

Oh, shush you.


I risked one more action from Tari to get her started painting our sassy heiress’s portrait. From here on out, it’s officially Autonomous!Tari for good.


Here’s the Vermilion couple! Phillip’s portrait is okay at best, but I can let it slide. I’m definitely going to have him redo Leds’ picture when he’s high enough in skill level and she’s not pregnant though.


Phione’s second child, Torey, became a YA. He got married to an old face one lady and the two are very happy together.

Romance 6

Apparently Buddy has made his way to the Vermilion spares. That’s the wrong one though!

Romance 7

Meanwhile, Kurtis and the girl we intended for Cammy got together. My plans have been ruined!

Romance 8

At least he’s happy, though.


Ledyba: They don’t care about those people! What they care about is that I am in AGONY!!!

Relax, hun. You’re only giving birth. Besides, I thought you relished pain.



Phillip: Did I just hear my wife shouting that she’s going to kill me?

I don’t think you have to worry about that. You’re already dead. Just continue with your painting.

Phillip: Kay.


Ledyba: Here’s your stupid kid. Am I done now?

Not quite. This little guy’s name is Missingno.


He was born evil and athletic. Sure, Missingno is a glitch and not an actual Pokemon. But I’ve been waiting this entire legacy to name a Sim this. And it’s fitting for the haunted gen, ne? I do wish he’d been a girl…


Little Em isn’t an only child. He has a vampiric twin brother, Ditto.


He was born an athletic genius. I think he’s the first genius we’ve had in this legacy so far, so yay! New trait!


Phillip: Wicked! I fathered a ghost child!


Ledyba: Don’t worry little guy. We love you too. Vampires are just as awesome, after all.


Ledyba: I am so glad I got married.

I thought you hated your husband and wanted to murder him.

Ledyba: How could you even think that? He gave me these totally awesome munchkins!


Phillip: This whole baby thing really has me drained. Do me a favor, babe?

Ledyba: I guess?…what are you gonna do?

Phillip: You’ll love it, I promise.


Phillip: Just relax, okay?

Ledyba: Yeah…sure…


I think we broke her.

Ledyba: That was…strangely hot…hey Ami? I know what I wanna do with my life…

And what would that be?

Ledyba: Become a vampire…



Ledyba: Please please please, you HAVE to turn me, Phillip! Becoming a supernatural is the only way I could get cooler than I already am. And I wanna live forever with you.

Phillip: You sure about this, babe? It’s quite a big commitment…

Ledyba: Absolutely.

Phillip: Well…okay then.


Phillip: You know the rules. Just relax.

Ledyba: Oh boy oh boy oh boy! You got it, boss!


Ledyba: Bats and red smoke, take me to my happy place…


Phillip: Two rounds of the sweetest blood I’ve ever tasted? Score!


The two share a celebratory woohoo. No new babies yet though. Twins are enough to handle for the moment.


While all this was happening, Autonomous!Tari was watching the cooking channel. Handy, as she tends to make food every single morning, and we wouldn’t want her accidentally burning down the house.

Altaria: I can still be useful sometimes, you know.


Torchic: I’m noticing a considerable lack of me in this update. Care to fix that?

Maybe if you’d get off your lazy ass and do something, you’d show up in more pictures.


Torchic: I got off my ass and did something, and now this freaky infant thing is crying!

Altaria: Feed it, you dummy.

How Cute!


Even after a negative first encounter, Tori still rolled this wish. How cute! I’m guessing it’s because Em is a fellow evil Sim.


Ledyba: ~snore~ I need to exercise…those children made me fat…

Enjoy your last nights as a human, honey. You might just miss them.

After Sleeping Picture

I love supernatural Sims, especially vampires. And I thought it suited her personality to want to change. Only problem is that now I’ll have to deal with this drama queen for the rest of the legacy >_<

Ledyba: I heard that!


Kyo-kun is an elder! Once again, his twin sister still has some time before she turns herself.

Romance 9

Judyssa is still very much a thing. And despite the fact that their babies would be too closely related to ours, I hope they stay together. Their couple name is too perfect!

Romance 10

Riceanna got married.

Romance 11

And JenGin still seems to be going strong. If these couples must be together, the least they could do is give us some babies to fawn over!


Back home, Leds seems to be concentrating very hard on her chess match.

Ledyba: I have to. I must prepare to demolish that man once and for all.


Yeah, we’re still working on Bobo.



After Bobo Leaves

At least her change is progressing.


Jamie: Look. I found this baby thing.

You sure did.

Jamie: It’s…dead.

Any other profound thoughts about the infant, Jamie dearest?

Jamie: Nope. I’m good.



The Kyovan twins finally became YAs! Which means it’s actually legal for the legacy girls to date them! On top is Judy and on bottom is Ginger.

Robyn Hozman, Phione’s youngest child, was supposed to grow up with them. But given the wonky aging of my game, it could be days before she grows up.


This little boy is Marcelo, the child of Camerupt and Paras. He appears to have Paras’s eye and lip shape and Cammy’s nose. And he is properly adorable.

Romance 12

Danby got married! Make babies, you two!

Romance 13

Romance 14

Alduin appears to have many ladies on his arm. Either of these two are perfectly acceptable candidates. I’m glad he’s not going for a Kanto.


Guess who else aged up! Here’s little Missingno, looking a lot like Leds. He seems to have a mixture between his parents’ eye shape though. His eyes are big like Ledyba’s, but hers are more slanted than this. So I’m hoping they come from Phillip.


And here’s little Ditto. This is a great picture, I know. He has the same eye shape as Em’s, which I still think might be Phil’s. He also has Phil’s nose and Ledyba’s mouth shape. They are both super cute!

Ditto: Goo!

If it seems like they grew up fast, it’s because they did. Most of their second day of infancy wasn’t documented because not much happened.


Phillip: I like this one. He’s a ghost, just like me.

Missingno: Put me down please…


Time for some toddler skilling!

Ledyba: Can’t I just give this kid some letter blocks and be done with it?

Ditto: Mama doesn’t wanna hang out with me?


Phillip: I’ve been giving it some thought and I don’t want my child to be dead anymore. Do you think we can fix him with a jumbo band-aid?

Missingno: Nothing to fix, father. Em is perfect just the way he is!


When I was looking through Phillip’s friendships, I found this. WTH is this? What does it mean?


Maid: It means that I’m super special awesome and you should marry me in.

We already had a maid as a spouse. Doing so twice would just be redundant now wouldn’t it.



Potty training time! In case you haven’t noticed, I like getting these skills learned as soon as humanly possible.

After Potty Training

Is it time?


It is!

Ledyba: I don’t know what the hell is happening to me, but it’s almost as painful as giving birth to twins. Please make it stop!


Ledyba: I am reborn.

I think she’s even hotter as a vampire. Your thoughts?


This is Chabbie’s baby, Georgina. She has Charmie’s eyes and nose, and Abbie’s lips. Her mother’s blue skin goes well with her father’s blue eyes, ne?

Nowny Died (After Vamp Transformation)

Unfortunately, our dear Nowny passed away. He was from Pewter gen, so even though he was the last born he lasted a long time!


Finally, it looks like Autonomous!Tari aged up!

Altaria: Why no cake? Do you not love me anymore?

You should know you don’t get a cake for becoming an elder. Don’t be getting all senile on me, woman!

That’s all for this chapter. Join us next time, where hopefully we’ll get to know our Lavender twins a bit more. Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!


5 thoughts on “5.1: Purple Nobility

  1. Georgina is just adorable! 😀 And Vampire Ledyba IS quite the stunner! It definitely suits her. Can’t wait for the twins to be children! So much excitement cannot be contained! *promptly explodes*

  2. I missed this chapter, was wondering where the cutie babies came from when I began reading the next one, lol. Love the names you gave them, so fitting. Pretty sure they do have Ledyba’s eyes, Phil’s look way narrower. But that’s okay, we still got a mix!

    I really hate the vampire skintone; Leds and Ditto look a sickly green! But yay for faster skilling!

    • I think you’re right about the eye shape, at least for Em. Ditto’s eyes are still a mystery to me, as he appears to have the size of Leds’ eyes but the shape of Phillip’s. I guess we’ll see when he gets older!
      I don’t mind the vampire skintone too much, probably just because I don’t see it that often. I’m sorry you don’t like it though! Hope it doesn’t deter from the kids’ cuteness!

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