4.17: The Start of Something New

Hey guys! Last time in the Kanto legacy, Leds worked toward her LTW, Torchic became a villainous teenager and Cammy became a YA and moved out of the house. The teens went to prom and Tori got himself a girlfriend.


Chabbie is finally pregnant! Huzzah! I was worried they would never have kids.

Kurxys is no more

Kurxys broke up though. I was constantly getting negative popups about them, so I suppose it was only a matter of time.

Romance 1

Alduin is missing the idea that he’s supposed to breed, not date old ladies.

Romance 2

Bernard and Cheez Whiz have the right idea though.

That’s enough popups for now. Let’s see what our family is up to.


Torchic: As much as I love the attention, my cousin and that ghost are aging up. Might wanna see to that.


That’s right! Our new heiress and her spouse are about to take over the legacy!

Altaria: Who cares? We all know my children should’ve been heirs.

Ledyba: Ready for this, Phil?

Phillip: You know it!


Here’s our Vermilion heiress, all grown up! I had to age her up through CAS again, but all is well! She rolled snob, adding to absent-minded, grumpy, daredevil, and perfectionist (I think I said she was perceptive in the poll. She’s not. Apologies.) She enjoys country music, tri-tip tofu steak, and the color white, and she is a pisces. As you all know, she wants to be a chess legend.


And here’s her spouse, Phillip Van Gould! He is inappropriate, an animal lover, grumpy, artistic, and socially awkward. He likes R+B music, French toast, and hot pink. He is also a pisces, and he wants to be a home design hotshot. Haha, not likely. I suck at interior design.


They are quick to start making babies.


And afterwards, Phil gets set up with his job.


Ledyba: Hey babe, watch this! ~scarfs down dust from the floor~


Phillip: That was…disgusting…I can’t believe I just kissed that mouth…

Ledyba: What, you don’t think that was dangerous and sexy?

Clearly these lovebirds come from different worlds.


Meanwhile, we have another pair of lovebirds.

Torchic: MWAHAHA! I shall make this girl fall in love with me and we will have evil, beautiful babies!

Sadie: Isn’t he a dream?


Bobo comes over to play chess with Leds.


He left for work just when she was about to beat him.


Torchic: I can’t believe a girl like you would even give me the time of day.

Sadie: Girls are attracted to bad boys, remember?

Torchic: Heh, right.


Sadie: And you’re not so bad, Tori. You’re actually a pretty good guy.

Torchic: That’s…kinda the opposite of what I’m going for…

Poor guy. He even fails at acting evil.


At the risk of messing up my game again, I controlled Tari for a bit to tell her to paint Phil. Luckily, nothing happened this time.


Back to Tori. Looks like he got his first kiss in.


Torchic: Would you maybe go out with me? Even though I’m apparently not evil enough?

Sadie: Of course. I’ll go out with you because you’re not evil enough.


D’aww. Twue wuv.


Of course, he has to go and ruin it.

Torchic: If you actually thought I would like you after you said I wasn’t evil, you have a brain the size of a pea!

Sadie: Wait, what? Are you insane?

Ledyba: Oh look, my cousin’s ruining his only relationship. Big surprise.


He rolled this wish after the ordeal…wow.


Phil rolled the wish to give Leds a hypnotic gaze.

Phillip: Look deeply into my eyes, lover. I will control you!

Sadie: Oh look. The creepy vampire is trying to control his girlfriend’s mind. Big surprise.


Ledyba: Ummm, okay then?

Yeah, I’m still not sure what that did…


Torchic: I hate you. Get off of my couch. Leave.

Sadie: Fuck you, dude. I’m playing video games.


Our love birds spend their first night together.

Ledyba: Take a picture, it’ll last longer.

I did, thank you very much.


Wobbuffet became an elder. For some reason, his twin sister Phio is still an adult. There is something seriously buggy about the aging in my game…

Marcelo Kanto

Cameras baby! Marcelo is the second born of Lavender gen, technically.

Romance 4


I guess Cheez Whiz decided he didn’t like Bernard too much. I’m glad Tepig has a boyfriend now, but I’d rather these legacy Sims breed with each other so their offspring can actually be married in…

Romance 5

I guess Buddy’s making his way through the legacy Sims now too.

Romance 6

Jenna is also missing the point, and has apparently chosen a teenage Kanto.

Romance 8

Holly is romancing the other twin.

Romance 7

And Angry Beaver and Nowny might be a thing.


We bought an art table for Phil so he could research architectural design. He still hasn’t received any job offers.


Ledyba: Don’t you dare take pictures of me during moments of weakness! This is so degrading…


Here’s Tari’s finished portrait of Phil. It’s…okay. We’ll probably need a redo at some point.


Elder Wobbuffet comes back over to get beaten at chess. He ran off again…


Jamie’s getting good at this working out thing.

She's ready. Promotion

She’s actually getting promoted.


Tori actually managed to discover a potion!

Torchic: What do you mean, actually? You doubt my awesomeness?

Of course not.


Ledyba: Hey, bring the focus back over here, will you? I appear to be knocked up.

That you do.


Time to sit you down in a room filled with kids music to read a pregnancy book.

Ledyba: I don’t see the point in this…~grumble grumble…~


What are you doing?

Torchic: Secret things…


Torchic: The next person to step foot in this bathroom will suffer the wrath of stink juice!

I wouldn’t do that if I were you. It never goes well.

Torchic: Shut up. I know what I’m doing.


Torchic: Now to just place the potion and…


Torchic: Ugghh…dear plumbob, that smell…


Torchic: This is VILE! Why didn’t you warn me?



Ledyba: Hellooo? Neglected heiress over here?

Yeah, yeah. You’ll get your attention soon.


But first, Phio finally aged up. I don’t know why she didn’t age up with her twin.

Romance 9

These two got engaged.

Romance 10

As did these two.

Romance 11

Another of my spares’ children snatched up Rice Krispies. No future spouses from him.

Romance 12

That engagement ended quickly.

Romance 13

And finally, these two made it official. She’s still a teen, Alyssa!


Ledyba: Dude, you smell, you yelled at your girlfriend, and you’re taking all of my screentime. I oughta bury you for that…

Torchic: Oh, I’m so scared.

Don’t bother with him, Leds. You have more important things to worry about.


Ledyba: So Phil, I have a question for you.

Phillip: What’s up, hun?


Ledyba: Hold on, lemme just find this box…

Phillip: Is that what I think it is?


Ledyba: Sure is. Marry me?

Phillip: OMG.


Phillip: You know I will.

Ledyba: Excellent. Let’s get married right now.

Phillip: Kay.




Yay, marriage! Next time, there will be babies! Thank y’all for reading and Happy Simming!


5 thoughts on “4.17: The Start of Something New

  1. Woo! Kanto babies! And…how dare Cheez Whiz reject Bernard! 😡

    I have no idea why I’m so excited to see the new townies breed, I only recognize two of them, Bernard & Alduin. But I am…for some reason…sooo excited. XD

    • I’m excited to see them all breed too! There’s gonna be some crazy cool combinations!
      And I am so disappointed in my Tepig for stealing Cheez Whiz away! I thought I raised him better than that! I hope my game will set poor Bernard up with someone else soon.

  2. Females don’t age while they’re pregnant; I recall Phio having at least a couple of kids, so maybe that’s why her twin brother is older than her now? Anyway, at least she caught up – with the way elders go, she could easily die before him anyway.

    Haha, those legacy sims not helping with your plans for seeding the town. Then again, this is only gen 4 (or 5 now). In a few generations, the descendants of today’s spares won’t be counted as family, lol. Ah, sims incest.

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