Kanto Repopulation Unit

I really don’t want to move the Kanto family again but the town pretty much only consists of family at this point, so I’ve decided to just slowly repopulate the empty version of Moonlight Falls that they live in. I’ve chosen a plethora of legacy Sims to plop down into town. Twelve of them will be placed in town for Lavender generation, and the other twelve will come in Saffron-generation 8. In this post, I’ll introduce the legacy Sims for this generation.

(Quick note: I used a random number generator to pick which Sims would be in which generation.)

(Angry) Beaver Winters

First, we have (Angry) Beaver Winters from Tam’s I Hope to be Surrounded by Idiots.

Alduin Bedlam

Next is Alduin Bedlam from Umbramuse’s bedlamisbi.

Alyssa Holly

Alyssa Holly from ChazyBazzy’s Berries of Insanity.

Beignet Tart

Beignet Tart from Jenn’s Tart ISBI.

Bernard Mayfield

Bernard Mayfield from FluffyMao’s The Mayfields.

Cheez Whiz Personality

Cheez Whiz Personality from Inujade’s The Cult of Personality.

Daniel Boston Xavier

Daniel Boston Xavier from Iomai’s The Legacy of the Xavier’s.

Gumby Langurd

Gumby Langurd from Sam’s The Dysfunkshinul Legacy. (I need to remember to give him alien DNA…)

Jenna Young

Jenna Young from somebodysangel’s Young Forever-a backwards ISBI.

Rice Krispies Mendoza

Rice Krispies Mendoza from TinyPiglet’s The Mendoza ISBI.

Weast Derpington

Finally, Weast Derpington from Reggie’s Herping and Derping: A Sims 3 Prettacy.

The twelfth Sim was supposed to be a Mendeleev lady, but none of them are showing up in my game. I’ll keep working on it. Just know that this spot belongs to a Mendeleev of some sort if I remember to keep trying

The Sims might look a little different than you remember. If they contained CC or store content or clothing/hair from an EP or SP I don’t have, I tried dressing them in things I thought looked good and/or similar to what they used to wear.

The theme here was unique/fun genetics. I hope they make some rockin’ babies and give us some great spouse options for our Lavender children! Thank you all for donating your Sims’ genes to my legacy! These lovelies will start appearing in the next chapter of the Kantos. Thanks for reading, and Happy Simming!


9 thoughts on “Kanto Repopulation Unit

  1. Oh! My! GOD! Bernard! T_T

    I was sooo NOT expecting to see him here! He looks so young and pretty!

    I never really thought about Bernard having “unique” genetics. But I guess he does. Big nose, thin lips, sad eyes; he always reminded me of a basset hound. He’s adorable! ^_^

    Please take care of him. T_T

    • I’ll try my best! The SP in my game tends to be ruthless, and no couple ever stays together for very long. So I can’t make any promises. But I do hope my game is nice to him! He really is adorable ^.^

      • I understand…it’s just Bernard’s been my favorite sim since I started playing Sims 3. Though, I predict the ladies/fellahs falling hard! Who can resist a handy hopeless romantic?! XD

      • Okay, because my mind broke when I saw Bernard, I didn’t finish looking at all the other sims you’ve got planned for pollination. That Tart girl is impossibly cute! I really hope she has kids. Daniel Boston Xavier reminds me of Gara from Naruto…it’s probably the red hair and eyeliner. Gumby Langurd is adorable! So much cute! >.< Jenna Young is quite handsome. Her eyes in particular are stunning!

        Awesome choices! Very diverse! I'm really looking forward to seeing all of them around town. Hopefully a Kanto can get with a Tart at some point. That girl really is too cute. Is it bad of me to hope a Mayfield offspring might show up as well?

      • It’s definitely not bad of you! I hope to see Mayfield offspring as well! In a perfect world, all these guys would breed in such a way that there would be a spouse from a different pair of parents for each of my Lavender children!

      • From the most recent chapter, it’s looking like the Kantos are just too irresistible! And who can blame them?! XD

        Did you move some legacy sims in with each other? Or just plop them down separately into different houses?

        Just curious, but what skin do you use? It’s pretty.

      • I have a feeling there’s just so many Kantos that it’s hard to avoid them XD
        I moved them into houses in groups of four. I don’t like having too many extra houses around town when they usually end up moving in with each other anyways. I don’t remember who all Bernard was moved in with. I think Cheez Whiz was one of them though.
        The default replacement I use is ESkin-nAtural+. It’s by teru_k on MTS. I also use the non-defaults as well, which are nAtural+light, nAtural+TAN, WEAK_Asia, and WEAK_Freckle. They’re all super beautiful skins and I highly recommend them!

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