4.16: Howdy Cowboy

Hey guys! It’s time for a new chapter! I have a bad habit of binge playing an entire generation when an heir is chosen, so I really need to stop for a bit at catch up. I have a week left of break. Let’s see how productive I can be.

In the last chapter, both Charmie and Deo grew into YAs and left the legacy house. They both married their significant others, and Kurxys had a ghost-alien baby named Kindra.

Buddy. Great Choice


Suzanna Too

Buddy Judd, the Sim I picked out for Tepig, has been working his way through all the elder and teen ladies of the hood. I still haven’t gotten any word about Tepig though. Poor kid.


Now that we have a free easel, Phil has taken to actually doing something important. The only real artist we still have left in the house now is Tari, and she’s autonomous.


Altaria: I am the shadow on the moon at night, filling your dreams to the brim with fright!

Hate hate hate >_<


Buddy happens to be Ledyba’s next ranked opponent.

Ledyba: I’m gonna whip your sorry ass at chess for messing with my cousins.

She won, of course.


Cammy has the spotlight back for playing his guitar. Although the music they play is always so calm, and I really see Cammy as a punk rocker or something.

Camerupt: That is stereotyping and I am offended.


These two are still very much in love, despite Jamie’s flirty wishes.

Jamie: It was just a phase, I tell you!


Phillip: Hey Bud, sorry if my lady scared you earlier. She can be a little intense. Sooo…mind hooking a brother up with your secret to charming the pants off the town?

Buddy: Kid, I know you didn’t just ask me that. That girl of yours will have your hide on the mantle if she catches you.

Poor kid doesn’t have any flirty traits, but he always seems to think he’s a player.


Ledyba: My boyfriend is garbage, Cammy. Could you get me a new one?

Camerupt: Sorry cuz, you’ll have to take that up with the Simmer. And I doubt she’s giving up vampiric ghost children.


Buddy: May I offer the lady a rose for the lovely game of chess earlier?

Ledyba: Seriously. Get out of my house.

Phillip: C’mon babe, don’t be like that.

Ledyba: I hate all of you.


This kid just doesn’t get along well with our heiresses.

Buddy: Your house stinks. I would hate to live here. And your family is the least hospitable group I’ve ever had the displeasure to meet.

Altaria: I’d like to make a snow angel with his face…


Altaria: Hey son. Did you sleep well last night.

Camerupt: I sure did, ma. Thanks for asking.

Altaria: That’s good. You’ll need to be awake and alert for this next part.

Camerupt: Huh?


Altaria: You have absolutely no brains at all, kid! You are possibly the stupidest person I have ever met!

Camerupt: Mom, what..?

Altaria: Don’t interrupt me when I’m criticizing you!


Camerupt: What the hell was that about?!

Autonomous!Tari, folks.


More repairs for our favorite maid/handywoman combo.


(I have no idea why she’s wearing her fireman suit. She’s retired.)

The maid she’s been crushing on seems to like her as well.

Maid: So I’ve been thinking…since we’re home alone at the moment we should…

Jamie: No thanks. I’m over it.

Ooo. Rejected.



Leds seems to be a carrier for all these weird glitches. I must have some screwy CC in my game, although it really only shows with her.


That’s okay. Phil still loves her even though she’s a glitchtastic mess.


And she still loves him even when he pretends he’s a ladies’ man.


Derik, Phione’s eldest, is a YA! They grow up so fast.


I swear, this dishwasher breaks every other day. We need it fixed before everyone gathers in the kitchen, or else it’ll be the only thing they can think about.


Torchic: And obviously the only thing people need to be thinking about today is my initiation into teenhood.


Here’s our little cowboy! He rolled unlucky. My vision for him is that he’s one of those over-the-top, mustache twirling villains from a melodrama who’s constantly having his schemes foiled. (In retrospect, I should’ve dressed him in black, not white.)

Torchic: Except nobody could possibly foil my evil schemes, because I’m too awesome. Right?

Sure, kid.


Torchic: Parents, for my birthday present you shall buy for me a horse.

Jamie: Nope.

Altaria: Sorry kid.

Torchic: Drat. Foiled again.


~Sigh~ More repairs. We have money. I should really just buy better stuff.


Somehow, this kid already has homework.

Torchic: Whoever invented homework should be locked in a room filled with all the homework in world. See how he likes it.


Autonomous!Tari is at it again, playing soccer in the snow.


Much better.


I happened to be looking at the town view and Squirtle’s map tag showed up!

Hey Squirts, how’s it going?

Squirtle: You again? I mean ‘sup. I gotta go now. Grim and I are going to the Bahamas.


Ledyba: Flirt flirt.

Phillip: Flirt flirt flirt.

Yeah, it really looks like they both want new significant others, doesn’t it?


Camerupt: I’m smarter than you. I’m on the honor roll.

Torchic: You don’t even like horses. You have no room to talk.

Camerupt: I hate you.

Torchic: I hate you a slightly larger amount.


Here’s a better picture of our little cowboy, minus the hat. He’s actually super attractive without that mustache, but the look isn’t quite complete without it.

Torchic: I think the mustache is sexy. Don’t you?


Birthday time!

Camerupt: Hey kid, get over here! It’s my time to shine!

Torchic: I hate you. Therefor I refuse to celebrate any birthday of yours.

Camerupt: You’re gonna miss out on cake.

Torchic: I’ll make my own damn food!

Camerupt: Your loss.


Leds was crying just now, but she stopped before I could snap a picture, as if to make you think no such thing happened.

Ledyba: ~sniffles~ I don’t cry. I’m too badass to cry.


Here’s our Cammy, all grown up! He rolled cat person. I guess he really wanted to spite his equestrian brother. He adds cat person to brave, virtuoso, ambitious, and kleptomaniac. He likes pop music, porcini risoto, and the color red. He wants to be a master of the arts.


Phillip: What a beautiful moment.

Ledyba: Hurry it up, I’m STARVING over here!

She’s very torn up about her best friend’s departure.


Camerupt: I’m gonna miss you, cuz.

Ledyba: I’ll miss you too. You’ll come visit me, right?

Camerupt: Of course. So long as the Simmer lets me.


Cammy got a job in the musical career and we moved him in with a relative of some sort. I also moved in both Maribel, the red girl, and a new and improved Paras.


Here she is after plastic surgery. I’ll let Cammy choose with of these girls he wants.

Cameras Babies

I guess he chose. She’s still a teen at this point, by the way.


Maribel is going out with Torey, Phione’s pudding face middle child.


Speaking of Phione, she’s our next opponent. Leds wins again.


Phillip continues to raise his painting skill.


Tori continues his quest to discover potions.


Jamie rolled the wish to learn the athletic skill. After a couple skill levels, she wished to join the athletic career and I thought, why not. I might as well let her do something, since I’m definitely not finishing her LTW.


Suzanna, the eldest of Kyovan, showed up at our door-in the middle of winter, mind you-for tricks or treats.


She brought along one of her little twin sisters. I think this one is Ginger. What, have you two been waiting in the pumpkin patch this whole time and missed the actual date?


Ah, I see. She wanted to get in one more day of fun before becoming a YA.


Phio stuck around a while and played video games with her sister.

Phione: Woop woop, I’m winning!

Altaria: Not for long, sister dearest…


Altaria: I made an oopsie…

Autonomous!Tari FTW.


She then decides to nap on a bunk bed instead of sleeping in her own bed. Yay for Autonomous!Tari.


Torchic: Mwahaha! It is time for the prom, and I’m going to wreck havoc!


Yupp, it’s prom time! Not only that, it’s Ledyba and Phillip’s last night as teens!

Prom 1

Leds is Prom Queen. Big surprise there.

Prom 2

And Phil is the King.

Prom 3

Even though she went with her boyfriend, apparently Leds has a crush on a different boy…maybe she really did want a replacement.

Prom 4

And yet she still had a great time with Phillip.

Prom 5

Of course Torchic got into a fight with somebody.

Prom 6

But he also got a love interest!


Her name is Sadie Fairchild. She must be descended from aliens.


Finally, this is Kindra Van Gould, the ghost-alien baby of Deoxys and Kurtis. I suppose it’s too much to ask that Kurtis actually contribute to her facial features.

That’s all for today, folks! We have one more chapter before Lavender gen, so get pumped! Hope you all have a great day and as always, Happy Simming!


2 thoughts on “4.16: Howdy Cowboy

  1. Glitchy Leds is not a good indicator of her heirship… that CC is really freaky, looks like a child’s coat, or something?

    Wow, in that pic of Tari and Phione playing games together, I can see how much they look alike. The same nose and mouth. And I’m loving Autonomous!Tari so much.

    Yay, finally it’s the heir’s birthday. That’s the annoying thing about choosing a younger child for heir, we have to go through a bunch of other chapters before it’s their turn.

    • Glitchy Leds is definitely not a fun time. Hopefully I can track down that coat so nobody else has to suffer through that!
      Tari and Phio do look a lot alike, don’t they? The MacDuff genes are strong in this family. And I love Autonomous!Tari too! She’s way more interesting than any of my ISBI Sims have ever been!
      I’m super excited for Ledyba to take over! It’s definitely annoying having to wait for the heir to have their birthday, but at least there’s room for babies right away!

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