4.15: Family Matters

Hello everyone! Time for a new chapter of the Kanto legacy! In the last chapter, Ledyba was declared the next heiress and Tepig, the eldest child of the generation, became a YA and left the house.

We Tried

Well. We tried. Buddy is clearly not gay and seems to have an affinity for old ladies and teens. He’s been working his way through the unmarried Kanto ladies since I moved him in with Tepig.


Altaria: What is wrong with that child, not wanting my precious baby boy?!

My thoughts exactly, Tari.


At least one couple in this family is happy.

Phillip: Leds, moving in with you was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Ledyba: Aww, Phil…that’s so sweet of you to say.


The maid tries to get in good with me by befriending Deo.

Maid: What a lovely house you have here. I quite like the creepy pictures of everyone on the walls.

Deoxys: Okay…thanks I guess?


Deo rolled the wish to train someone and since the maid was so enthusiastic when talking to her, I took that to mean she volunteered.

Deoxys: You call that running? That’s sissy stuff! Step it up, lady!

Maid: On second thought…can I just leave now?

I guess training counts as inappropriate behavior because the entire household lined up to ask her to behave. Of course I set them back to doing (somewhat) useful things.


Jamie: Those idiots who gave me the eternally faithful reputation have no idea that I’m going to flirt with the maid first chance I get. And they never will. ~chuckles evilly~

Man, she’s getting to be as bad as Rachelle was…


Phillip: That aunt of yours is pretty great, huh? She gives me a funny feeling in my tummy…

Ledyba: Plumbob help us…


Cammy’s taken over painting for his brother. He’s rolled the LTW of master of the arts, and I locked it in. Maybe one of these days these Kantos won’t be so artistic…


Phillip: There goes your sister. And isn’t she just a work of art. I’d like to hang dat ass on my bedroom wall to stare at…

Ledyba: Is it too late to trade this in for a less defective model?

He really is devoted to Leds, I promise. He’s just a creep sometimes too. Like most men.


The next chess opponent, cousin Robyn, came over. They never finished the game.


Altaria: Why does everything in this house always break?…

Because Sims.


That’s really not necessary, hun.

Charmander: Shut up. You don’t know my life.

Actually, I do. Now get your butt downstairs.


See? Birthday.

Charmander: I suppose this is acceptable. After all, I finally get to leave this hell-hole!

Don’t sound too excited…


Phillip: HAHA, I bet you’re gonna grow up lame!

Jamie: You go, nephew!

Altaria: I don’t see why I should have to cheer. After all, you didn’t let me watch MY son grow up.


Well didn’t you grow up all handsome.

Charmander: Of course I did. Have you seen my parents?

Charmie rolled lucky to add to brave, couch potato, eccentric, and natural cook. He likes pop music, pancakes, and the color spiceberry, and he is a scorpio (like me!) He wants to be an astronaut.

Charmander: I’m gonna use my miner to dig for gold on the moon.

I’m sure you are. I don’t actually remember where his hair came from. Somewhere on TSR I think. But it’s the only one I like on him so he gets to keep it for now.


I’m not sure whether Leds is crying because her big brother is moving away or because she’s being hunted by her future brother-in-law.

Ledyba: I’m not crying. I just sneezed. And besides, having vampires around the house is freaking awesome, not scary.

Sure, hun. Keep telling yourself that.


I set him up with a career in the military and sent him on his way. Goodbye, Charmie! Have a good life in SP! He moved in with another family member (I think Unown) and Abbie (Blue Girl.)

Chabbie Marriage

They are very happy together.


I did keep the miner out back. I actually forgot we had it until he moved.


Family meal!

Kurtis: Why is there a child at this table? You know perfectly well how much I loathe children.

Torchic: Why the antagonism? I haven’t even done anything evil to you yet.

Phillip: He’s just an ass like that.

Ledyba: You tell ’em honey.

Jamie: Why must you children argue all the time? It hurts my poor old heart…

Altaria: I’d just like some cake, plzkthx.


Deo doesn’t care for festivities. She’s too busy discovering stars named after Pokemon ships. In daytime. Because logic.


Excuse me children, but what are you doing?

Ledyba: Are you stupid? What does it look like we’re doing?

Must you?


Apparently they must. And in her late father’s bed too. I must say this is in quite poor taste.

Ledyba: Do I look like I care what you think?



Ledyba: Immensely.

At least it wasn’t a TFB.


Robyn came back over to play. Leds won, of course.

Ledyba: I quite enjoy crushing the hopes and dreams of my opponents.

Are we sure she’s not the evil one?


Torchic: I swear, chemistry table, I will one day rule you…but first I have to go potty.

Chemistry Table: Challenge accepted.


This seemingly pointless picture of Tari by the toilet actually does serve a purpose. It reminds me to tell you that she is now on free will. Whenever I click on her now, I get a portrait panel error and the menu on the bottom screen always displays her info no matter who is active. So since she’s completed her LTW, she can just do what she wants and I won’t click on her anymore. It seems autonomous Tari can make it to the toilet on her own, so good for her.


Phillip: You sure know how to groove, man!

Camerupt: Dude, you just deflowered my baby cousin. If you don’t want to die tonight, you’ll stay the hell away from me.

Phillip: Gotcha.


Phillip: If I can’t listen to music I’ll just scare old ladies!

Jamie: Oh my. I sure am scared.

Oh, you’re being mean to her now? I thought she made your tummy feel funny.

Phillip: This is how I show affection.

I think there are more beneficial things you could be doing.


Like raise your relationship with your girlfriend.

Phillip: Baby, you so fine I could just eat you up.

Ledyba: That’s so lame it’s almost cute.


Robyn: I really didn’t need to see this.


Robyn: No really, it’s fine. I’ll just sit here and do my homework while you two make out two feet away from me. It’s all good.

Poor Robyn. She’s not used to the awkward things that go on in this house.


Lucky Jamie gets to keep fixing stuff. There is always something broken in this house despite everything supposedly being unbreakable.


Torchic: Why must I be subjected to this thing you mortals call “homework?” It seems to be a waste of my talents.

You know, every kid asks me that but nobody ever gets out of doing it. So suck it up.

Torchic: Drat…foiled again…


D’aww. They wuv each other.

Ledyba: Shut up. I’m only doing this because his slimy ectoplasmic body feels awesome to touch.

Phillip: ~loving sigh~ Yeah. What she said.


Poor, clumsy Tari falls into Deo’s training camp of terror.

Deoxys: Keep running, maggot!

Altaria: But I’m tired and I have work tomorrow…

Deoxys: No excuses! Get your ass back up!


Camerupt: You know I love you like a sister, right cuz?

Ledyba: The feeling is mutual, Cammy.


Camerupt: So would you maybe wanna be my official BFF?

Ledyba: Do you even have to ask?


ZOMG They both squee-ed! That is the cutest thing ever! They both had the wish locked in and I’ve never actually done this before.


Tori asked his cousin Robyn for a bedtime story.

Torchic: Read me to sleep, minion?

Robyn: Sure, why not.


She kind of got lost.


Torchic: Where’d my minion go? I’m getting impatient…


Apparently she got distracted by science. It happens to the best of us.


During the evening, Deo enjoys a nice bath. She has a big day in the morning.



Deoxys: Here that, future husband? We can finally move out and start our new life together!

Kurtis: That’s nice hun. Can I have cake first?


Here’s grown up Deo! I had a hard time dressing her. A lot of things looked kinda awkward on her because she’s skinny but she’s got big muscles.

Deoxys: Still making fun of me even when I’m about to leave, huh?

She rolled eco-friendly to go with evil, light sleeper, loser, and cat person. She likes pop music, vegetarian fish and chips, and some color I apparently didn’t write down. She is a pisces, and she wants to be the empress of evil.


Autonomous Tari got stuck in a birthday loop. Hooray.

Altaria: Birthdays are srs bidness.


Before they left, I made sure that chimes were heard. We wouldn’t want them breaking up before having babies, would we?


Altaria: I am so sick of all this cake, aren’t you wife?

Jamie: I find my extra fat strangely pleasant, actually.


After babies were conceived, I hooked Deo up with a job in the criminal career. Kurt already has his job.


Our heiress then decides to distract from her sister’s big day.

Ledyba: I’m seeing how long I can hold my breath. Gonna set a world record!


Ledyba: Holy plumbob…I need AIR!!!

I don’t think she’ll be setting any records soon.


With Deo and Kurtis gone, we’re down to six Sims in the house.

Kurtsys Marriage

They got married shortly after leaving.

Kindra Van Gould

And had a ghost-alien baby named Kindra.

That’s all for today, folks. Thanks for reading and, as always, Happy Simming!


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