4.14: Goodbye Insanity

Hey guys! Hope you’re having a great 2016 so far! It’s finally time for a new chapter of the Kanto legacy! In the last chapter, we had much romance between Deoxys and Leds and their respective Van Gould boys. Tari changed jobs, Torchic aged up into a child, and we moved all the graves to the graveyard next door to the house. Now let’s find out who won the heir poll and will take over the legacy!


T’was not poor Deo.

Deoxys: Why doesn’t anybody like me? ~sobs~

They like you, honey. They just don’t want you to be heiress.


Charmie is also not the winner.

Charmander: It’s all good. If I was heir, you wouldn’t just let me sit around and watch TV.

Altaria: Why even include my nieces and nephew in the heir poll? Obviously my children are the best.



Tying for second place is Cammy. Close, but no cigar kid.

Camerupt: That’s fine by me. I don’t really want all that responsibility.


The other second place Sim was Tepig.

Tepig: They like me. They really me πŸ™‚

Which means…


Our Vermilion heiress is Ledyba!

Ledyba: Oh. Cool.

She won by a landslide. I was really surprised, actually. Not that she won, but just that she won by so much. Anyways, now that we’ve chosen our heiress, let’s jump on into the “action.”


These two are always fighting. Though it seems like Deo is making an effort to be nice to him now that he’s the official legacy spouse.

Deoxys: So…how’d you die?

Phillip: Umm….

So direct…it’s no wonder people don’t generally enjoy her company…


While everyone else is asleep, the future empress of evil gets to work out.


Her boyfriend works in the music career, so he gets home late. He’s never tired, so he stays up and paints.


The two get to share a nice breakfast together before everyone else wakes up and the day begins.

Deoxys: So how was work?

Kurtis: Fine.

Riveting conversation.


The children are teleported to school in the morning, because they can’t be trusted to actually get on the bus.

Tepig: I’m a dog. Woof woof.

Camerupt: It’s such a beautiful day, isn’t it little brother?

Torchic: It will be as long as no vampires show up. They are my rivals in villainy…

Deoxys: How can these dorks be more popular than me?…


Only two Sims are left at home during they day. Kurtis, who gets to play his guitar.


And Jamie, who cleans up whatever the maid left behind.


And fixes random broken things in the house.


When the kids get home, Cammy rolled the wish to play hopscotch with Leds, so I bought this for them.

Ledyba: You call that hopscotch? You’re going down, cousin.


Camerupt: Yay! Hopscotch!


Ledyba: Imma beat your ass, Cammy πŸ˜€

(I never played hopscotch as a kid, so I don’t really have much to say about it…)


Phil never came home. I found him at the park chatting with Unown’s son, Barry. He is the uncle to both the Van Goulds and the Kantos. This is probably the closest thing to creepy legacy incest that we’ll get. Hopefully.


Deoxys: Look at me. My face is perfectly symmetrical. Why don’t people like me? I’m gorgeous.


Birthday time! This is Robyn, the youngest child of Phione.


Judy, one of Kyovan’s twins.


And Ginger, the other twin.


Tari’s still working on painting.


Camerupt: I am never getting married, cuz. I have to keep myself open to all the lovelies of the world, you know?

Ledyba: Try telling that to your girlfriend. She’s already changed her name to Mrs. Camerupt Kanto.

Camerupt: I’ll just have to let her down gently.

We’ll see about that.


After their deep conversation, the cousins play chess together. I think Cammy spends more time helping Leds with her LTW than working on hiw own skills.


Since Deo’s been working super hard on her athletic skill lately, I let her slack off a little. She ended up playing video games ALL NIGHT.

Deoxys: I love beating nerds at their own game!


Tari’s been going around kicking gnomes. Poor red 😦


Tori reads a lot.

Torchic: Evil genuises need to be well read.

You’re not a genius, hun. But you can think whatever you want.


I hate how everyone stands around listening to guitar players when they could be doing important things. It looks like Kurtis is stealing Cammy’s thunder.

Camerupt: How dare.


At least Tepig is doing something useful. I’m rather surprised he’s painting a guy. He usually paints plants.


Leds invited over her first ranked chess opponent, her cousin Suzanna. She and Kurtis used to have a thing.

Deoxys: Love rival!

Suzanna didn’t get anywhere near Kurt and Leds won the game!


I took our new maid into CAS because she had the face-hair mismatching glitch. And also because Jamie rolled a wish to flirt with her. I should be mad, but I’m mostly amazed that it took this long for a flirty Sim to roll a wish for anyone besides her wife.


I finally got some of these Sims to do something other than listen to Kurtis play guitar. Cammy had the wish to learn the painting skill locked in for a while. I figured, why not. Painting and logic are pretty much staples for the Kantos anyways.


Charmie invents more.


Tori plays around with the chemistry station.


He does about as well as any other Sim.


Tepig ages up tomorrow, so I invited Buddy Judd over in hopes that they’d like each other. Nobody could talk to him. The only option was “stop doing that.” Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to hope SP gets them together.


What’s up, Tari?

Altaria: You might want to hear this.


Oh. Ummm….


Altaria: Not only am I twice your age, you are dating my son! How dare you ask such things of me!

So, yeah…that happened…


Deo gets to prove her skills and fix the TV. I’m kind of surprised her incompitence didn’t make her fail.

Deoxys: Hey! I heard that!

Sorry, hun. Can aliens fail fixing stuff? I’ve never had it happen.


Finally, it’s time for our eldest Vermilion child to become a YA!

Tepig: I don’t know about you, but that cake looks fantastic…

I didn’t send him to school so that he could age up without a billion people watching him. He became a YA before school actually started, so it shouldn’t have counted as skipping school. But…


HE WAS ON THE HONOR ROLL! HE’S BEEN ON THE HONOR ROLL FOR DAYS NOW!!! I am so irate right now….This is the first Sim I’ve ever had in TS3 who didn’t age up well…I can’t believe my perfect record was slaughtered because I had him skip a day to age him up…


He adds excitable to artistic, good, insane, and bookworm. He likes pop music, grilled cheese (!) and the color blue and is a pisces. He wants to be an illustrious author. He rolled it three times during his teen years and after the heir poll, I caved and locked it in.

I do love him so, and I considered keeping him around for a while but I still haven’t transferred TS3 over to a new computer so the game’s still pretty laggy and we still have more kids to age up. I will miss him so.


Tari decided to not actually go to work today, and instead stood around outside her building. Probably to spite me for not letting her watch her oldest child grow up. It’s a good thing her LTW is finished and this won’t actually affect her in any way, because otherwise I’d be really peeved off…

Altaria: I live to please ^.^


After cake, Kurtis decided to have a go at Tepig for skipping school. And to think I almost broke you up with Deo to be Tepig’s spouse instead >-<


I set him up in the self employed painter career and shipped him out. Bye bye, Tepig! Have a good life in SP!


He moved in with Azelf and her army of cats, and Buddy moved in too. I really hope my game is kind to him, he deserves some happiness.

That’s all I have for you today. I’m not very happy with this chapter, but eh. I only had my terrible pictures to work with. Lavender gen is coming up soon. I hope you’re all excited for nooboos! Until next time, Happy Simming!


2 thoughts on “4.14: Goodbye Insanity

  1. Fair-hair mismatch glitch? I haven’t heard of this glitch. Does not surprise me that EA continues to come up with new and annoying glitches, even with a whole new game to irritate us with.

    Yay, Ledyba won, so glad. I think the awesome ghost spouse was a big part of the landslide win πŸ˜‰

    • That’s probably not the real name for the glitch, it probably has some official name. That’s just my terrible made up title for it XD Basically some EA hairs don’t agree with some of my custom skin colors and it creates scary faced Sims.

      I bet you’re right about Phillip being a big part of Ledyba’s win! Ghost-vampire babies are so fitting for Lavender town πŸ˜‰

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