4.6: Red Hot

Hey guys! Since the last update, I’ve become a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority. Shout out to any other TriDelts out there! Anyways, in the last chapter, Shelley started a fire in the snow, Ledyba grew into an adorable toddler, and poor Joey passed away before he could complete his LTW. With all that said, let’s jump right into the chapter!

Some updates first, as per usual…

D'awww, baby Robyn

Phio gave birth to her third child, Robyn.


Kyovan had twins! Now both spares have three kids to their names.

Second Herbson Baby

And finally, a second baby to Herbson. This is perfect, seeing as Kurtis is way too old for Ledyba at this point, should she be named heiress.


Second promotion for Jamie

And finally, promotions for Tarmie. I’m very proud of my ladies, even if I’m slacking off on Jamie’s career.


Nice to see my Sims getting along so well at the start of the day.

Rachelle: How dare you make me look bad with your fancy pant-suits and your promotions and your general pleasantness!


Altaria: Woah, bitch. Woah.


Not like Tari’s the only lady making Shelley look like a lazy bum. Ri might be the youngest Kanto ever to max a skill! You go girl!


Not to be outdone in anything, Shelley has to have a crying contest with Jamie.

Rachelle: I just can’t get over the loss of poor Jeffery…

Jamie: Joe. His name was Joe.

Rachelle: Who was that, dear?


Vermilion IF bonding session!

I can’t remember what I named either of their special friends, which means that they’re not important in the long run.


Jamie heads off for another day at work. I’m amazed the game still lets elder Sims be firefighters, but I can’t complain. It brings in the cash.


You’re actually interacting with your offspring?

Rachelle: I need to train my spawn for when she becomes heiress.

You realize that Deo could easily be voted heiress too, you know? Or any future Tarmie daughter that may occur?

Rachelle: No need to worry about any competition. This child is clearly the most interesting. Readers are already in love with her, aren’t you readers?

Ledyba: Goo?


Camerupt: Hey baby, hows about you and me visit the block table together sometime? I’ll build you the castle of your dreams, if you know what I mean 😉

I do love my future Casanova ❤


Shelley learned the hard way that if she wants to train her daughter to be heir, that means actually training her in her skills.

Rachelle: I changed my mind. Can we just let the alien be heiress instead?


Jamie’s days at work are quite productive…

Firefighter: Now that’s a grandma I’d like to…

Jamie: Quiet, young man. I’m happily faithful to my lovely wife.

Firefighter: Oh…wanna bring her along too?

Jamie: >-<


But at least following her around gives me a chance to look at the fine specimens my game has concocted. Too bad they’re service Sims and can’t reproduce on their own…

Dealing With Disaster

Although sometimes she gets a chance to handle delicate situations like this.


Jamie: You have got to be kidding me…

Unown: You don’t understand, man! They’re everywhere!!!


Jamie: The things I put up with…


The first thing the kids do when they get home from school is cry about the loss of their grandfather. Whom they barely spoke to…


Deoxys: Why’d you have to die on us?…


Tepig: Look at me, I’m Deoxys and I pretend to have feelings even though I’m an evil alien freak.


Tepig: Gosh, maybe that was too harsh…


Tepig: Oh, who am I kidding? She’s so awful, she deserves to be mocked!


Tepig: Oh, boohoo, woah is me, I have to eat lunch in the bathroom stall because everybody makes fun of me for being alien scum.


Tepig: I swear I’ll get her…somehow…


Deoxys: Boo! I have scared you, auntie! See how cool and evil I am?

Azurill: GASP! I’m covered in dirty sink water! Out of my way kid, I need to shower…three times…

Nobody takes the evil loser seriously. Not even the nervous wreck.


Deo shouldn’t take what Tepig says too seriously. I mean, just look at him.

Tepig: Help! I think the ghost of Grandpa Joe has taken over my left hand!


At least the two of them can put aside their differences to do their homework together.

Azurill: Do either of you know about the ecosystem of butterflies?

Tepig: Nope.

Deoxys: Nada.

Azruill: Drat…


Ledyba gets her final skill in.


And Deo is quick on the draw to dispose of the mess.

Deoxys: It’s not like any of the adults around here clean…not even the maid…


It’s true…we get a new one every other day. All this one does is steal our food.


Slacking off from painting and stealing your brother and cousin’s block table…for shame, Tepig Kanto.

Tepig: What can I say? The blocks have always called to me.


Charmander: I live with a bunch of freaks…


Charmander: But you’re not a freak, are you, painting of Ariel? At least there’s some rational people in this house.

Honestly, I don’t actually know who he was talking to here…I think he picked up the insane trait for a minute or two…


Camerupt: Oh Paras my sweet, one day you shall be real and we shall be together. But until that day, I shall have to make due with all the other ladies of the world. They need my love too, you know.

Paras: No, slave! You are mine to rule!

Camerupt: Oh Paras, always the kidder.


Jamie had a job to do at the business building. I find it funny that all her co-workers were forced outside because of the fire, but Tari got to stay inside and work.


See? She’s just now leaving.

Altaria: What’s all the hubbub, guys?

Crowd: FIRE!!!

Altaria: What, did the temp leave a hot pocket in the microwave again?



D’aww. Sibling bonding.


Skilling check.

Tepig: Painting.


Deoxys: Discovering.


Charmander: Inventing.

Excellent. Carry on.


Rachelle: I just love my nooboo. Don’t you think it’s time for me to have another one?

Jamie: Nice try, don’t think you get out of becoming an elder that easily.

Rachelle: Drat…


Rachelle: Oh well, nothing for it. Time to watch your momma age up, kid!


Jamie: Yay! The ol’ bitch is becoming an ol’ hag!




Better, although she’s still a little creepy in her elder years…

The above picture is the result of some weird skin-hair disagreement glitch I’ve been having when pairing some custom skin colors with certain hairs, usually EA created and usually show up in CAS. This was a custom style and it did not appear that way in CAS. Which is why it freaked me out so much.


Rachelle: Now I know what it feels like to be a clown…

Right…I’ll just leave you to your oldness…


Charmander: I knew I had magical powers like my mother, but I had no idea I could make blue fire! What else can these hands produce?…


Charmander: Oh, it’s just another zombie ghost. As if I don’t see enough of those every day…

Samuel: Brains?


Tepig: No, Grandpa’s Ghost, there’s no need to get jealous! Charmie took care of that Samuel Goth guy! He won’t take your place!

Charmander: Good golly, miss wall-y. Wait till I tell you about this crazy cousin of mine…


Rachelle: Look at that disgusting display of affection, Ledyba. If your father were here, or even your grandfather for that matter, we’d show them…oh yes we would…

Ledyba: Kissing is gross. Wanna play blocks with cousin Cam instead.


Cousin Cam is otherwise occupied, I’m afraid.

Camerupt: Watch me, Misty! I’m gonna be old enough to talk to actual girls now!


Azurill: YES! BIRTHDAY! Wait till I tell Jamie about this!

Rachelle: What a weirdo…

Ledyba: Put me down please…


Camerupt: Tada! I’m gorgeous. Watch out schoolgirls, here I come ;D

He rolled ambitious. Fitting, seeing as he wants to seduce every living (and unliving) thing in sight.


It was the weekend, so I sent the kids out to do things. Charmie went to the junkyard to pick up some more scrap.


I sent Deo with Shelley and Ledyba to the park.



It gave me a chance to marvel at my wondrous service Sims.


Cam, taking after big brother, chose to stay home and paint.

Camerupt: The ladies love an artistic man.


Apparently Ri grew up…how did I miss that? And why didn’t I buy her a cake?

Azurill: It’s fine. I’m used to being ignored.

Ri grew up a born saleswoman, adding to brave, excitable, neurotic, and an animal lover. She wants to be a firefighter superhero like her sister-in-law. She is a Pisces who loves R+B music, tri-tip steak, and the color lime. She gets to stick around a while until she discovers all the potions and maxes logic, at least.

Azurill: Don’t I feel all special…


Little miss evil got her face painted.

Deoxys: This paint….


Deoxys: I love it! Doesn’t it suit me just perfectly? I think the pink really goes well with my complexion…

I’m starting to question her programming…anyways, that’s all I have for you today. This chapter feels really messy, and I apologize for that. I hope to bring you guys something a little more cohesive next time. Have a great evening, and as always, happy Simming!


3 thoughts on “4.6: Red Hot

  1. Wow, I forgot Deoxys was a girl for…pretty much the whole chapter. She’s not exactly very girly, is she?

    Your service sims are brilliantly varied – do you use awesomemod to kill the pudding face? Even using MC, my service sims are always Face One 😦

    • Haha, yeah. Deo’s certainly very girly at all!
      I honestly don’t know how I get such crazy looking service Sims. I just use MC like you. I have my service Sims genetically mixed from my bin, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have that many cool looking Sims saved to it…I must just be really lucky XP

      • It also uses sims already in the neighborhood (like the Kantos, Slymers, Van Goulds, Jovan, Samuel Goth, etc.) and those who are in the bin by default (Gwen Glover, Holden Wozny, Marley, Aimeé and Malika Williams, the Funkes, Lawrence Lum, Becky Baker, etc.) as well as the sims you previously had in the bin.

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