4.1: Baby Weight

Hey guys, I’m back with the start of generation four! After the seemingly never-ending Cerulean gen, I’m ready a new color around the house! In the last chapter, Tarmie had the first baby of the generation, Tepig. Meanwhile, Rachelle flirted with Klink more than she did with her own husband. Quite the spouse I picked for him, huh? Also of note, all the Cerulean kids have now been added to the Meet the Kantos page, with their download links in their picture, as always. Squirtle and Tari can be found in the Heirs and Spouses page, and Squirtle will have an alternate download link without his piercings soon. If, for whatever reason, you want the other Cerulean kids, they can be found under the Spares and Spouses tab. I hope this new format works for everyone and is easier to navigate than my previous thousands of tabs branching off of each other. With all that being said, let’s begin the chapter, shall we?


Squirtle: ~sigh~ I simply love my little snuggly witch. I am so glad you made me dump my totally hot, perfect college girlfriend for her 😀

Oh, do shut up, you dork. I swear, he’s a closet hopeless romantic or something.



These two ADORE each other. All they ever do, all day, is embrace, kiss, woohoo, repeat. Jamie is flirty like Rachelle, but somehow, I don’t think she’ll be autonomously flirting with anyone else. Just a guess.


Klink is put to work painting legacy portraits so Rachelle can’t get her dirty paws into him, at least for a while. His portraits really are a thousand times better than Bronzong’s were. I’m curious how Tari’s portraits will turn out…


Everybody loves the nooboo. Jamie especially likes to make hourly visits to the crib for snuggle times. Tari hardly ever ventures into the nursery, and she’s the nurturing Sim!


Rachelle: I am just the bee’s knees, aren’t I hun? I mean, nobody else around here knows magic for one thing. And I’m clearly the most attractive woman in the house. No wonder all them Kanto boys keep turning their heads when I walk in.

Jamie: YAWN. Gosh Rachelle, you’re such a bore.

Nobody likes Rachelle. I think everybody except Klink and Squirtle are in the red with her. Cause she’s such a bitch.


Klink makes quick work of his daughter’s portrait and gets started on Jamie’s. He’s going to wait on Rachelle’s until she has her baby, so she can pose in her normal outfit. Also, GO AWAY THOUGHT BUBBLE STOP RUINING MY SHOTS.


Jamie: What are you doing?…

Rachelle: Just hold still, sugar. I need to cast this little ol’ spell on you. It’ll all be over quickly, I promise.

Jamie: I don’t like this….

Shelly’s been rolling all sorts of wishes to cast good luck charms on people. Jamie’s her first victim target. Surprisingly, it worked.


One half of Cerulean gen done. These two actually took over Bronzong and Gala’s old bedroom, which is why there’s still graffiti on the walls, in case any of you were wondering.


Don’t you have something better to do? Something more productive? In your bedroom?

Squirtle: Oh, right!



Klink: Think you can steal my thunder, eh son?

Squirtle: She’s MY wife, dad!


Let’s pan over to a nice couple for a change.

Jamie: Sorry you didn’t quite get that promotion you wanted, baby. Here, let me give you a massage to help you wind down.

Altaria: Mmmmm…massaaage….


Klink: I hope you think of me while you woohoo with my son, beautiful.

Rachelle: Will do, sugar.

Please don’t…


Squirtle: I’m waiting, darling!

Rachelle: Comin’, hot stuff!




For all his faults in his elder years, at least I can say that Klink is a good grandpa.

Klink: You are going to be a very handsome young man, little Tepig. Yes you are. Yes you are!

He and Joe both have the wish to have five grandchildren. The spare Kantos had better spawn, because Squirtle’s children won’t count as Joe’s grandkids. Which is stupid.


Like I said. Hug, kiss, woohoo, repeat. There could be some babymaking here that I’m not aware of, since I still don’t have my sound on. I guess we’ll find out.


Ri’s doing pretty well at the chemistry table. She already has a really high logic skill from playing chess with Joe all the time, so learning all the potions should be a breeze for her.


Rachelle: I hereby cast a charm of good luck on you, husband of mine!

Squirtle: This seems WAAAY too sketchy…


If someone with this expression was casting a spell on me, I’d be scared too.


Let me take a moment to show you the newly aged up Kurtis Van Gold. If you remember, he’s the spawn of Herbson when they were still in high school. He’s a vampiric ghost, and he’s totally the next spouse. I’m hoping for a female heir this time around, so here’s hoping he’s straight!


Squirtle: Hi there, little Tepig. I’m your uncle Squirtle. Aren’t you just the cutest darned baby in the whole world?

Along with hopeless romantic, I think Squirtle’s a secret family oriented Sim. He LOVES children. He was an amazing father to the previous batch of Vermilion kids, and I’m super excited for the real deal. With Shelly being Shelly and Tarmie being busy with their jobs, he might be the only parent the kiddos get to see a lot.


Did I say she was good at potion making?


Instead of cleaning herself up like any normal Sim, she has to check and make sure the sink isn’t going to overflow.

Azurill: We don’t need two disasters on our hands, do we?


Tarmie: Don’t mind us, we’re just hogging all the screentime with our cuteness.

Guh, these two! Once Tepig ages up, we’ll have something else to fawn over, but for now, these two are the most interesting thing this house has going, aside from flirty pants and her two men.


Rachelle: OOOOFFFF!!! I think I just went into labor!!! Call an ambulance for me, hun!!!

Klink: Naw, I think I’ll just stand here and….


Klink: FREAK OUT!!! Oh no, what do we do? It’s not like I’ve gone through this several times myself or anything!


Squirtle: I am going to be supportive from over on this couch. Births make me nauseous. ~yells~ You’re doing great, honey! Just keep breathing!


And another baby boy was born! This is Charmander Kanto.


Charmie was born a brave couch potato. Both of his traits were rolled. Also, we now have all of the gen one starters represented in this legacy! Of course, Ivysaur is an evolution of Bulbasaur, not the first form like Charmie and Squirtle, but still.


Squirtle: See, I told you births mess with me! Or maybe I’m just having a bad reaction to that spell Shelly cast on me…

Yeah. Yeah, that’s it…


Shelly dumps her newborn into its crib and gets right back to practicing her magic, not giving him a second thought.

Rachelle: In the grand scheme of things, what’s more important? One little nooboo, or my lifetime wish?

Tarmie: Look at us. We’re cute. We will invade all of your pictures till the end of our time. LOOK AT US. 


Azurill: When do I get to get married and have babies of my own?

When you turn YA? Which isn’t for quite a while, mind you.


I really should stop giving these two all the screen time. It’s exactly what they want and I’m just fueling their fire. But they’re so adorable together and I can’t resist taking pictures!


Like I said before, Ri and Joe play chess together all the time. Joey is (I think) level 9 in logic right now. Or maybe he’s still at level 8. Ri is about a 7, I think.


Jamie: I don’t wanna hold THIS baby, I wanna hold MY baby…it’s my darling little angel that will become the heir someday.

Neither of these kids will become the heir, because they are boys and I’m sick of male heirs. Just pick him up and change his diaper, please…


When not at work (or woohooing with her wife), Tari raises her charisma skill.


When she can’t raise her charisma skill anymore, she calls the random people in her address book that she barely knows and spams them with friendly texts until they’re friends. So the cycle goes.


Rachelle’s portrait. It’s got kind of a greenish tint to it, but she’s green herself so I suppose it suits her. Plus, she’s not worth trying for a better looking one.


Rachelle: That was a wonderful painting you did of me, darlin’. It makes me so happy.

Klink: Heh, no problem, pumpkin.


Rachelle: ~blows kiss~

Klink: ~blushes profusely~


Jamie: I don’t get this game, Squirtle. What are those things your silly looking character keeps picking up?

Squirtle: Oh, those? Cups of coffee. They’re basically your energy meter. If you run out of energy, it’s game over. Wanna play?

Jamie: …no. No, I’m fine, thank you.

Squirtle: Your loss.


Rink: ~are idiots~


Squirtle: Those bastards…


Rachelle: Please forgive me, honey pie! I didn’t mean it, really I didn’t! Your father’s a real nice man, and we was just making friends, I promise! But you’re the only one I really love…


Squirtle: Alright, I understand. Pregnancy hormones, and all that. Just…don’t do it again. Please?

Rachelle: Course not, sugar plum.


Squachelle: ~obnoxious kissing noises~


Rachelle: You’re puttin’ on a little weight there, pudding. Has my flirting driven you to binge eating? That ain’t healthy, you know.

Squirtle: I’m not sure what’s going on with me, babe. But if it bothers you that much, I’ll work it off for you.

Rachelle: Naw, it’s fine, big boy. I like a man with a little meat on his bones.


Squirtle: Hi there, little Charmie. I’m your daddy. I love you more than you could ever know, little guy.



Rachelle: Hun, you are absolutely the sweetest man in the world, you know that?

Squirtle: Wow, who knew all I had to do to get her to throw herself at me was be nice to kids?

Speaking of kids…


Little Tepig grew into a toddler! He looks just like Jamie. I don’t see much of Tari in him right now, but I suppose we’ll see when he gets older. He’s absolutely adorable, and gives me high hopes for this generation.

Also, this face totally screams “Goo, mother fucker” to me. But a toddler would never say that. Not ever.


Jamie: Alright little guy, let’s toss a missile right into the middle of our Simmer’s plan. We’re gonna make all the readers love you most, so that way you can be heir! How does that sound.

Tepig: Sounds dumb. Don’t wanna do it.

Jamie: But whyyyy??? 

Let’s leave Jamie to her complaining and end this chapter, shall we? Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you guys have a wonderful day. Happy Simming!

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5 thoughts on “4.1: Baby Weight

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  2. I love Charmander as a pokemon so I will be rooting for that little baby for sure. Even if he was spawned by Rachelle. I hope she’ll stop flirting with her father in law but then again, they’re sims. Very few things they do make any sense lol.

  3. Did Bronzong have the Artistic trait? I find that, though that helps raise the skill faster, the portraits turn out, well, artistic, and not great for actually seeing who is in the picture.

    LMAO, “Goo, motherfucker”. I love Tepig, just for that face, it’s brilliant.

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