3.22: Rachelle the Flirt

Yep, another chapter already! Since it is now spring break, I’m going to try my hardest to get as much written as possible, hopefully a new chapter at least every other day. Hope the Kanto spam in your reader doesn’t get too annoying! Last time, our Cerulean heirs chose their future spouses, moved them in, and knocked them up. Will we meet any babies today? Let’s find out!


I forgot to mention this last time (although her LTW probably gave it away). Rachelle is a witch! Last time we tried bringing supernaturals into this family, we brought in stupid, dumb Abigail. Hopefully this romance goes better than that…


Altaria: Big brother, I will always love and respect you, but it’s time I moved on to a more healthy relationship for myself. I’m going to propose to Jamie today. I really hope you’re not too upset by it.

Squirtle: Oh drat. However will I go on.


What’s the matter, Jamie? Feeling a bit nauseous?



Repetitive puke shot is repetitive.


Rachelle gets her official initiation into the family. These aliens do love newcomers. Have fun, don’t screw her brain up too badly!


Jamie: Baby. I would never have guessed I was pregnant, with all the throwing up I did. I’d best tell Tari.


You look happy.

Altaria: Promotion 😀


Nice. Very nice. I think your girlfriend has even more good news for you.


Jamie: So, you know how I was sick earlier today?

Altaria: Yeah, that was kinda gross.

Jamie: Well, turns out that was just morning sickness. Because I’m pregnant.


Altaria: Really?! We’re having a baby?!

Jamie: Yupp!


Altaria: Nice work, me. Way to fertilize!

Rachelle: Allow me to turn this light off for you, completely ruining your next few shots XD


They celebrated in the only way these two know how.


Altaria: In lieu of the current situation, there’s something I need to ask you.

Jamie: What is it?


Altaria: Oops! Careful Tari, don’t drop it…


Altaria: Will you marry me?


Jamie: OMG SUCH SHINY. I mean, yes I’ll marry you! A thousand times yes!


Jamie: Look at that lens flare! How much did it cost for such a shiny ring?

Altaria: Price doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you’re all mine now.


Ahh, bliss.


Klink: Is that a pregnancy book you’re reading there, future daughter-in-law?

Jamie: Ummm…yes?

Klink: Good. It’s about time I became a grandparent. And you know…we have other types of books, if you know what I…

Jamie: I’m gonna stop you right there, old man. We don’t want any.

Klink: The offer’s always open.


Determined Rachelle is determined.

Rachelle: I will learn toadification magic if it’s the last thing I do!

Problems with co-workers, Shelly dear?

Rachelle: You have NO idea…

I let her quit sometime after this. She didn’t really want to be a firefighter, and now she’ll have more time for practicing her magic.




And Tarmie hereby became official.



Rachelle: Did you know my favorite color is pewter grey, hot stuff?

Klink: Really? That’s cool. I like purple myself, but…

Rachelle: I don’t think you’re quite catching my meaning, big boy.


Thankfully, this was NOT flirty mc-cheater-pants and her newfound boy toy. It was just Tarmie, celebrating their marriage.


Rachelle: Oh, I see you’re about to have a nooboo, hun. I sure wish I was pregnant.

Stop feigning innocence, Shelly. It doesn’t become you.


To you, this may seem like nothing. But in reality…

Rachelle: I know you want me, sugar plum. I can see it in your eyes.

Klink: It’s…it’s been so long since I was with a woman…it might be nice to relive the glory days…but I’m perfectly happy with my Joey…right?

Rachelle: If you have to ask, doll, then maybe not.


Joe: I am NOT seeing this. I am definitely not seeing my husband being seduced by a younger woman. If I cover my eyes, maybe it’ll just go away.

Poor Joey… 😦


Rachelle: Oh look, I AM pregnant.

Oh plumbob, what have we done? Should we really let her spawn?

Rachelle: I heard that. And I will be a perfectly capable mother, thank you very much.


Aliens: Klink Kanto, we’ve been sent to punish you for your sins.

Klink: My sins?

Aliens: Flirting with your future daughter in law, especially right in front of your husband.

Klink: Oh, that. See, that was nothing. Really, it wasn’t. We were just having a bit of fun, you know?

Aliens: No excuses. You’re coming with us.


Tari escapes the drama of her family by reading a pregnancy book. These Sims are still in love with that beanbag chair…


Rachelle: You, hun, have no brains what-so-ever, do you know that?

Joe: What the hell are you talking about?

Rachelle: That precious old man you’re married to. He’s obviously unsatisfied. You’re never home, and even when you are, the two of you are never intimate anymore. Which is obviously why he’s come flocking to me instead. Cause I pay attention to him.


Joe: You’re crazy. Anyone with half a brain could see that Klinky and I are perfectly happy together. It wasn’t until you came along that things started to get rocky. I don’t think I want you marrying my step-son.

Rachelle: If you’ll excuse me, I need to find a toilet. This baby bump of mine is pressing into my bladder, and it is QUITE uncomfortable.

Joe: That’s right, you just run away! ~grumble, grumble, grumble~


Azurill: Take THAT Rachelle. You stupid whore…

What was that for, Ri?

Azurill: She’s making my daddies fight. And obviously I can’t kick the real thing.


Rachelle: Hey there, stud. Them aliens hurt you too badly?

Klink: No, not really. I mean, I’ve been through it before. Did my family treat you okay while I was gone?


Rachelle: Oh, Klinky darlin’, they were simply deplorable! That husband of yours was particularly cruel to me…it seems that he doesn’t want me joinin’ your family…

Klink: I’ll have a talk with him. Don’t worry about it.


At least one couple in this house is happy…

Altaria: ~sigh~ I’m maaaaried…

She’s always getting invited to parties by one of her siblings, but this time, I let her go. She needed to get away from the drama of the legacy house for a while.


She went as a sexy pirate chick. I like.


The only other person around was Phio, dressed as a zebra.

Phione: Booo to only my sister showing up!

I’ll leave them to it for a while.


Joey takes out his frustrations on unsuspecting patients.

Joe: Open wide and say ah.

Woman: Ahhh? AHHHH!!!!


Klink: So then I said, “Wonderful weather we’re having, right?”

Rachelle: Oh, Mr. Kanto, you’re so funny!

Azurill: Don’t think I don’t know about you and my daddy, bitch. You can pretend all you like. We ALL know.


All but poor, clueless Squirtle. He’s been cooped up in his room this whole time, non the wiser to his girlfriend’s exploits. He’s mastered writing at this point, and now he’s working on that “write fifteen novels” want of his, along with some of the writing challenges.


Rachelle: Sugar plum, I’d like to eat you right up.


Klink: Wow, so that’s what irresistible interactions do. That’s really funny, actually. But I find myself strangely drawn closer to you, despite that ridiculous facial expression…

Rachelle: Works every time, Poke-man.


The party was really hopping, but I decided it was time for Tari to come back home.

Altaria: Welp, nice seeing you again sis. We should totally do this again sometime…see ya.


Back home, we have a birthday to celebrate. No cake this time, as per her request.

Azurill: With my luck, it would just explode on me.



Wow. I think she might even be prettier than Tari.

Azurill: Does that mean I can be heiress instead?


Azurill: Then can I at least get a pet?

No. She rolled animal lover, by the way.

Azurill: Not even a bird?

Moving on.


Jamie: You might wanna move your camera that way a bit. Some shit’s about to go down.


Klink and Rachelle: ~flirt, flirt, flirt~


Squirtle: Shelly and my dad were just flirting…


Squirtle: I’m so ANGRY right now, I could just SMASH something!

Are you gonna end things with her?

Squirtle: Nope. Even better.


Squirtle: ~pulls Shelly into a hug~

Rachelle: What’s gotten into you, darlin’?

Squirtle: I don’t want you flirting with my father anymore. You’re mine, do you understand that?

Rachelle: Ooo, possessive. I like that in a man.

Squirtle: So you’ll stop cheating on me with my own dad?

Rachelle: We’ll see, sugar.


She flirts with your father, and you make out with her?

Squirtle: Better than that.


Squirtle: Shelly, I have a very important question for you.

Rachelle: I can see your speech bubble, sugar. My question is, why now? What’s so special about today that makes you wanna ask me that?


Squirtle: I want the world to know who you belong to. Plus, I’d like to make honest Sims out of us before the baby arrives. Can you really blame me?

Rachelle: Why, that was just the sweetest darned thing I ever heard.


Rachelle: Aww, who am I to say no to such a lovely stone.


She cheats on you…and you MARRY her?!?

Squirtle: Shut up, you’ll ruin the moment.




Altaria: Mmm…nope. Simmer says home birth. Besides, there’s a piece of cake in the kitchen with my name on it.

Jamie: You bitch!




You two disgust me.


Squirtle: Really? Right now? But I was just about to go on my honeymoon D:


Joe: Helloo? Future of the legacy being born here!

Right, of course.


Jamie: It’s a boy!

Yay 😀

Welcome to the world, baby Tepig Kanto.


Baby Tepig is good and artistic. Because of course he is.

With the birth of the first member of Vermilion gen, I’ll wrap up this chapter. Thank you guys so much for reading and as always, happy Simming!

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4 thoughts on “3.22: Rachelle the Flirt

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  2. Haha, Rachelle is indeed a flirty. I’m guessing she has the flirty trait? IMHO it’s not cheating if they didn’t kiss, but definitely not a good thing, either. Maybe Squirtle just wants to marry her so he can use the story for novel fodder?

    Yay for nooboos! Tepig is a great choice for the first child of gen 4. I kind of hope Altaria gets pregnant next, can’t wait to see what she’d be like preggers.

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