Stuck Aging Glitch

Hey guys, I promise I’ll get a new chapter posted soon! But first, I’m having a little bit of technical difficulties. I know, that’s nothing new with this legacy, huh? Well, this is just a small thing, nothing game breaking, but it’s still rather annoying. I’m pretty far into Vermilion generation at this point (I’ve been spending way too much free time playing, and not nearly enough writing! Apologies!), and two of my Sims were aging into teens via cake. One of them aged up like normal. The other one didn’t age at all. I thought it might have been a glitch with the cake, so I tried to trigger her age transition. She started the birthday animation, but then stopped, and dropped “have birthday” from her que. I tried this a couple more times, reseting her between each try. She stayed a child. I tried using master controller to open up CAS, but it wasn’t an option. Finally, I reset her using master controller, and she went back to normal, aging up on her own. Except, she wasn’t back to normal. All her genetics were gone, replacing her with a face 1. Even her eye color was completely different. I closed out the game without saving, but the same thing happened again. I also don’t have a copy of her saved, since I don’t usually save my Sims to the bin until their YA birthdays. Is there any way to get back her original genetics, or is she just stuck as a pudding face forever? Any advice you guys have, not only on fixing her but also preventing it from happening to other Sims, would be appreciated. Thanks so much, and I hope to be back again soon with the conclusion of Cerulean gen and the start of Vermilion!


4 thoughts on “Stuck Aging Glitch

  1. That happened to a child girl in my game. I noticed she tried to age up in her ‘preside over royal court’ outfit and then she just stopped and did the same thing. Dropped the birthday our of her que and everything. I couldn’t even move her out of the house into the town, it would keep crashing my game. Unfortunately, to fix it I had to go in and save each sim individually and then recreate my glitched sim through mixing genetics. Then I had to rebuild the household and move them to a new town. I was able to save the house and everything in it and place it so I was fortunate that way. It took some time but it was worth it in the end. I hope you have better luck!

  2. That happened to me a couple times – not as bad as what happened with Tam, but the refusing to age, and then being unable to change using MC (Nymeria, Rhaenys and Sandor Maloney, plus Jess Rourke). I thought I had fixed it when I removed some teen maternity CC (since at that point it had only happened with teen girls) – and this has fixed it for the most part. But it does still happen on rare occasions. I found that by reloading the game just before the birthday, and manually aging them up using MC (before the time when they dropped the queue), it mostly fixes the issue. I think once I had to take the sim into CAS to age him up; again, had to reload when he dropped the queue (that was Sandor Maloney).

    Not sure if there is any way to recover the non-pudding face unless you reload 😦
    Thus why I now save my sims every time I take them into CAS for their makeovers.

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