Origin Game Time: My First 48 Hours of TS4

The last time I started up TS3, the launcher boasted a special offer. Play TS4 absolutely free for 48 hours. I’ve been skeptical about this game since we learned there would be no toddlers or pools, but I’ve tried to withhold judgement. I’ve resisted watching videos or reading blogs dealing with the game so that when I finally played it, the reactions would be completely my own. When I found out that I could try the game out before actually buying it, I jumped on the idea. This post will not be anything professional or formal or anything like that. Just my genuine first time experiences.

02-01-15_9-48 AM

Say hello to Steelix Kanto, everyone! Well, obviously he’s not the REAL Steelix. I tried to remake him to the best of my abilities. Which brings me to my first grievance with the game. I know that a lot of people really like this new CAS system. I’m not fond of it. Because it’s hard for me to actually change what I’m trying to change, I feel like I have less flexibility with creating my Sims than even in TS2. For example, Steelix’s nose is supposed to be much farther down on his face. It started out that way, but I somehow accidentally pushed it upward. And I couldn’t get it to go back down. I’d just end up messing up the nose tip or bridge widths. I’m also disappointed that I couldn’t add his blue highlights, and that there isn’t a lot of customization with the clothing. With my CAS experience being less than promising, I dive right into the actual game.

Steelix was given loves the outdoors and clumsy, traits that he has in TS3. For his third trait, I had a hard time finding anything to match other traits he had, so I gave him…self assured? I don’t actually remember what it’s called, but it’s the one about confidence. His aspiration is gathering, because his LTW in TS3 dealt with collecting little animals. He was placed in a pre-made home because I didn’t feel like messing with build mode just yet. Not after my struggles with CAS.

02-01-15_9-54 AM

One of Steelix’s wishes was to boost his confidence or something like that. The helpful description told me to have him practice his speech in the mirror. It did nothing.

02-01-15_9-56 AM

Instead, I had him make mac and cheese. I like that there are more meal options.

02-01-15_9-57 AM

At this point, I hadn’t figured out how to put walls up yet. It didn’t take me too long to figure it out, but for the most part I just leave them down. I’m just experiencing things right now, not really telling a story. Not that the Kantos really have a story anyways…

02-01-15_9-59 AM

Steelix wanted an instrument. It was an impulse buy, because he was feeling confident. I’ll make him play it eventually.

02-01-15_10-01 AM

I sent Steelix to the Blue Lounge (or something like that) to make some friends and test out the social aspects of the game I’ve been hearing such good things about.

02-01-15_10-02 AM

DON LORATHO!!! (I know it’s Lothario, but I’ve been calling him the wrong name since I was a small child. Not gonna stop now.)

02-01-15_10-03 AM

Steelix sits down with Don and…some girl. I wanted him to focus his attention on Don, since his grandfather was best friends with him back in Riverview. That didn’t happen. It’s pretty cool though, that Sims can have conversations with multiple people. And I really like how fluid the transitions are from one topic to the next. No awkwardly standing around and staring at each other for these guys.

02-01-15_10-06 AM

Steelix walked over to the bar to get a drink. EVERYONE followed him. I tried having him introduce himself to all these people, but he kept getting interrupted by the people he was already in a conversation with, and then the new people would leave. I guess if I can think of one negative thing about socialization so far, it can be a bit of a clusterfuck (pardon my language). Almost too much going on.

02-01-15_10-07 AM

I decided that the girl on the left, Zoe, was really pretty and I wanted her in my legacy wanted Steelix to get to know her better. But, like with all the others, she left before he could get away from the present conversation. (Side note: yay for multitasking! Drinking and talking with other Sims simultaneously!)

02-01-15_10-10 AM

Hey! It’s Nina Caliente! I really love TS2 premade Sims, if you can’t tell. I grew up with these guys, specifically the Pleasantview ones. I played in Strangetown a lot more as I got older. I hardly ever played in Veronaville.

02-01-15_10-11 AM

We talked to Nina for a while, and I debated marrying Steelix off to her. But I really did like that Zoe girl…

02-01-15_10-20 AM

Steelix went home, and almost immediately called Zoe over.

Steelix: I’m finally gonna get some action, aren’t I?

If you remember, he never married. Nor did he have children. Romance is a new subject to even the original Steelix Kanto.

02-01-15_10-21 AM

Steelix, who’s done no physical activity what-so-ever, decides to show off his muscles. Somehow, this impresses Zoe.

02-01-15_10-23 AM

Steelix: A flower for my lady?

Zoe: Teehee…

02-01-15_10-24 AM

A kiss to seal the deal. Also, who put that heart in the middle of my picture?

02-01-15_10-24 AM-2

Steelix asks her to be his girlfriend. She happily agrees.

02-01-15_10-25 AM

Woah. Well then.

02-01-15_10-29 AM

I took a chance and had Steelix propose. Surprisingly, she agreed!

02-01-15_10-30 AM

Ah, bliss.

Now would be an opportune time for my analysis of the romance aspect of the game. It was much easier to woo Zoe than I expected. Not that I’m complaining much. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the friendly and romantic bars being separate…I’m pretty sure you can become better friends with a person by flirting with them, and that you can fall for a person just by talking to them. I don’t know what they were trying to accomplish with this. I kinda like the friendship meters from TS2, although it took me forever to figure out what they meant. I was, like, seven when I got the game. It’s understandable. Anyways, the meters are a small thing, not nearly enough to be a deal breaker.

02-01-15_10-31 AM

Some random guy started doing pushups on the sidewalk. I found it amusing.

02-01-15_10-32 AM


02-01-15_10-34 AM

Zoe’s first autonomous action is to pick up a book read it, literally, on the edge of her seat. But I have other plans.

02-01-15_10-35 AM

Zoe: Pregnancy confirmed.

Nice touch. It’s a small thing, but I think it’s cute.

02-01-15_10-37 AM

Steelix got a job. In the criminal career. Sounded fun.

02-01-15_10-38 AM

Zoe makes some…mac and cheese maybe?

02-01-15_11-15 AM

When she’s done eating, I plop her down in front of the TV to watch children’s programming. Since I’ve done no research on TS4 what-so-ever, I don’t know if this actually works. But we shall see.

02-01-15_11-16 AM

There was a fishing pond right behind our house, so Steelix journeyed over. He fished for about half a second and decided it was boring. He then walked back home without asking me for permission.

02-01-15_12-10 PM

Zoe’s LTW aspiration has to do with making all sorts of friends. She already has the three friends necessary. Now she needs to introduce herself to ten different people. She was sent to the gym, where she met five people. After being surrounded by everyone available, she took off for a different location.

02-01-15_12-12 PM

Zoe was sent to the park. As you can tell, she’s trilled.

02-01-15_12-14 PM

After meeting everyone at the park, Zoe fulfilled her aspiration!

Game: Congratulations! Now for part two!

Zoe: Part two?



Hehe. Seriously though. I was more than a little bit disappointed by the appearance of a part two, especially after feeling so good about fulfilling her aspiration so early on. I was wondering why it seemed like such a simple wish though.

02-01-15_12-17 PM

I told you he’d be forced to play it. Both he and Zoe got bad moodlets (or whatever they’re called in TS4) because of the “terribly played music.” That’s why you’re practicing, dummy. If you never practice, you’ll never sound better.

02-01-15_12-21 PM

I think I just took this because I think she’s pretty. I’m more interested in her than in my actual legacy Sim at this point…

02-01-15_12-26 PM

After he got home from work. Steelix feels his beloved’s tummy. Because cute.

02-01-15_12-30 PM

Testing out couch interactions.

02-01-15_12-30 PM-2

“Stare deeply into eyes” might be my favorite interaction so far. Though it’s nothing compared to the embrace from TS3.

02-01-15_12-51 PM

Skipping ahead a bit, it’s labor time. I decided to go for a home birth, just to see what happened.

02-01-15_12-52 PM

Hun, I distinctly remember getting the popup that you are in labor.

Zoe: Yeah? So what?

Shouldn’t you be, you know, having a baby?

Zoe: Give me a break. I’m hungry.

02-01-15_12-54 PM

Zoe: Oh look, it’s Nina Caliente, my best good friend. Wanna come inside, girl?

Nina: Umm…are you in labor?

Zoe: Yeah, why?

Nina: ….

02-01-15_12-55 PM

Zoe: Nina, I can’t talk now! I’m trying to unclog this toilet!

Babies maybe?…

02-01-15_1-00 PM

This went on for HOURS. She would go to bed. I would get her up. She would go read a book. I’d take it away from her. She’d go talk to Nina. I asked her to leave. Still no babies.

02-01-15_1-05 PM

Finally, I bought a crib, even though I was told they were providing one for me. I clicked “have baby.” And that solved my problem. Nearly 20 hours she was in labor. RIDICULOUS. I appreciate the multitasking abilities this game provides, but I’m not so sure you should be unclogging toilets in labor. She ended up having twins.

02-01-15_1-06 PM

Yeah, we’re growing them up.

02-01-15_1-31 PM

This is Oliver, who was actually the second twin born. I used a random number generator to determine their trait and aspiration. Ollie is a gluttonous whiz kid.

02-01-15_1-28 PM

This is Noah, an exact clone of his brother. He is a perfectionist and…it’s the social one. I forget what it’s called. Since I’m just playing around right now, I’m not writing any of this down.

02-01-15_1-32 PM

Here are the boys. They have weird profiles. Also, it’s absolutely ludicrous that toddlers don’t exist in this game. I mean, what was Eaxis thinking? Way to take a step all the way back to TS1…

02-01-15_1-36 PM

Since Noah’s aspiration is about making friends, I sent him to the park. Hat guy is a teen, and just wants to get back to his game. At least he counts toward meeting people.

02-01-15_1-41 PM

Lloyd here was the only other child at the park, and I really wanted Noah to befriend him. This old lady wasn’t having any of it. She kept interrupting their conversations.

02-01-15_2-32 PM

Back at home, the parents skill.

02-01-15_2-33 PM


02-01-15_2-33 PM-2

They can talk to it too! Useful for when Noah needs to raise his social skill and nobody else is available.

02-01-15_2-49 PM

I bought Ollie a chess table for his aspiration.

02-01-15_3-02 PM

He plays a little bit with his brother. I seriously don’t know about those profiles…

02-01-15_2-57 PM

Somehow, despite growing up on the weekend and not having attended a day of school yet, the boys have homework already.

02-01-15_3-33 PM

Despite protests, I make Steelix cooperate and help Ollie finish part one of his aspiration. Now on to part two.

Oliver: Part two?!? PART TWO PART TWO PART-

Stop. We already did that joke.

02-01-15_3-58 PM

This is cute. Noah was embarrassed, and he wanted to hide himself from the world.

02-01-15_4-00 PM

The twins are BFFs. They take a photo together. They don’t make nearly as cute of facial expressions as Sims in TS3.

02-01-15_5-03 PM

Zoe’s pregnant again. She’s going to the hospital this time. She watched no kids TV this pregnancy, yet somehow she had twins again.

02-01-15_5-17 PM-2

Melody. I picked her aspiration, the one dealing with the body skill. She rolled the outgoing trait.

02-01-15_5-22 PM-2

Calem. He got the artistic aspiration, completing the set. He rolled genius.

02-01-15_5-30 PM

Calem was given an art table.

02-01-15_5-30 PM-2

And Melody got some monkey bars.

I could’ve gone on, but I was kinda getting bored by this point. I’ll probably play some more tomorrow, but I won’t post anything about it. So, my consensus? I like the game, I really do. But I definitely like TS3 better. I even like TS2 better, to be perfectly honest. I like some of the things they did with this game. It’s less laggy and less buggy, and the social aspects have been improved quite a bit. However, I have some major issues with the game that prevent me from really loving it. I don’t feel any attachment to any of these Sims, except for the ones from previous games. I will definitely buy this at some point (probably once an EP comes out and they combine it with the base game. That’s how I bought both TS2 and TS3.) But it will probably only be played for some quick and easy downtime. I’m not going to go blogging about TS4 and creating legacy families or anything like that. I’ll probably play it about as much as I play TS1. Not very often at all. But that’s not to say that it’s a bad game or that I don’t like it. I do, and I can definitely see why some people like it more than TS3. But I think it’s because TS3 is so buggy and has so much character that I like it so much. It is my true Sims love. Hope you enjoyed my first 48 hours of TS4, and as always, happy Simming!!!


5 thoughts on “Origin Game Time: My First 48 Hours of TS4

  1. Just a couple things I wanted to say (but don’t get me wrong, I have no cares if you like it or not. Its your choice and I’m not like WHAT! HOW DARE YOU HATE IT GRRRR or something. just want to help explain a few things and also state my own opinions for alternate views.)

    1. There are actually pools in the game already. Its in a free update so everyone gets them.
    2. I know what you mean about CAS. I liked it but its a little hard to get used too. I felt like it was ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ and I kinda liked that I could get close quickly and get to the game if I wanted, or spend forever tweaking the small things if I wanted. With sims 3 I felt like the only way you could be quick is go for very generic faces and I found that my sims looked more similar than I liked even with work because I found only a few noes and mouths that didn’t look just terrible on everyone IMO.
    3. Talking to the mirror did help but you prob had to many other kind of ‘moodlets’ that over powered the one confidant one. It takes some getting used to but I’ve worked out the emotions thing now lol
    4. I really like the conversations now too! It was seamless, as you said, but something I could not get over was that I could practically follow along in their conversations because they were all very natural.
    Example: My sim was having a conversation with two other sims he met at the park. He was starting to get hungry though so he did the ‘I’m hungry!’ thing and rubbed his tummy. I noticed though that it was a speech bubble, not a thought bubble like sims 3. Then, because he said “I’m hungry” the conversation switched to food! It was crazy! They started talking about their favorite things to eat and stuff liek that! Then the girl had to go to the bathroom. And she didn’t just unnaturally ditch mid conversation she actually said ‘well bye guys’ (Tag tag!) and they said it back to her and waved before continuing to talk to each other! It was crazy!
    5. The separate meters is, IMO, a good thing. Its so that this way not all relationships are the same. You can have someone that you are very in love with and stuff but you aren’t necessarily what you would call best friends. I know lots of, especially married couples, like that. They love each other and would do anything for each other but they don’t hang out or like the same movies or music, they have separate friends and stuff, they would have higher romance than friends on their bars. You can also have Friends with benefits, great friends that you Woo Hoo with but you arn’t actually ‘in love with’, so they can have high friend bar but little romance bar. You can have one night stands were the friend bar is virtually non existent but your romance bar is high enough to woo hoo. It just makes it so relationships aren’t so cookie cutter.
    6. The staged aspirations was good and bad for me. I liked that goals are about more than just one large thing but it felt too much like I had to do it their way. Luckily I’ve heard they just revamped them a little so they are a bit less leady.
    7. I know you need to practice to get better but if you have every heard anyone play the violin who can’t yet you would get a bad moodlet too. 😉
    8. I kinda liked the labor thing. It actually really varies between sims and even births with the same sim with how long it lasts. I thought of it as labor and hard labor. Once it starts it affects you but you can kinda do other stuff (many women do!) but once hard labor starts that is when they are by the basket. Ive had some last a long time and some were fairly quick and I liked the variety of it rather than all the same.
    9. I loved that the kids got their own aspirations! I feel like kids don’t want the same things adults want but they can still have dreams. I really enjoyed that. I also really like a lot of their actions, they are so cute!

    Over all, while I am not ready to move on YET I really enjoy a lot of things about sims 4. There are things I miss, don’t get me wrong, but over all I like it a lot. It does feel a little empty but that is too be expected going from a game I have all the expansions for! And there is more in this base game than in sim 3’s base game. That one was possibly the most empty to date.

    I miss the family trees and the toddlers. I don’t know if they will be adding a family tree but I have confidence the toddlers are coming and I know that a lot of people basically skipped that stage so I get why they chose it to leave out. I don’t own it, I played it at my sister’s house who does. But once the toddler expansion comes out I imagine I will be getting it.

    • Wow, thanks for taking the time to read this mess of a post and actually comment on it 😀 I’ll do my best to make a thorough reply.

      1. I clearly haven’t done my research. Thanks for pointing that out 🙂
      2. I know what you mean about TS3 faces looking either weird or boring. I kinda prefer sliders though, cause at least I know what the heck I’m doing! Since I’m not any good at this verson of CAS, I feel like all my Sims are gonna look the same until I really figure out how to manage it. That’s kinda what bothered me about it. But I can definitely see how it’s faster than in TS3.
      3. What I meant to say with the mirror is that it didn’t fulfill his wish. Sorry for the confusion!
      4. Wow, I didn’t really notice the things my Sims were actually talking about! I’ll have to pay more attention to that next time.
      5. I definitely see your point, I just think I’d prefer one meter. With Steelix and Zoe, their romantic bar was all the way up, because all they ever did was flirt with each other and kiss and stuff, and whenever I’d get them to just chat or something, one of them had to go to work or cook dinner or something, and it just really bugged me that their friendship bar was so low…
      6. I haven’t played around with any of the aspirations aside from the kids’ and Zoe’s, so I’m not really familiar with the leady-ness yet, but I’m glad they’re fixing it! I’m really not a fan of simulation games telling you exactly what to do. By the way, what do you even get from fulfilling these aspirations? Is there a LTH system like in TS3?
      7. Haha, yeah. Negative “moodlets” just annoy me. I want my Sims to be happy!
      8. I’m kind of an impatient person when it comes to Sims babies, cause I want them RIGHT NOW DAMMIT. So I didn’t appreciate the 20 hour labor. But I can definitely see your point. It’s nice that they’re not just standing around moaning in pain and making every other Sim in the area freak out.
      9. The kids really are cute! I didn’t include it in the post, but the oldest boys became partners in crime, and they’d plan a prank for school every day. I really liked that.

      Overall, I did like the game, it’s just not my favorite in the series…it’s nice to hear other people’s opinions about it after months of avoiding ruining my first moments with the game. I’m also glad you’re not one of those people who’s gonna get super mad at me for not worshiping it!

      I hope you’re right about the toddlers coming, although I almost feel like it’s a little cheap of them to withhold it in the base game only to make toddlers a whole new expansion or DLC or something. I remember Kelly K-Popp talking about it when she first heard the news, and she thought that they might have been holding the toddlers for ransom or something. Like, you want them? Give us $20! Maybe they genuinely thought people wouldn’t care and once they saw the reaction, they decided to put them in later. But I almost just feel like they’re being cheap…also, I didn’t even notice there wasn’t a family tree! What was I doing to not notice something like that? Haha, I truly am a great Simmer, huh?

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and opinions with me, and for allowing me to share mine as well. Hope you have a great day!

  2. I loved this, especially since I missed my chance to check it out myself. So many others have either loved or hated it, so I liked that you showed what you did and didn’t like. And myself, I agree a lot with you, and some with Zefie too – especially about the leading aspirations thing. Seems too focused on that and not enough on actually playing the game, just letting our little simmies live.

    I’ve tried the TS4 CAS demo, and hated it. Even trying to make my own simself was such a struggle. The body was okay, but the face is so hard to change. Everytime I tried to do something it would go red, as if it was at the far end of the slider…except we no longer have sliders. And I’m still not sold on the looks – even when I finally did get the sim looking slightly like me, she looked way too glamorous and plasticky. Do not like the cartoony graphics, they feel like such a step down from TS3. Maybe that will help the game run better, but I’m still disappointed in how the overall game looks.

    Anyway, thanks for the insights! Maybe I’ll get the game if it’s only sale one day – or bundled with another, as you said. For now, I’m loving TS3, and $80AUD is just way too much to spend on a game I don’t even know if I’ll play much.

    • Thanks for reading this! I definitely agree, the graphics are far too cartoony…the game does run really smoothly though, so maybe it does help. I can’t really get attached to these Sims though, because the cartoony graphics don’t allow for a whole lot of expression…it’s definitely wise to hold off buying it at least until it goes on sale. $80 is definitely far too much!

  3. I have to agree with a lot of what you said here. TS4 does have it’s plus points and even has toddlers now but I still don’t like it as much as TS3 or even TS2. I did start a legacy with TS4 but I am undecided if I am going to continue it.

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