3.14: A Prom to Remember

Hey guys, welcome to a new chapter of the Kanto legacy! Sorry it’s been a while. My only excuse is school. In the last chapter, all the toddlers grew up into children. Now let’s jump right into the action, shall we?


Klink: So, my darling girl, how does it feel to finally be a child?

Altaria: Feels great! ~shoves second piece of cake down her throat~


Tari immediately makes a play for the easel, trying desperately to live up to the artistic genes this family is known for.

Altaria: I shall draw my darling Squirtle! With this offering, he’s sure to love me!


Kyo-kun prefers more logical activities. He practically sprinted to the chess table.


Shinx had a part time job for a while. I typically leave him on free will though, and he was about to kill himself with stress, so I let him quit.

Shinx: Freedom at last!


Pidove decided to do her homework. Outside her school. In the snow. My Sims are so smart…


On the bright side…Nowny!

Unown: ‘Sup.

ghostly alien baby

Violet recently gave birth to a little ghost-alien baby named Barry.


And then they promptly got engaged. Yay!


Squirtle: Ugghh! I hate calculus…why did you talk me into taking this class, sis?

Azelf: Because I wanted to see you suffer, dearest brother.

She’s starting to remind me of Minccino a little bit…


To add to her evil vibe, Aza booby traps the shower.

Azelf: Mwahaha! Whoever uses this death trap next won’t know what hit him!


And then she goes and makes food for the family.

Azelf: The fridge must be well-stocked with healthy food and not just cake all the time, you know.

Stop it, Aza. You’re sending the readers mixed signals.


Squirtle: ~does absolutely nothing~



Phione: This school thing is really hard…

Pidove: Tell me about it…


Altaria: Someday, Squirty 2.0, you and I will be married.


Aza’s still working on her painting skill. I think she’s at a seven or eight here. If you didn’t remember, her LTW is to master three different skills.


Joey’s pretty useless most of the time…and since I don’t really think he’ll be fulfilling his LTW, I’m just making him do whatever needs to be done around the house.


Shameless showboating from darling Kyo-kun.

Kyogre: I get the least amount of screentime, but I’m clearly the king of the house!

I think you get more screentime than poor Bobo.


Between raising six kids and mastering two skills, Klinky’s pretty burnt out.

Klink: I need a vacation…


Pidove interrupted Aza’s painting, but someone interrupted her interrupting.

Pidove: Ewww, a ghost!


Hey now, that’s Bronzong you’re talking to! Although he has stayed well past his welcome…resetsim.

Bronzong: Hey, wait! There’s no internet in the afterlife!…


Pidove: Kiss me!!!

Squirtle: MMMPPHH…

WOAH. WOAH. WOAH. Stop right there! She was about to spring autonomous woohoo on him! That could have been a disaster…


Looks like Tari got booby trapped.

Altaria: That sister of mine will pay…Squirtle will hear about this!!!

I think he’s a bit preoccupied at the moment…


Today is Snowflake Day, so Joey was tasked with inviting over the friends and family.

Joe: Hey, party at the legacy house. Will there be cake? Ummm…no? What do you mean you can’t come?


I guess Klink and Emelie didn’t know each other yet. He heart farted over her.

Stahp it Emily

And she promptly sent him a love letter. C’mon, you guys. Your children are going to get married. Maybe.


Before the party, I pile the family up in a taxi and ship them out to the festival.

Kantos: ~hiss~ Sunlight!!!

C’mon, it’s good for you.


Aza heads for the snowboarding ramp.


A rare shot of Bobo actually playing with his IF. I don’t even remember its name…

Wobbuffet: I just don’t want to partake in these so-called “family activities.”


I can’t believe you tried to deflower by baby!!!

Pidove: Shut up and let me eat my snowcone.


Squirtle: She…she kissed me…she KISSED me. ME.

Shut up and eat your snowcone…


Kyo-kun decided he’s had enough of the winter festival, despite doing absolutely nothing, and bikes home on his own.


Tari stood around for hours, looking at all the activities, but never joining in.

Altaria: What should we do today, Squirty? Still deciding? Ok. We can wait a while longer.


Squirtle: I don’t know about this whole skating thing…what if I fall and make an ass out of myself in front of my prom date?…


Pidove: He’s so cute when he’s anxious.

These two both rolled a wish to spin with each other, so I sent them over to the skating rink. Then I remembered that she’s an IF and skating apparently doesn’t work with them either…sad face…


Eventually, all the Kantos got sick of the outdoors, so they all went back home.

Klink: Feels good to sit at the computer desk for hours on end again.


You know, Phio, you could’ve done some cool, sporty stuff at the festival.

Phione: The festival is gross! There are people there! When I work out, I want it to be in the comfort of my own home!

I swear…these Sims…


Kyo-kun rolled up the wish to discover a potion, so I let him take over the chemistry set in Nowny’s old room. I’m getting a very quirky, geek vibe from this kid.

Kyogre: ~sing-songy~ Discovering a potion, a potion, a potion. Discovering a potion, whatever it may be.


Tonight’s the prom, meaning the teens are going to miss the gift giving party. Oh well, they’ll still have fun. Here’s Aza’s dress. I think it’s gorgeous.


Squirtle seems excited.

Squirtle: I get to dance with my uncle’s hot imaginary friend. The one who also kissed. Me. Remember that?

Yes…I remember…

Squirtle: Yeah…I wanna do that again!

Keep those hormones in check, boy!


Just as the teens were leaving, the party guests started to arrive.


Joe: Oh no, party guests…what if they don’t like our house?…what if they think our party is lame?…what if…

Just shut up and go greet them, Joey.


Nowny! Oh, and a homewrecker. STAY AWAY FROM KLINK.


Random Chick: Hello. I’m your obligatory party crasher. Have some free food πŸ˜€

Phione: I approve.


Joe: But I wanted to sit there, daughter!

Phione: Daddy, when you have a spectacular body such as mine, you can sit anywhere you want.

Altaria: Boo! Nobody likes ghosts!

Emelie: Where’s that hunky head of the household?

Kyogre: Can I just go back to my room?…

We’re off to a great start already…


Bobo is the first to open up a present.


Wobbuffet: I got a teddy. What a suitable present for my age group. Clearly I received such a gift because I’m so adorable and awesome.


Next up is Phio.

Kyogre: Daddy…can I have a bedtime story?

Klink: Quiet, Kyo! We’re doing Christmas!


Kyogre: Fine…I guess I’ll just hover in the background till everyone’s done…

Phione: A gnome? Really? Who gives a ten year old a gnome?


Violet: So, I hear you like painting.

Phione: Quiet, lady. I’m trying to see what daddy gets.


Joe: The contents of this present are about to be made known to the world…must proceed with caution…

Altaria: C’mon daddy, don’t disappoint us. The Kantos are winning Christmas this year!

Kyogre: Maybe uncle Nowny will read me a story?

Unown: Forget it, kid. This is too intense…


Joe: …..

Cerulean Children: ~shame and outrage~


Klinky didn’t fair much better.

Klink: What are you talking about? An umbrella is a very practical gift, especially for the coming spring.


Bobo got to go again.

Wobbuffet: Another age appropriate gift. I’m sure we will have much fun with this in the coming spring. Am I lucky or what?

Kyogre: Aunty Vi? Will YOU read me a story?

Violet: Ummm…I’m a ghost! You can’t see me! WOOOOOO.


Phione: I got a bear, too!

Wobbuffet: My bear’s better than your bear!

Phione: My bear’s twice the size that yours is!


Altaria: BOOO. Uncle Nowny sucks!

Hey now…be nice. I ❀ Nowny…


Phione: Isn’t this better than sitting around in desks all day, dear brother?

Wobbuffet: Quiet, sis. I’m about to snag my third present of the night.


Wobbuffet: You just like taking pictures of me, don’t you?


Phione: Look outside. Somebody’s here.


It’s Cheryl Slymer. The prom must be finished.


And here’s Herbert. ILU.

Prom 1

But they already had their first kiss…oh well. This is cute.

Prom 2

Prom 3

Prom 4

So, Shinx is like her backup plan. She’s hanging around with him, waiting for her crush to notice her.

Prom 5

What’s with the hate for this poor Ethan kid?

Prom 6

I said yes. They can date for the time being, but if he’s voted to be heir, they have to break up.

Prom 7

Prom 8

Prom 9

The prom royalty has been decided! I figured Squirts would get it, seeing as he’s so popular. I’m a bit surprised about Pidove though. Aza will not be pleased…

Prom 10

Prom 11

Prom 12

Prom 13

Prom 14

Prom 15

Poor nerdy classmate…I hope it was Ethan, getting his revenge.

Prom 16

Prom 17

Prom 18




All in all, it was a successful night, and one that none of the Kantos will soon forget.

That’s the end of the chapter, everybody. Thanks so much for reading, and hopefully it won’t be as big a gap between chapters next time. Remember, the heir poll is up, so if you’re ready to vote, go ahead and do that. If you’re still deciding, that’s ok too. There’s still plenty more Kanto nonsense to go before a decision must be made. Have a great day everybody, and happy Simming!

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4 thoughts on “3.14: A Prom to Remember

  1. LMAO at Pidove’s “winter” outfit of a singlet with gloves. That’s definitely going to keep her warm!

    Though they have different skintones, Bobo and Phione look very similar, and I keep confusing them! Hopefully they’ll look more different as teens. Altaria is still my fave though πŸ™‚

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