3.13: Growing Pains

Hey guys, welcome to another chapter of the Kanto legacy! In the last chapter, we turned two imaginary friends real! Pidove, IF of Unown, and Shinx, IF of Azelf, were welcomed to the family! With that being said, let’s begin a new chapter!


We start right off with birthdays for our middle children. Bobo is up first.

Klink: Finally, two less toddlers!


Klink’s not the only excited one.


Our Pewter boy wastes no time bringing his daughter to the cake as well.


She soon joins her “twin” in the derpy pre-sparkle dance.


Gaining eco-friendly, Bobo gracefully enters childhood. He’s super cute! Not a huge fan of the trait, though…


And here is little Phio, gaining athletic. She’s also really cute, though maybe not quite as cute as Bobo. I do prefer her trait, though.


Tari couldn’t care less about her siblings’ birthdays. She’s a little busy.

Altaria: ~in manly voice~ Oh, Altaria, will you marry me?

Altaria: YES, BIG BROTHER! I thought you’d never ask!




Here’s the twins’ room. I used their new traits to decorate. As you can see, we have a mix of sporty stuff for Phio and nature for Bobo. Hope they like it.


I also bought the family a soccer goal. Can’t really use it right now, though.


Someone wasn’t watching the babies well enough.


Or the IFs. I woke him up and made him take Tari inside.


Aza was assigned to toddler skilling duties so that we don’t have a kanto-sicle on our hands.


Klinky interrupts so he can hold her. She throws a tantrum. She really does hate everyone but her brother…


Poor Nowny’s tired of this crazy household. He’s had the wish to move out since he turned YA. Finally, I obliged.

Unown: Yes, I need a taxi. I’m moving out!


He SPRINTS out of the house. Bye, Nowny! I’ll miss you!

nowny in love

official relationship

Nowny Babies

He’s doing pretty well for himself out there in the world. I got these three pop ups right after he left the lot. Expect Nowny babies soon!


It’s kinda cool that all three of our sets of twins are different ages. For a few days, at least.


Bobo’s struggling getting used to life as a child.

Wobbuffet: Gross, I just took a shower and I still smell like diaper…


Pidove seems to have it bad for Squirtle. She rolled the wish to go to prom with him. So…

Pidove. Hey, Squirts. I was wondering…will you go with me to the prom?


Squirtle: You…wanna go with me? Ummm…sure…yeah…

Pidove: Great…


Squirtle and Pidove: ~awkward giggling~

Did not actually expect that to work.


Squirtle: Hey, how’s my coolest uncle doing? Ummm, I’m kinda going out with your imaginary friend…is that ok? It is? Great!

Squirts, you do realize that if you’re voted heir, you can’t marry her, right? She’s just too face one.

Squirtle: Shut up. Let me have this moment.



These two continue to do cute toddler things. They’re all trained up now, so it’s just a waiting game at this point.


Pidove: Can I talk to you Aza? See, I think I’m in love with your brother…but if he becomes heir, I won’t ever get a ring from him…maybe they’ll let me stay around as his concubine?

Azelf: Look, I really don’t wanna hear about my twin brother’s sex life…


It seems that Phio continues this family’s tradition of doing homework outside. In the snow.


And Bobo continues the tradition of eating outside. Without a coat on…


I left these two alone for two seconds and Pidove’s already gotten on Aza’s last nerve.

Azelf: Look kid, I don’t care. I do not want to hear about my brother’s “sexy midriff” or his “perfectly round butt.” And I especially don’t want to hear you say that he’s going to be heir. Because he isn’t. That’ll be me. Now get out of my sight, you little slut.

Wobbuffet: Wow…big sis is scary…


Yelling at Pidove took so much out of Aza that she had to go replenish her brain power.


Squirtle: Heh. I’m popular 😀


He really is. His baby siblings love him.

Phione: Big brother, will you read me a bedtime story?


Squirtle: Sure, kid. But then you have to go to sleep.

Phione: Yes! Thanks bro!


Wobbuffet: But I wanted a bedtime story…


Bobo could get a story from his big sister…but everyone’s too afraid to talk to her right now, less they face her wrath.


As adorable as this is, I really wish they would use their own beds…


Shinx finally does something useful.

Shinx: Long devision? What the heck is that? Your “math” escapes me…

Not that he’s too great at it.


Azelf has an encounter with her great uncle’s ghost.

Azelf: Get it away from me!

Brain: ~sobs~ Why do all you Kantos hate me?…


Azelf: Must…wash off…ghost germs…


It’s cake for breakfast for the Kantos. And the IFs learn of Squirtle’s pyromania.

Squirtle: Have you ever danced with flames in the cold moonlight?

Pidove: Isn’t he dreamy?

Shinx: ….


Klinky takes a moment to relax. We have a big event coming.


Birthday time! No, I’m not aging them up early. It’s just that nothing significant has really happened these last few days to document. Anyways, on with the birthdays!


Here’s Altaria, gaining the frugal trait. She is definitely Joe’s daughter. She’s not bad looking, but  I do hope she grows into those features.


Kyo-kun’s turn! No more babies in the house!


Tari doesn’t wait around to watch her brother age up before she’s stuffing her face with cake.


Here’s our boy, aging up ever so eloquently. He gained the snob trait.

And that’s where we’re ending things, folks! I’m going to post the heir poll right after this. It might be open for a while, since I don’t know how much time I’m going to have for posting once I go back to school tomorrow, so don’t feel like you need to vote straight away. Just know that it will be out and you can start thinking about your choice now. Thanks for reading, guys, and I hope you all have a wonderful day! Happy Simming!

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3 thoughts on “3.13: Growing Pains

  1. Man, Phione’s short hair and non-girly clothes keep making me double take. I forget that she’s a girl. But she is a cutie, as are the other twins. I cannot believe Klink had 3 sets of twins, that’s crazy.

    Hopefully the kids will get more interesting as they grow up, not sure who to vote for just yet. The only ones I feel like I know are Altaria and Squirtle, but don’t love anyone outright.

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