Hey guys! Welcome back to another chapter of the Kanto legacy. Last time, Altaria developed a creepy crush on her older brother, but other than that, nothing really significant occurred. Can we actually accomplish something this time? Let’s find out!



We start out with some toddler skilling with our newest twins.


All this is interrupted when the lovely Violet Slymer comes for a visit


She floats right on into the house like she owns the place.


She then moans and complains about our many whining babies. Nobody forced you to come here, you know.


After initially being brushed off by his brother-in-law, Joe’s been making more and more attempts to win him over. It seems to be working. They’re friends now.


Meanwhile, Violet continues her unauthorized tour of the house.

Violet: I know he’s meant for my children, but break me off a piece of that!

Squirtle: What’s with all this sexual harassment lately?…

What can I say? You’re hot.


After thoroughly creeping out Squirts, Violet finally settles onto the couch to watch TV. And there she stays. For a while, at least.


In the hallway, our youngest boys bond.

Kyogre: Big brother, you and I probably have the lowest chance of becoming heir. Wanna form an alliance against our siblings?


Wobbuffet: Sure, I’m up for that!


Unbeknownst to her brothers’ conspiring, Tari innocently plays with her IF.

Altaria: I’ve named him Squirty 2.0! If my beloved chooses not to be with me, I’ll still have a backup plan!

Well, at least now she has an outlet for her affections.


Snobby Azelf likes to check herself out in the mirror. A lot.

Azelf: Hmmm…what can I do to make myself look more sexy?

Violet: So this is the other one, huh? The boy is twice as hot as this string bean.

Azelf: Bitch, I’m fabulous!!!


At least someone around here is doing something useful. Little Phio is the only one of these toddlers who willingly make a play for skilling toys.

Phione: I’m a good girl. Make me heir?

We’ll see.


This picture commemorates the completion of another novel for Klink.


Well, this is strange. Throughout the writing process, when Klink would send in chapters, I kept getting pop ups saying that this book was going extremely well. Oh well, we all have some flops.

Screams Like a Little Girl

And we all have some major successes, too!


Nowny and I were both screaming like little girls when this finally happened.


Nowny’s IF, named Pidove, is the first test subject. First, we have to actually let her out of his inventory.


Welcome to the world, Pidove.


Now for some schmoozing so we can actually get the option of “offer to turn real.”


It doesn’t take too long before we hand her the potion.


This is only the second IF I’ve turned real. Ever.


Joey pretends not to notice his new BFF talking to himself on the other side of the room.


Tada! Everyone welcome the first real Kanto IF!

Her traits are brooding, nurturing, supernatural fan, and great kisser.


Her first task is to sign up for school. I don’t remember which one I sent her to. Art school, maybe?


Azelf: You gonna turn your imaginary friend real, bro?

Squirtle: Maybe. It might keep our sister out of my hair…you?

Azelf: I haven’t decided. Who knows if he’ll even been good enough for me.

Squirtle: Sis, with that attitude, nobody’s good enough for you.


Pidove rolled the wish to fish, so I took her out to the fishing hole and promptly forgot about her.


At this point, both the eldest Cerulean children have rolled their LTWs. While Squirtle wants to be a professional author, Aza would like to be a Renaissance Sim, mastering three skills. Painting will obviously be one of them, since she’s already so high in that skill. Logic is the second skill, so she sits down to play a game of chess. Her skilling is soon interrupted, though.


We have IFs to turn real.


It takes much less schmoozing to convince Shinx to turn real.


Soon, he’s downing the potion and glowing with pride.


Here he is in all his glory. Strangely, even though Azelf is much younger than Unown, Shinx is significantly older than Pidove.

Anyways, he is a snobby, absent minded artist who can sleep through almost anything.

Squirtle apparently didn’t play with his IF much, because he couldn’t even let his out of his inventory. That’s ok though, less Sims to cause lag, I suppose.


Kyogre: Can we bring the attention back where it belongs, please?

Ok, I can take a hint. Enough about the IFs. Let’s see what the rest of the Kantos are up to.


Joey tries to make friends with his step kids. They could really care less about him.


Pidove finally came home on her own. I forgot about her for hours. Sorry!


Since Kyo-kun was feeling so lonely, Klink came to the rescue. Unfortunately, the tantrums didn’t stop. This is a whiny child…

Kyogre: All I want is to be fed!!! Why will nobody listen to meeeeee????

Klink: What did I bring into this world?…


Squirts meets the new addition to the house for the first time.

Squirtle: Hey, new girl. You’re kinda hot.

Pidove: Teehee…when can I go to bed with him?

Ummm…never? Mainly because you’re his uncle’s IF?


Shinx seems somewhat befuddled by his life as a real boy.




All the screaming babies certainly don’t help.


Klinky comes to the rescue and tends to his children.


This gives Shinx the chance to steal Klink’s easel start painting his masterpiece.


He was soon set to other tasks.

Shinx: C’mon, Tari. Walk to me. You can do it.


Altaria: I don’t know who you are, but you are not my big brother! I will never walk to you!


Nowny has much better luck with Kyo-kun.

Unown: I appreciate the enthusiasm, kid, but could you please stop impaling me with your hand?

Welp, this is where we’re ending things for the day. Thank you all so much for reading, and have a fabulous New Years day!!!

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