3.11: An Ode to Babies

Hey guys! Time for a new chapter of the Kanto legacy! Last time, our beloved Bronzong passed away, and two new babies were born. This makes Cerulean a six baby generation! What chaos will all these children cause? Let’s find out!


What are you up to, Joey? All alone in the graveyard in the middle of the night?

Joe: EWWWW!! Get that thing away from me!!


That’s no way to talk to your mother-in-law, Joey. And besides, what did you expect? This is the family cemetery, after all.


Oh, look. Bronzong’s out and about too. I feel really awful about this, but in all the excitement between his death and having the babies, I forgot to move his tombstone out to the cemetery…don’t worry though, I moved it after this.


Would you look at that. All three of our ghosts are out and about tonight. This can only lead to disaster.


Squirtle: Just focus, Squirts. Ignore the flock of ghosts hovering about the room…gotta finish this novel tonight…


As you can see, things did not work out for Squirtle’s novel.


He decided to take his frustrations at the situation out on poor Red.





Meanwhile, in baby land, glitches are happening.


Klinky is quite ecstatic to be a father.

Klink: Can we just give one of these things away? I mean, c’mon…I have four kids already…

Quite ecstatic indeed.


Phio excitedly noms on her toys.


That is, until Klink comes along and sweeps her away. Someone is daddy’s clear favorite…


Squirtle gets back to his novel writing, presumably using his ghostly encounter as a point of reference.


Aza, on the opposite end of the artistic spectrum, absorbs herself in her painting.


Herbert: Trick or treat.

Oh, right. Today was Spooky Day.


Herbert here is the first trick-or-treater I’ve had in Sims. Ever. I can’t imagine why.

Herbert: I’ve been standing out here for hours…candy please?…


We eventually sent someone out to give him some treats. I don’t think he’ll be coming back over here for a while…


How about no, Joey?


I love having an alien around. So convenient.



One last picspam of the two toddlers before they are joined by two more.


That’s right, it’s birthday time already. First up is Kyogre.


Unown: Yay! You go, nephew!


Here’s our little boy. And he definitely has some interesting genetics.


Let’s see how if his sister shares his fine features.


Yupp, she definitely got the MacDuff genes, too.


Little Kyo goes straight for the cars, spending a bit of quality time with his older brother.


Tari plucks out her IF and begins making friends.


Then, trying to be a good big brother, Squirtle sweeps in and changes things completely…

Altaria: Wow…my brother is a hunk!

Squirtle: Ummm….


Wobbuffet: Must hide from new siblings…


Klink: So, I saw that Herbert kid come by the other day. He could be your legacy spouse, you know. Maybe you should start working your magic…

Azelf: Daaaadddd….I’m trying to do my homework…


Don’t be fooled by this picture. These Cerulean babies are never happy.






Even our resident ghosts can’t stand their constant screaming.


Azelf: Shut up already, you little brat!

Altaria: You are not my precious brother. Put me down this instant!


Eventually, we got around to some toddler training. After the crying stopped, of course.

Squirtle: Why do I have to do this?…nothing good will come from this…


Klink: Awww, how cute. My children are bonding.

Not in the way you’d hope, Klinky…


Altaria: I love you, big brother!!!

Squirtle: I love you too, baby sis.

Altaria: Yay! We’re gonna get married!

Squirtle: Not like that!!! Uggghh!

Weeelll…on that note, I think I’m going to end this update. I’m sorry if Altaria’s creepy love for her brother disturbs you. I certainly do not condone incest. I just write what the pictures tell me, you know? Also, I’m sorry that this update isn’t very good. I’m not on my A-game today. I hope the next chapter will be better. Thank you guys so much for reading, and happy holidays!

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4 thoughts on “3.11: An Ode to Babies

  1. Whee, so excited for this legacy to be back! The constant ghost reactions are so annoying, especially when sims are woken up by ghosts in their room – you were asleep, how do you even know the ghost is there??

    Wow, four toddlers, good luck! At least you have some teens in the house to help with the skilling. Altaria and Squirtle are hilarious, but also sort of creepy. Hopefully Altaria will learn about appropriate love in time.

    Can’t wait to see what the kids look like when they grow up, MacDuff genetics are certainly interesting.

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  4. Well, I used to read another Pokémon Rainbowcy like this one, where the Cerulean Generation heiress actually went to prom with her older sister. Then she married an elder that was aged down via Youth Potion.

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