3.10: Goodbye, Viridian City

Hey guys, I’m back with another chapter of the Kanto legacy! Last time, the Pewters got pregnant again and our newborn twins aged up into toddlers. Also, we had a really crappy sleepover. What hijinks will ensue today? Let’s find out!


Before we really get started, I’d like to point out that Joe’s ex-wife sent us a wedding gift. From the afterlife. She’s been dead for a good twenty or more Sim days.

Helen: HOW DARE YOU MOVE ON, YOU MAN WHORE! Hope you enjoy these teeth. They won’t bite you or anything…

Riiight…moving onto the chapter now…


We start out with some speaking lessons from Unown.

Unown: Listen up, kid. I’m gonna teach you about mortality. See, one of these days, we all die. And then ol’ Grimmy takes us away to the afterlife. And you never know when you’re gonna die, either. It could creep up right under our noses….

Ummmm, morbid much?


Phione: All this talk of ghosts gives me an eerie feeling…something’s about to go down…



Bronzong: I feel kinda funny…


Bronzong: Well shit.

No…I’m not ready for this….


Poor little Nowny was the first to realize what was happening. He took it hard. He was very close with his father.

Unown: ~sobs~ B…but why?…why did this happen?…he’s too old to die!!!


Joe: I didn’t know you all that well yet, but you were really cool, Mr. K. Why’d you have to die?…


Bronzong picked a really inconvenient place to die, so Grimmy had to spawn in the dining room.

Grim: Why can’t you Sims die in a big open field or something? 


Klink: My daddy’s dying, and I can’t even get into the room to see him…

Grim: Would you mind getting out of the way so I can reap the dead man? 


The twins got home from school just in time to witness the tragic event.

Squirtle and Azelf: Grandpa?….


Unown: ~weeps uncontrollably~


Because of poor pathing, Bronzong, like his wife before him, didn’t get a proper goodbye. He went straight to his urn. Goodbye, my first heir. You were a wonderful, interesting Sim even into your elder years, and things will not be the same without you.


Grim: One of these days, Kantos, you won’t get off so easily. 

I wasn’t prepared for this, guys…when he first reached the end of his lifebar, I was really cautious cause I figured it’d be any day. But he lasted so long that I just figured he’d keep on trucking for a while. He lived a long life though, dying at 107 Sim days.


Klink: I’m hungry…but my dad just died, so I would feel guilty eating right now…oh, what to do?…


Aza’s taking the death pretty hard, even if she wasn’t that close to Bronzong.

Azelf: Oh, grandpa, why’d you have to die?…


Squirts, ever the man, chooses to keep his emotions locked up and put on a brave face.

Squirtle: I’m crying on the inside.


Klink makes dinner for everyone, still bawling like a baby.


And then I got sick of all the whining, so I used the moodlet manager Bronzong managed to get for us before he passed, and had Klink cure everyone. Insensitive? Maybe, but we have skills to learn and toddlers to train, plus we don’t want our new babies to end up with crappy traits, do we? For some reason, both Unown and Joe were unable to be cured, so they’ll still be moping about, but everyone else should be ok now.


Joe: Oh, Mr. K, why’d you have to leave?…

Do shut up. You didn’t even know him, really.


Aza manages to get her homework done despite all the chaos in the house right now.


And Klink manages to begin teaching Phio to walk. Good thing the younger twins are still toddlers, otherwise they’d be all depressed too.



Squirtle: Ummm….there, there?


Having the nursery on the second floor was a bad idea…little Bobo keeps sitting right here on the steps so nobody can get to him…

Wobbuffet: Try putting me on that stupid potty now!


We do eventually get him to cooperate, and we commence the walking.



No, seriously. Stop.


Throughout all this madness, Squirtle thinks he can sneak away and play video games when he still has homework to do.


We put a stop to that immediately.


Aza still likes to check herself out.

Azelf: My nails look pretty fab for just having changed a diaper.



Wobbuffet: I are cute. Give me more screen time.


Klinky was eating a late dinner, when suddenly…

Klink: Something with this grilled cheese just isn’t sitting right with me…


Klink: That is definitely not the sandwich….


Joe: I sense babies…


Well, baby. Singular. Her name is Altaria.


She was born clumsy and hydrophobic.


We interrupt this programming to bring you…


Squirtle: Don’t hurt me….I’m too young to die…

Stay away from my baby!


Zombie: Brains, brains?


Oh, looks like it’s labor time for Joe.


Unown: It’s also my birthday!

Wait, what?


Azelf: Woohoo! You age up, uncle Nowny!

Seriously? That’s inconvenient…


Joe: Hey, what about me? The man giving birth?

Oh, right. Carry on.


Joe gave birth to baby Kyogre.


Kyo was born good and with a hatred of the outdoors. That means all three of our Cerulean boys were born good. Two out of three of the girls were born artistic. Great randomization, huh?


And finally, we have adult Unown. He aged up lucky, making him a lucky loner who loves to read and hang around outdoors in the heat. He wants to be a world reknowned surgeon.

That’s where we’re ending things for today, guys. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

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4 thoughts on “3.10: Goodbye, Viridian City

  1. Oh no, Bronzong. 😦 We will miss you. Thank goodness you didn’t have an child-aged sims, they get the mourning moodlet but can’t be moodlet managed. I have never actually used the MM all that much – I often forget it’s there when actually playing. Maybe I should look into it more.

    Did you roll all the traits for the babies, or were they assigned by the game? If the game assigns even one, they’re often the same traits as their parents – maybe that’s why the boys are all good?

    • That could be why they’re all good. I know all the kids this gen were born with one trait locked in and got to roll the other. I used to write down which were rolled and which weren’t, but I stopped doing that after Viridian gen. I should probably start that again…but I bet they all had good locked in, so you’re probably right. Thanks for the tip 🙂

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