World Search

Hello everyone, I mentioned in a previous chapter that I may need to move the Kantos into an unpopulated, or at least very scarcely populated world, at least until I get a new laptop. Well, I’m on the search for custom worlds that are small in size, preferably not populated, and don’t include World Adventures, Late Night, Island Paradise, Into the Future, store content, or any stuff packs. I did think about using Isle of the Midnight Sun, and I could always turn this into a legacy/midnight sun challenge using either Squirtle or Azelf. I’ll keep this under consideration. However, if any of you know of any nice custom worlds that might work for me for the time being, I’d really appreciate it if you’d tell me about them. Thank you guys so much for being so understanding of my technical difficulties. Have a great evening, and happy Simming! 


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