3.6: In Which Nothing Happens

Hello everybody, welcome to another chapter of the Kanto legacy. Last time, we had to replay some parts, we met Stacie, the girl who was supposed to be a new love interest for Klink but instead fancied Bronzong. Unown went to prom and got himself a girlfriend. The “twins” aged up into children, and Bronzong finally completed his lifetime wish! This time, as the title says, not much of anything significant will happen…OR WILL IT? Let’s find out.


The alien children gather outside to do their homework like the logical people they are.


Squirtle prefers to do his in the comfort of his room. A Sim actually using a desk I provide for them? Shocker.


Bronzong’s still painting wonderful works of art such as this.


And yes, he’s still every bit as insane as he once was.


Bronzong: Stay back, you hideous creature!

Gala: But honey buns, I just want a hug…it gets lonely in the afterlife with only Grim and that Brain fellow…

Bronzong: Back, I say!


Squirtle: Woah, is that my grandma’s ghost?

Why, yes. Yes it is.

Squirtle: Way cool.

I almost forgot he never got to meet her.


Mail Lady: How dare those Kantos overlook me as a potential mate! What’s that  Stacie chick got that I don’t got? Well if they won’t give me a try, I’m going to…throw their mail on the ground! That’ll teach them!

Sorry hun, but you should know that we wouldn’t be looking at Stacie either if she wasn’t Rocio’s replacement.


Is our little Aza going insane like her grandpa? Given the Sims she lives with every day, that’s not surprising.

free vacation

I decided to let the adults go have fun for a couple of days. Bronzong’s finished with his LTW, Klink is over halfway done with both writing and painting, and Nowny’s a good kid. I think he can handle his niece and nephew for a while.


Unown: Awww yeah, I could get used to this.

Sorry bud, I’ve got other plans for you.


Like inviting over your new girlfriend.


They get their flirt on right away.


Squirtle spends his day without parents watching TV in his room.


Aza decides to paint. I approve of her choice of activities, but I wish she would’ve done a small one instead.


It doesn’t take these two too long to share their first kiss.


Squirtle wanted to get attention from mom and socialize with a supernatural, so I killed two birds with one stone and had him call her up for a chat. They’re probably discussing plans for how he will take over the legacy.


While he’s not paying attention, Ellen snags Squirtle’s beanbag and watches his TV.


Squirtle: That bitch.


Since Unown has potions and Aza has paintings, I decided to start Squirtle on something useful to occupy his time. Since he reminds me of Green, I entitled his first novel, “How I Became Champion.”


I had to reset the lot because things were getting insanely glitchy, so the adults were forced back home a day early. I’m seriously thinking about plopping this family down in a completely empty town, such as the Isle of the Midnight Sun and bringing a few families with them, then making sure to have a very small maximum population in Story Progression. Maybe that would help with the extreme lag spikes and glitching happening with this family. I might wait until next generation. Or I might have to do it now. Depends on how things go from here.


Bronzong decided to use his creative abilities in a different way and started spray painting the house. I’ve been letting him learn all the new skills he wants, because I’m afraid that if I’m not constantly occupying him, he’s going to die on me.


He’s a master already.


In the morning, Aza gets right back to her painting.


In the morning, Klink invites over two people: one a special friend for his father, and the other, a surprise for himself.


What is Joe MacDuff doing over here, you might ask? Well to be honest, after I had him and Klink skate together all those years ago, I’ve been shipping Kloe. Now that Klink is single, I thought we might as well give it a shot.


Stacie comes over as well, and introduces herself to Bronzong. I figured we may as well see if he likes her, since she was so keen on him the other night.


We didn’t get to make any progress with Joe, he had to get going.

Joe: But I wanted to stay and chat with my old friend…

Don’t worry, we’ll invite you back over after work.


To pass the time before Joe comes back over, Klink paints.

Tale of a Mockingbird

And he writes. This is his most successful book yet. No idea why I named it that.


Unown: Why does this little punk get to play on the computer while I have to do homework?

Squirtle: I’m writing a book, you moron! And besides, I’m the heir. I can do what I want.

Excuse me little man, you’re not the heir yet!

Squirtle: But I’m going to be.


Bronzong: Aren’t my grandchildren the cutest little buggers ever?

Stacie: Adorable. Now when do we get to make out?

Bronzong does not like Stacie

Bronzong: I will never make out with you! Have you no shame? I wouldn’t betray my dead wife like that!

Stacie: Ummm, ok then…I gotta go…

Since Bronzong clearly didn’t reciprocate her feelings, she left, giving Bronzong the change to do useful things.


Bronzong kept rolling wishes to paint murals all over the place, and I thought it would be funny if he want all crazy and covered his room with graffiti, so I made it happen.


Nowny chooses to ignore his father and shove his head into a book.


Joe finally arrives again, and seems to be mourning the loss of his first wife, Helen Hall. What? You say we’re taking advantage of him in a state of weakness? How dare you even insinuate such things!


This lazy bum is almost constantly playing video games or watching TV.


While dear little Aza is studiously working on her homework.


Neither are aware that their dad is gonna put the moves on this handsome fellow as soon as their friendship bar allows it.


And after he has his adult birthday.


What do you know. Nothing changed.

Unfortunately, this is the end of the chapter. Yes, I know it’s short, but right after this, my game froze. I’m just thankful it didn’t crash this time. I really wanna get this chapter out now, too, because this week is band camp, and I probably won’t have much free time. Then I have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off next week, and on Thursday, it’s freshman orientation, and I’m a link leader again so I have to be there. Basically, I’m gonna be a little bit busy for a while, and I wanted to get these last few screenshots up.

Random note: I was looking through the Kanto head shots, and I noticed something I probably should’ve realized before. Aside from the eye shape, Betty is a total face one! Considering my clone legacy and my constant desire to eradicate all face ones that pop up in my game, you’d think I would’ve noticed it by now. Luckily, Klink has more round eyes than a face one, and somehow his nose transformed itself a little bit, but he does have the lips. I’m a little bit peeved at myself for not figuring it out before. But at least now I’m aware, and I can work to get rid of those genes through the next seven generations. Well, thank you for reading this pathetic chapter and face one rant. Hope you guys have a great rest of the evening, and happy Simming!

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