3.5: Groundhog Day

Hello everyone, it’s time for another chapter of the Kanto legacy! Last time, Unown failed at life, the babies were cute, and Klink found this adorable girl named Rocio, who delivered his mail and stole his heart. And then my computer shut itself off, so the last part of that chapter became irrelevant. This time, we start from my last save point and see what changes.


The first change comes right away when Gala’s ghost makes an appearance.

Gala: I still got the moves!


Bronzong: Ewww, ectoplasm!!!


Unown: Is that my mother’s ghost trying to twerk to crappy pop music?

Why yes, yes it is.

Unown: ~is scarred for life~


This is Rocio’s replacement, Stacie. I tracked her down and cheated her over, just to see if it was the same girl with a different name. She has the same traits, same favorites, same last name, and even the same silly outfit as Rocio, but she isn’t the same Sim…


All the same, Klink goes out to greet her. Maybe she’ll be a compatible sign, which is one of his wishes. I do know her sign since I checked her traits and faves, but I have no clue what all’s “compatible.”


Stacie: I could get used to a house like this…


Following in his mother’s footsteps, Klink drags his guest over to the radio and they dance their hearts out.


Once they’d danced enough to become friends, she steps away and starts making faces. I don’t know, maybe we should keep her around. Her expressions are wacky enough to even rival Klinks…

Stacie: Is that…an alien?

Yes. He’s your new friend’s brother.

Stacie: That’s insane…


Welp, I guess their signs are not compatible. I don’t believe in that stuff anyways. According to astrology, my boyfriend and I are supposed to not get along at all, yet we’re called the “perfect couple” by, like, all our friends.


Klink starts to get his flirt on, and she seems pretty into it, so I decided to do something a bit crazy, just to see what would happen.




Stacie: What the hell was that? We JUST met! What kind of girl do you think I am?


Klink: That is…not what I expected to happen…


Klink: I’m really, really sorry Stacie, I didn’t mean to upset you…I just got caught up in the moment…


Stacie: Oh, it’s alright. No harm done, I guess. I mean, I am pretty hot, so I get why you’d wanna kiss me. I’m flattered.


No wonder she didn’t accept his kiss. Chick’s got a thing for Bronzong.

Stacie: I love a man who knows his way around a guitar…


Bronzong: Yupp, I’ve still got it.


Ladies and gentleman, this is the moment. Bronzong has finally completed his lifetime wish. I honestly didn’t think he’d make it, but it turns out he’s one of those elder Sims that just keep on trucking, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

22-THE MOMENT (it crashed...)

Bronzong: Told you I’ve still got it.

~saves game~

Computer: I don’t think so! ~shuts off~



Klink: I’m getting the strangest sense of deja vu…

I saved just a few Sim hours before the crash, so it doesn’t take too long to get caught back up.


Abby called Klink, probably to try and persuade him to take her back. He politely declined. Just like him to be nice about it. Usually when I have Sims hang up, they yell at the person on the other end.


Stacie is still very attracted to Bronzong.


I guess it’s ok though, as Klink doesn’t like her that much either. Maybe we should let Bronzong have some late in life romance with a much younger woman. What do you guys think? Does this old man deserve some last minute lovin’? Either way, Klink is still gonna make friends with her. The Kantos don’t get out much, so they don’t have that many friends.


Bronzong’s had the wish for quite a while now to paint portraits of his grandkids, and since he’s finished with his LTW now, he starts on Aza’s.


Klink: You should meet my son. He’s just the greatest kid you will ever meet. So adorable and smart. He’s gonna take control of this legacy one day.

Stacie: But what about that kid sitting on the floor there? The one with the funky eyes?


Klink: Oh, Aza? I adore my little princess! She is just the sweetest little girl. But that’s the thing. She’s a girl.

Stacie: And?

Klink: And…we haven’t had a girl heir yet?

Stacie: Maybe she’ll change that.

Klink: Yeah right, like anyone would vote for a female heir! Preposterous!


Azelf: Ummm, bro, could you maybe move out of the way? I gotta pee…

Squirtle: Naw, I think I’m good here. Thanks for asking though.

You know, he kinda reminds me of Green. He’s an asshole, but you love him all the same.


Aza’s portrait is complete. And now you see why I say Klink is the better artist.


Klink: Look at this video. Isn’t it funny? I think it’s hilarious. Isn’t it just the best? 😀


Stacie: Hehe, yeah…it’s great…is this guy for real?


Time to start on Squirtle’s portrait.


Klink: Guess what? My brother is filthy stinking rich!

Poochie is apparently rich now.

Huh. You don’t say. Judging by his house, I seriously wouldn’t have guessed that.


Brain’s ghost makes another appearance, although he’s not that interesting. He mostly just hangs out in the dining room and plays on the laptop he apparently has in the afterlife.

Baby Eliseo

Poochyena has another baby. Interesting name…


Do my eyes deceive me?


Unwon: I made a stink juice potion! Success!


He decided he wanted to plant it. In his room. Next to his bed. Which is sure not to backfire.

Unown: I am ever so sneaky~


The best laid plans…


I let these two halfheartedly flirt a little, but it doesn’t really mean anything. I don’t think she’s the right one for Klink. Although I might call her back over for Bronzong in the future…maybe…


After flirting a couple times, Stacie runs off. Maybe she remembers what happened the first go around and wants to escape before it can happen.

Stacie: Why do I get the feeling that if I don’t run, he’s going to kiss me?


Klink: Poor girl. Must be overwhelmed with my charms.

Yes, I’m sure that’s it.


Oh well. Baby steps.


Squirtle’s portrait is finished. It seems slightly better than Aza’s, but it’s still pretty awful.

Bronzong: I put my heart and soul into these paintings of my grandkids, dammit!


Nowny takes a break from potion making and watches some TV. I suppose it’s alright since he’s homeschooled now.


Afterwards, he calls up a kid he was friends with in elementary school. He may be a loner, but he needs friends too.


Somehow, I managed to get the brothers to the dining room table at the same time. Considering the wonky schedule Klink’s been on, this kind of amazes me. It will probably be the last time, so enjoy it while it lasts.


I completely forgot it was prom night! And Klink actually gets to go to his, unlike his older siblings.

Unown at prom 1

Unown at prom 2

Evidently, he is a fighter, not a lover.

Unown at prom 3

Although I guess it’s hard to be a lover when you get rejected.

Unown at prom 4

He rebounded pretty quickly.

Unown at prom 5

Unown at prom 6

I’m glad he got to have a nice night out.


This is his new love interest, Ellen Parra. She’s a babysitter. And she’s kind of adorable.


Back at home, it’s baby birthday time. First up is Aza.


She gained the “snob” trait, to go along with artistic and grumpy. And she’s still as adorable as ever, with possibly the slightest case of Bimple pox. It’s barely noticeable though.


Next up is Squirtle.


Squirtle: Hi, my name is Squirtle and I am completely flawless.

He aged up a couch potato to go along with good and grumpy. The nursery was converted into Aza’s room, and Squirtle was given Nowny’s room right next door. Nowny’s stuff was moved into the spare room on the other end of the house, because I wanted the “twins” to have rooms next to each other.


Our little artist gets right to painting. I’d say that puts her high in the heir running, as both of our heirs so far have loved to paint.


Squirlte gets them signed up for homeschooling, and then plays some computer games. With them out of the way, I can get their rooms set up.




This is Aza’s room, heavily inspired by her “snob” trait. She’s got a vanity so she can adore herself, a poster of the evil stepsisters, and some makeup even though she’s just a little kid. She also has her own easel so she won’t get in the way of her father’s LTW.




Screenshot-41 Here is Squirtle’s room, influenced by his “couch potato” trait. Yes, it is bigger than Aza’s, but not by a lot, and there’s not too much more stuff in his than in hers. I figured that a couch potato would like video games, and people who like video games are often nerds, so I went for the kind of geeky look with him too.


And in Unown’s new room, his prom picture has a new place of honor on his desk. He’s still so early on in his teen life bar that he’ll likely get another one, and maybe he’ll get to take his girlfriend with him next time.

This is where I’ll be ending things for today. I hope you guys have enjoyed this chapter, I know I enjoyed writing it. Have a good night, and happy Simming!

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4 thoughts on “3.5: Groundhog Day

  1. Ah, the neverending cycle of singed sims at the potion table. Doing a WYDC, I went through quite a lot of that early on. They seem to blow themselves up less if they have more logic skill – but then you’re building skill at the same time as discovering potions. It’s a vicious cycle.

    The kids are cute! And I love what you did with their rooms. I’m so bad at decorating the kids rooms; other than colours, they tend to have mostly the same things in them – bed, desk, lamp, toys. I like the idea of playing to their traits.

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