3.4: Confusion

Hi everyone, welcome back to the Kanto legacy. Last time, Klink and Abby broke off their relationship and she left the legacy house, hopefully for good. Klink has had it pretty rough lately, but hopefully things will be better. Let’s jump on into the chapter and find out.


Azelf: ~sniffles~ I’m very hungry…could somebody please feed me?…


Squirtle: You amateur, that’s not how you get attention. Watch the master and learn.




Klink: Why hello my little princess, are you ready for some food this morning?

Squirtle: Hey, no fair! I’m the lonely one! Daddy??? Hello?…


Looks like everyone’s having a rough start to their days.


Everyone except Bronzong. He’s just waking up, his spirits high. Although when they stand like this, I can’t help but thing they’re about to die…


Klink: There you go, sweetheart. One nice bottle for breakfast.

Azelf: Yay! Thanks daddy.


Squirtle: H…hey? What about me?…


Klink: Woah there, little man, calm down. There’s no need to shout…I’m here…

Squirtle: ADORE ME.


Azelf: ~sobs~ I don’t like it when brother gets more attention than me…


Squirtle: I GOTTA PEE!!!

Klink: Man, this kid stinks…

He’s gonna stink even more if you don’t put him down.


Azelf: Nevermind, I’m good now ^.^


Apparently I set up an online dating profile for Klink when he was younger, probably before he left for boarding school, so I had him check his messages. He was contacted by every girl on the site. He didn’t accept any requests since they were all married or old.


Klink: I’m so popular, the computer couldn’t handle it.


Unown is confused. Unown hurt itself in confusion.


He may be crap at potions, but at least he can fix our broken stuff now.


Squirtle: I am the most adorable thing since Grumpy Cat.


Azelf: Yeah, well you can’t even walk yet. So hah.


Klink spends his time painting.


Bronzong gets closer and closer to achieving that LTW.


The toddlers try to outdo each other at every step.


The ghosties make an occasional appearance.


And Unown fails at life. Such is a typical afternoon in the Kanto household.


For the first time ever, we are completely out of food, so I had Bronzong whip something up. It took him ALL DAY. Seriously. He started at around 7 in the morning, and he wasn’t finished until about 5 or 6 at night. See if I ever have these people make their own food agian…


Squirtle: Look at me, I’m learning the logics!


Azelf: Yeah, well I have artistic talent.


Unown was supposed to go over to a friend’s house, but he was taking an awfully long time to get there, so I checked on him and found him standing here in the middle of nowhere, not doing anything. So I sent him back home.


Abby decided to make an appearance. As a zombie. She just couldn’t stay away.


Once he was back home safely, his first order of business is to do his homework. Outside. In the rain. Like any normal, reasonable person would do.


This…intriguing piece turned out to be Klink’s first brilliant painting. Sometimes I question these Sims’ tastes.



I can’t resist taking pictures of these cuties. Which is exactly what they want…


When Klink and Abby split up, I asked you all advice on what we should do with him for the rest of the generation. Basically, should he move on and have more babies. Well, I still value your input, but everything changed when I saw this mail deliverer…


Here is a closer up picture. I guess she’s not all that amazing, but I think she’s super cute. Plus, she’s got gorgeous eyes and is a vampire. Her name is Rocio, and she will be ours.


As if sensing our intentions, she bolts from the premises and doesn’t turn back. Oh, but we will have you, my dear. Just you wait…


Bronzong was getting lonely and broody, so he called up some family members, and we got some pretty interesting popups about them.

Missy has moved on

It seems that Missy has gotten over Brain’s death pretty quickly, and has moved onto some other old fart that’s sure to die any day now.

Ivysaur and George

Ivysaur got married to George Weasley. Which is nice, but sort of disappointing, as they won’t be able to have kids. I think he has a baby with some other chick though, so it’s ok. Fred doesn’t have any children yet.

Tisha's steady boyfriend

Tisha, Poochyena’s oldest, has found herself a boyfriend. A rather fugly one at that. It’s like she’s begging me to experiment with her genetics too, even though she’s rather pretty.

Rae's first girlfriend

Finally, Rae has found love as well, with a face one…I like this girl’s coloring, she’s one of the few black Sims populating this town right now. Why does she have to be a bland EA face?…


Klink decides to text our lovely Rocio, and due to his charisma skill challenge, gets a nice head start on their relationship.


Meanwhile, Unown tries his hand at potion making again.




After getting cleaned up, Nowny signs up for homeschooling since the careers mod doesn’t seem to be spreading out the students very well and I’m tired of sending him to lag central every morning.



Because cute. I was trying to get a good angle on that facial expression Klink is pulling, but no matter where I tried to get this shot, Squirtle was in the way. Just trust me when I say it was a pretty hilarious face.


I finally remembered to write down their IF’s names. Squirtle’s is called Horsea.



And Azelf’s is named Shinx.


Although it might not matter too much if Unown can’t get the ball rolling with these potions.


I appreciate the cleanliness, Bronzong, but isn’t there something more productive you could be doing with your time?


Much better.


After a while, Klink invites over Rocio for a nice visit.


Nice outfit.


Time to start schmoozing.

Rocio: You seem like a very cultured man. What are your thoughts on music?


Klink: Well, I’ve never been to a symphony or anything, but my father’s kind of an expert musician, so I basically get a concert in my own house every day.


And then, after a single friendly interaction, she promptly left.

Rocio: Don’t burn, don’t burn, don’t burn…

We tried inviting her inside, but she apparently wasn’t interested. Might wanna say goodbye to her though, because after this, I tried to save my game, and my computer crashed. And I don’t mean to the desktop. It shut itself down. It does that sometimes when I’m playing TS3, but it’s never done it while saving before. So basically the second half of this chapter never happened…and since Rocio is a service Sim, there’s no guarentee she’ll exist next time I start up the game…this is why we can’t have nice things…anyways, hope you guys managed to enjoy this super disorganized and all over the place update. Thanks for reading, and have a great night!

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3 thoughts on “3.4: Confusion

  1. “Unown is confused. Unown hurt itself in confusion.” LOL, I love references like these. Need more!

    I have issues with service sims also. Other than the maids, I can’t get anyone else to talk to them. I was checking out the mail carrier once, had my sim try to introduce herself…then the next day the mail carrier showed up with an invisible face!

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