Klink’s Conundrum

If you’ve read the last chapter, then you know that Klink and Abby have split up. Now, I did not get quite as many kids as I had hoped for, as I love having Sim babies, and Cerulean was always my favorite town in Pokemon, with Lavender a close second. However, two babies seems like a decent amount, especially when the adults of the house still have skills to build. So I’m going to ask you guys what I should do. I have quite a few options in mind here. Should I have Klink find a new love and have more babies? Should he find a new love but not have more babies? Should I make him get abducted by aliens again and see if he gets pregnant? Should I adopt a new kid (although according to the rules, adopted babies cannot be the heir. I suppose since this is a casual legacy, I can do what I want. It’s up to you guys though). Should I have Klink and Abby make up? Or do you think that things are fine the way they are, that two babies are enough, and that Klink should just stay single? I’ll leave it up to you guys, as I could go for anything at this point. I don’t want you all to feel rushed, either. We have all the time in the world (ok, not really, but you get the idea). Klink isn’t even a full-fledged adult yet, and we still have toddlers to take care of. So take as much time as you need, think about it carefully, and tell me what you think I should do. No rush. Thanks everybody, and have a fantastic evening!



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