3.3: Pressing the B Button

Hey everyone, I know I just posted a chapter earlier today, but I just couldn’t wait another second to post this next one. It’s quite…well, you’ll see. Without further adieu, let’s jump right in.


Before we really get into things here, I would like to introduce this young man. I don’t remember his name, but I do know that he is the offspring of Emelie Van Gold and Bryce Younan. And I want him in my legacy. He’s so precious and he has gorgeous eyes and he’s a vampire and those freckles…I don’t care who the heir is, as long as this kid is their spouse. Ok, moving on to the actual chapter now…


If you recall, last time little Nowny aged up into a teen, so he’s not so little anymore.

Unown: Now that I’m big enough to hold you, kid, I could totally strangle you right now…

Squirtle: Me love you long time?


Klink has just finished up his second novel.

Alien Progency

It did a little bit better than his first, but he’s not quite playing with the big boys yet.

Oh my ghost!

We got the opportunity to bring Gala back as a playable ghost, but we declined. Maybe one day, with the right person, we’ll give this a go, but Gala’s served her time in this legacy. She deserves her ghostly freedom, even if that means she’s going to haunt this family forever.


Gala: What, you don’t want me back? Fine then, I have better things to do anyways. Ghostly things. You wouldn’t understand.


Klink: Why do I always have to teach these babies their skills? This is rubbish…

Because Abby is at work, and even if she wasn’t, she barely does what I tell her to anymore, so it’s pretty much all on you…sorry.


Unown is still hard at work discovering potions. Or at least trying to.

Unown: It is very difficult to do chemistry when your dead mother is in your room with you…


Gosh dang it, Gala! Stop being a distraction!

Gala: What? All I’m doing is reading this nice book my son wrote. He’s quite the author, you know.

7 At least she put it back when she was done.


Squirtle: Adore me!!!


Unown: Do I really have to go to school today? Couldn’t I just stay home and…I don’t know…read a book?

No. Get on that friggen bus, boy.


Unown: ~grumble, grumble, grumble~


Klink: Uggghh, how am I supposed to pick up my son when my son is in the way???

~sigh~ resetsim.


I know I’m always complaining about how long it’s taking for Bronzong to master this guitar skill, but at least it keeps him happy. And at least he’s still alive.


When Abby gets home from work, she doesn’t even change into her normal clothing before she jumps right onto the computer and starts working all over again.

Abigail: Workworkworkworkwork….


Klink: Man, my son is awesome.

Azelf: What about me, daddy?

Klink: You wanna brag about how great your brother is too, sweetheart? Be my guest!

Azelf: D:


Unown: Hate homework…hate children…hate life…

You sure you didn’t roll the emo trait?


Bronzong: I. HAVE. TO. PEE.

Abigail: Then go pee, you crazy old man.

Yes, please don’t pee on the floor…


Azelf: Lalalala, I am ever so cute~


Squirtle: But I’m the real stud muffin 😉

Brain has passed

I’m afraid we must take a moment away from the silliness of this legacy to inform you that Brain Andersen, Misdreavus’s husband, has passed on.


His grave has been placed in the family grave yard. I’ve constructed a separate section for spares. At some point, I will reorganize this and make it prettier.


Oh no, Abby’s having a moment…


There. She’s ok now. She’s back in her normal clothes and has calmed down a bit. But she could still probably use a dosage of Klink.


Enter our dashing hero.

Klink: Maybe now that it’s love day, I can finally woo Abby and she’ll agree to marry me.


Klink: Abby, it’s been a while since we got to do anything romantic, and it is love day, so…


Klink: I got you these.

Abigail: Oh, Klinky, how nice of you.


Klink: Now that we have our babies-

Abigail: Baby.

Klink: …right…As I was saying, now that we’re parents, I don’t want you to think that I love you any less. Just because we spend less time together doesn’t mean I don’t think about you all the time.


Abigail: Oh, Klinky, you are the best boyfriend a girl could ask for…



Abigail: Ewww, no, I don’t wanna make out with you. What kind of girl do you think I am?

Klink: But…but baby…


Abigail: Now you wanna hold my hand? I can’t believe you would take advantage of me in my state of weakness!!!

…And that was about all I could take…


Klink: That is IT Abby. I can’t deal with this anymore. Hon, I love you, but I need someone who is going to love me back, not someone who is just with me to secure her place in history. And let’s not even get into what you’ve been doing to my daughter.


Klink: I have had just about enough of your shit. I’ve put up with your attitude and your insanity and your name calling, and even your pretending my poor little angel doesn’t exist, because I thought that was love, but the truth is, I don’t think you’ve ever loved me at all. I’m leaving you, Abby.

Abigail: But Klinky, baby, can’t we talk about this? I can change, really…


Klink: Save it, Abby. I don’t wanna hear your lies anymore. I want you out of this house as soon as possible. I wish you all the best in life, but that’s not going to be with me. Not anymore.


Abigail: …what did I do wrong?…


So ends a relationship that was never meant to be in the first place.


Abigail: That stupid Klink, thinking he can kick me out of this legacy so easily…he’ll be sorry…

Klink: I can still hear everything you’re saying, Abigail…


Abigail: Yes, my boyfriend just dumped me then kicked me out of our house. Can I get a cab? Thanks so much. Bye bye.

Screenshot-33 Say goodbye to Abigail, everybody. She didn’t give us any fairy babies, which disappoints me, but I just couldn’t put up with her crap anymore, and neither could Klink. If she was going to refuse all his romantic interactions and keep us from making an honest man out of Klink, plus keep us from having more babies, and she was the cause of most of the lag around the house, then there’s no point keeping her around. This is going to be the end of this chapter. I will be posting a poll about what I should do about Klink’s current situation soon after posting this, so be on the lookout for that. Thanks so much for reading everybody, and have a nice night 🙂

(By the way, if you’re wondering about the title of this chapter, pressing the B button in a Pokemon game cancels the evolutionary process. I “pressed the B button” on Klink and Abby’s relationship. I know…cheesy…deal…)

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3 thoughts on “3.3: Pressing the B Button

  1. Wow, the Van Gould spawn is gorgeous! I shall have to remember to breed with them next time I play in Moonlight Falls…

    Haha, I like the title and the association with the legacy. It’s cute. You can totally do gaming puns in a gaming blog about another game 😉

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