Generations 2 and 3 Spare Update

Hello everyone, and welcome to the spare update for generations 2 and 3 of the Kanto legacy. I have not been keeping you guys up to date with all the little Kanto children running about. I will try to do a better job of this in the future. But for now, here is what you have missed. 

First up, we will look at Misdreavus’s children. 

Rae-Toddler (Misdreavus's daughter)

Rae-Child (Misdreavus's daughter)

Rae-Teen (Misdreavus's daughter)

Rae-YA (Misdreavus's daughter)

This is Rae Kanto-Chimeree, the daughter of Misdreavus and Cocaine. She has just turned into a YA. Last time you saw her, she was still a child. Her traits are good, hydrophobic, light sleeper, commitment issues, and night owl. She would like to be a world renowned surgeon. I don’t know too much about little Rae, but she’s a very pretty thing. I probably won’t be putting her, or any of the spares’ children, up for download unless someone specifically asks for them. But they will be getting a page. 

Garth-Toddler (Misdreavus's son)

Garth-Child (Misdreavus's son)

Garth-Teen (Misdreavus's son)

Misdreavus’s second, and final child, fathered by her husband Brain, is Garth Andersen. He just turned into a teen. His traits are loves the outdoors, heavy sleeper, snob, and socially awkward. He is a Kanto, through and through. Those Betty genes sure are strong. 

Next, we’ll take a look at Ivysaur’s child. 

Felix-Toddler (Ivysaur's son)

Felix-Child (Ivysaur's son)

Felix-Teen (Ivysaur's son)

This is Felix Kanto-Creeper, Ivysaur’s only son with Pilot Inspector Creeper. He should follow Rae very shortly and become a YA. He is absent minded, hates the outdoors, virtuoso, and mean spirited. He is a very attractive child, and he is definitely my favorite of the spares’ children, which I know I shouldn’t say. I should love all my Kantos equally. But this boy…he reminds me so much of his mother, the only one of the first generation to resemble Absol at all…I’m not the only one to think he’s attractive. He goes through so many girls, it’s hard to keep track. At one point, he stole away his cousin Steelix’s girlfriend. At the moment, he is back with his ex-girlfriend, Mara Nix, but that is sure to last only a few days tops. 

That’s all of the second generation spares. Now let’s take a look at the gen 3 kids. First up are the children of Poochyena and Latasha. 

Tisha-toddler (Poochyena's daughter)

Tisha-Child (Poochyena's daughter)

First born is Tisha Kanto. She is a grumpy, clumsy genius. I was a bit worried about how children of Poochy and Tasha would turn out, but this little girl proved my fears wrong. She has a bit of an oddly shaped head, but other than that, she’s very pretty. Seems that Ball and Drudge genes mix together just fine. 

Cody-toddler(Poochyena's son)

Second born is Cody Kanto. His traits are excitable and loner. This little boy is a Latasha clone, though perhaps a bit more attractive. I hope these two have more children. I do love genetics, especially mixes between not so beautiful Sims. 

Next up, I present the children of Minccino and Heriberto. 

Tawanda-toddler(Minccino's daughter)

Tawanda-Child (Minccino's daughter)

First up is Tawanda Kanto. She was born on the same day as her cousin Tisha, and her traits are excitable, loner, and technophobe. She is a face clone of her father. Not much else to say about her.

Marian-Toddler (Minccino's daughter)

Minnie’s second pregnancy ended up in twins. The first of them is Marian. She is athletic and loves the outdoors. She is very similar in appearance to her older sister, except for some Bimple Pox. It doesn’t look too bad, and hopefully she’ll grow out of it. 

Annemarie-Toddler (Minccino's daughter)

Her twin, however, was not so lucky. This is Annemarie. She is a loner and a virtuoso. I have decided that she will be the start of a genetic experiment. She is the product of the Ball, Pincher, and Peddler genes. I’m going to breed her with another unfortunate looking Sim and see what happens. Hopefully, I can keep this up for the rest of the legacy. I think our victim will be one of the daughters of Navita and Param Singh. More updates on that as we go.

Unfortunately, although Steelix has gone through his fair share of the ladies, he has not yet reproduced. The poor guy really seems to want to start a family, and has been engaged at least three times, but the girl always breaks it off. Currently, he is seeing Violet Slymer. Will there be ghost Kanto babies popping up soon?  

The last grouping I’d like to show you are the children of my Simself. I’m going to keep updated on them as much as I can throughout this legacy as well. 

Nikki-Toddler (Simself's daughter)

Nikki-Child (Simself's daughter)

Nikki-Teen (Simself's daughter)

This is Nikki Simself, the daughter of Ami and Deandre Wolff. She was born on the same day as Felix Kanto-Creeper, and is due to age up into a YA any time now. Her traits are light sleeper, couch potato, snob, and insane. I like her, she’s very pretty. My only problem is that her lips look like she injected them to look like Angelina Jolie. 

Carly-Toddler (Simself's daughter)

Carly-Child (Simself's daughter)

Carly-Teen (Simself's daughter)

Finally, this is Ami’s second child with her husband, Cocaine Chimeree. Her name is Carly. You saw her once, in this last chapter of the Kanto legacy. She is around the same age as Garth, and they both just aged into teens. She is a light sleeper, a couch potato, good, and absent minded. For some reason, I think she looks a lot like me, but she only took my coloring and possibly my nose. The rest is all Cocaine. She is currently dating her childhood friend, Gator Wolff, and is the only one of the spares’ children to be in a steady relationship. 

This concludes my generations 2 and 3 spare update. A new page will be posted under each generation called “other.” This will be where information on each spare child born outside the legacy house, plus the Simselfs, can be found. For now, only Rae will be up, but as soon as each child reaches YA, their info will be posted. If, for any reason, you would like one of these spare children, as soon as they are posted onto the “other” page, you may ask for them, and I will put them up for download. Otherwise, they will just be on display for your amusement/curiosity. Thank you for reading this update. Have a great night, everyone! 😀


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