Klink’s Writing Challenge Episode 1: My Fictitious Life


Hello everyone, and welcome back to another chapter of the Kanto legacy. Oh, wait a second, this isn’t the Kanto legacy! That’s right, this is a new side challenge that I’ve started. This is the “Live-What-You-Write” challenge written by Best_Leopard on MTS. Full rules can be found here. The basic idea of the challenge is that your author Sims have to complete certain activities to get ideas for their writing before they can actually sit down and write a novel. There are lists of rules for each type of book Sims can write, and Klink will be completing each of them. Originally, I was going to create a brand new Sim for this challenge, but I figured since Klink is a writer, I could just use him and call this a spin-off. Each episode of this series will be a different genre, meaning that chapters could get pretty long depending on the amount of activities we need to complete for each book. The first novel Klink will be writing is a fiction novel, so let’s jump right in! 


Here is our lovely Klink, current heir to the Kanto legacy. This is an alternate universe in which the rest of his family didn’t move to Moonlight Falls with him. It’s just little Klinky all by his lonesome. 

Klink: I can’t believe I have two stories revolving around me! 😀

For those who may be new to my blog and haven’t read the Kanto legacy, our little Klink here is an artistic, light sleeper who hates the outdoors but loves the cold, and is also very excitable. He likes Latin music, potato and truffle torte, and the color purple, and wishes to be an illustrious author. 

Let’s take a look at his list of things to do for this novel, shall we? 


01- Make a new friend or enemy. Choose Sims that are very different from yours if possible.
02- Travel to a new place and experience the local cuisine and culture.
03- Get a new pet and become friends with him/her.
04- Learn a new skill. Get the first three points, for example.
05- Try a new career or profession for a day (or a week).
06- Attend a symphony, concert, movie or sporting event.
07- Tour three of the rabbitholes in town.

As I don’t have WA, I won’t be able to complete number 2, but the rest will be a piece of cake. 


Klink’s first order of business is to marvel at this window. This house is much bigger and nicer than his own back in the normal reality. It was also completely built using blueprints because I was too lazy to build something original. 


Klink rolled up the want for a job in law enforcement, which is perfect since he needs a new career anyways. I’m only going to keep him in for a day or so, since he has other things to do, but we’ll see how much progress he makes in this short time. 


Klink: There go my days of not having to work…

It’s true, Klink has never had a real job before, not even as a teen. 


Klink: Woah, look at that glowing dude over there…


Oh, you mean Samuel Goth? 


He does need to make a friend, and eventually he’ll have to become friends with a ghost, so I could kill two birds with one stone…but no. I think befriending playable ghosts is probably not the point of the challenge and is therefore cheating. So move along. Nobody interesting to see here. 


After acquiring his new job, Klinky goes back inside the building to take a tour of City Hall. 

Klink: They have sirens in there! SIRENS!


Our little writer decides he wants to send a text to his partner, Janet Pok. 

Klink: It’s always a good idea to get friendly with your partner!

I think she’s going to be his first friend in town. 


There’s about an hour to waste before the next movie plays, so Klink spends his time streaming a video. 





Klink: Well, that was fun. 


Time to head off to the theater. 


Shoo! College is not part of the plan! 


While Klink is inside watching his movie (I picked Circus Roadtrip) I amuse myself by watching the passersby. I’ve never noticed before, but Linda here is quite pretty. 


Gah! MacDuff invasion! 


Oh hai, Joe! In an alternate reality, you and Klink spun together in the skating rink and I contemplated having you make cerulean babies together. Perhaps in the trashy episode, you guys can hook up…. 😉


Linda: I ain’t sticking around to deal with all these freaking MacDuffs. See ya. 


Faith: Blah blah blah blah blah….

Felicity: Ummm, sis? My eyes are down here…


Seriously, what are you even looking at? 

Let’s see how the brothers are getting along. 


Joe: Hey, bro, look what I can do with my eyes!

Jules: Nah, bra. Stahp. Totes not cool. 


Boys: Person person minus…



Klink: What a heartwarming film. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself 🙂

a great bromance (after 27)

I just knew Circus Roadtrip would be a winner 😀


The boys are still fighting, and this time it seems to be about Klink. 

Jules: What do you mean, you spun with him at the park? 

Joe: I seriously have no idea what you’re talking about, bro. That never happened. 

Jules: Not according to the voice!

Joe: What voice?

Jules: The one in my head! 


Joe: Crazy son of a bitch…

Jules: Oh, look. It’s him. 


Joe: What the hell do you want? You started this.

Klink: Ummm…hai?

Jules: I’m just gonna go now…


Klink: Hi, I’m Klink, but apparently you already know me…

Joe: I’m Joe. 

Jules: Maybe I’ll just keep lurking here in the background. I do love screentime. 


Klink: So…ummm…how’s school, I guess? 


Joe: It’s awesome, thanks for asking!

Klink: That’s great 🙂Screenshot-38

The two talked for a while longer before it became awkward and I decided it was time to leave. 


At home, Klink has some dinner,


and settles down for a good night’s rest. 


We pick back up the next morning where Klink is up and ready for his new job. 

Klink: Can’t I just sleep in a little more?

Absolutely not. 


After taking care of his morning routine, there’s still a little time before the carpool arrives, so Klink starts up a new blog. I decided that social networking will be his first skill. I think that blogging about his books will be good for sales, don’t you? 

Klink's blog

I hope you guys don’t think I’m just taking the easy way out or anything. I know this isn’t the most difficult skill to raise, but a bunch of the other skills are already part of other genres, and I’d feel like I was cheating if I got a head start on them. 


The carpool finally arrives, and Klink sets off on his first day of work EVER. 


Klink: I’ve never worked a day before in my life. 

Driver: That’s nice, kid. 


I must have missed it, but apparently the mailman threw a tantrum. Grumpy butt…


So many people crowding the rabbit hole…that’s one of the bad things about being three buildings in one…


Oh hai again Joe!

Joe: Why won’t you just leave me alone?



As a congrats on his first day on the job, Klink splurges and buys himself some food at the diner. 


Klink: Am I ready to write my book yet?

Not quite. 


The next morning, Klink has some business to take care of. 


Klink: Hey guys, I know I only worked for you a day, but I’m quitting now. Bye. 

That’s right. He made quick friends with Janet, which is what we wanted him to do, so he had no reason to work anymore. 


Besides, he has another job to do.

Klink: I’d like to adopt one of your pets 😀


While he waits for his new pet to arrive, Klink paints. And makes silly faces. He always looks so darn scared.


Why, hello there cutie. Are you our new pet? 

Kelly: Ummm….


Oh, you’re the pet. You’re cute too, I guess. This is Sky. She’s independent. 


Sky: Are there any ghosts in this house?…

Not that I know of, no. 


Kelly: Hi, I brought your new dog.

Klink: Gee, thanks 🙂


She’s already being adorable. 


Klink: Why, hello there! I’m your new master! 

Sky: What a freak. 


Klink: Yay, bonding!

Kelly: I wanna bond with a puppy… ~pouts~

Seriously, who knew a face one could be so freaking adorable? 

Side note: I did give him some freckles in CAS…


The two bond for a while longer, 


and then Klink tries to teach her how to hunt.

Klink: Go on, go hunt, girl. Aaaand, go! Go hunt. Please? Pretty please? Follow my hand. Go hunt. C’mon, why won’t you just go, already? 

Sky: What a nimrod. 


We did eventually get her hunting. I know we have to save some hunting for later in the challenge, but it’s not like there’s much else she can do right now. 


While his precious puppy hunted, Klink went over to the Vault of Antiquity to take a tour. 

Klink: Oh, the excitement! 


Afterward, he headed to the diner to grab some food. 

Klink: I feel something coming on…


Klink: Oh, puking…that’s what it was…


Ericas: Kliiink…love us…

Klink: Ummm, can we get out of here?

Of course. We still have one more stop for the night. 


Klink: Oh no, not the science lab…please, I’ll tour any other place, but not this one…they’re gonna experiment on me…

Oh, don’t be such a baby. 


See, he came out unscathed. 

Klink: Just barely…

C’mon, let’s get you home and rested up. 


The next morning, once Klink has fully recovered from his visit to the lab, he plops down to write his novel. 


A day later, he finishes it. 

Klink: Piece of cake. 

Officer Klank

His novel, Officer Klank, did fairly decently. Here is a brief description of the book: 

“Klank is the new police officer in town, and he’s ready to take the law into his own hands. With the help of his partner, Janice, his dog, Aqua, and his teenaged sidekick, Moe, can Officer Klank bring order to this crime infested town?” 

With his first novel finished, Klink can take a nice break. That is, until I decide to make him start on the next set of challenges. The next episode will be the sci-fi genre. This probably won’t be updated as often as the Kanto legacy (which isn’t very often at all, mind you), I’ll just be playing it when I want to do something quick and easy. Keeping that in mind, I hope you guys enjoyed this little side project. See you next time in whatever I decide to post, and have a great day 😀



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