2.16: Romantic Endeavors

Hallelujah!!! They’ve added the “Add Media” button back in! This makes my life so much simpler!

Heh…well, welcome back to another chapter of the Kanto legacy. Last time, Klink aged up and got a girlfriend, Gala made her second wish, and Bronzong gave birth to baby Unown. Also, I lied in the last chapter. I said that Klink rolled “Heavy sleeper” when he’s really a light sleeper. It’s so hard to remember the boring traits…Anyways, let’s get this ball rolling, shall we?


We join our heir and his lady love on their first official date.

Klink: I know it’s only been a day since we’ve seen each other, but I missed you…

Abigail: Oh Klinky, I missed you too…

Klink: C’mon, let’s go inside. We’re the only ones here…I made sure of that…

Abigail: Oh…how romantic…


Klink: ~derps~

Is he really so nervous about jacking up this date that he’s fumbling with making a simple drink? (I’m guessing it’s simple. I’ve never made drinks myself and really don’t plan to, but it doesn’t look that difficult.)


Klink: I made you a drink…but I guess you already have one…

Abigail: Just set it down, I’ll get around to it eventually.


Klink got hungry and prepared himself something to eat.

Abigail: Why didn’t you get me any food?

Klink: I made you that drink and you already had one…I just figured if you were hungry, you’d get it yourself…

Abigail: ~grumble, grumble, grumble~


Klink: So…how’s your meal…of booze?

Abigail: Fine, thank you. ~chugs drink~ More please?


Clearly she didn’t need anymore. She was already about to burst.

Abigail: ~derps~ Ooops…


Abigail: Oh, plumbob, how embarrassing…Klinky will never respect me again…


Klink: Awww, Abby, of course I respect you. No amount of pants peeing could make me care any less about you.

Abigail: Heh…idiot…


D’aww, young love. Why does this picture look significantly darker than the rest, you might ask? Because Abby is a major cause of lag. Whenever she’s around, it takes hours to do each little interaction. I swear, it’s never this bad with any of the other Sims. Just her. But I do love her. So I’m dealing with it.


Klink: Nice night out, isn’t it, Abby?

Abigail: It’s alright.


Abigail: It’s actually a lot better with you here, Klinky.

Klink: Heh…really?

Abigail: Yes really, dummy.


Abigail: ~whispers~ I love you, Klinky.

Klink: ~beams~ I love you too!


Klink: See those stars up there? The ones that look like a frying pan?

Abigail: The Big Dipper?

Klink: Yeah, that! That one’s my favorite!

Abigail: Why’s that?

Klink: Because frying pans make food! I like food!

Shortly after this, they said their goodbyes and ended the date. I didn’t get a picture because I was hoping to have them spend more time together, but it was getting too late.


Upon arriving home, Klink met up with Unown’s mother.

Klink: Hey…I know you! Aren’t you the alien who impregnated my father?

Exe: So what if I am, pathetic human?

Klink: Well, your baby’s having his birthday. Wanna come inside and see him?

Exe: No, he’s your father’s spawn. I simply provided DNA. I want nothing more to do with the creature, and if you ever ask me again, I will zap you to infinity with my ray gun.

Klink: Harsh…


Well, Unown’s having his birthday with or without his mother. I don’t really wanna bother with cakes. Not because I don’t love him, but because they’re annoying and I don’t wanna deal with it right now.


Here’s the birthday boy! He’s absolutely adorable! I forgot to make all his clothes pewter colored when I dressed him, but it’s not that big a deal. Not like the poor kid has a chance at being heir anyways.


Klink: ~grumble, grumble~ Piece of crap computer ~grumble, grumble~


Klink: Mom, do you think I’ll ever be as good as dad is at painting?

Gala: In reality, son, I think you’re already better than he is. None of that crazy “abstract” stuff ever pops up in your work. But don’t tell him I said that…


Gah! The TV turned itself on! Or was that…Red the Gnome?…


Let the toddler training begin!

Bronzong: Can you say words, Unown? Pick a word, any word. I promise you won’t regret it.

Unown: In all honesty, father, I’d much rather learn to speak on my own…preferably with books…

Bronzong: Good, good! You’re learning!


Unown: Ummm, could you possibly NOT look at me while I go wee wee?

Oh, of course! I’ll leave you to it then.


Klink invited Abby over as soon as possible the next day.

Abigail: C’mon already, where’s my lover boy? I don’t got all day, you know.


Klink: Could you possibly look away? My lady love and I have some…catching up to do…

Uggghh. Get a room!


~sigh~ How could I stay mad at these two?


They’re just too cute.

Klink: Wanna stay the night, Abby? I’m not quite ready to go all the way with you yet, but we can cuddle.

Abigail: I’ll take what I can get, I suppose…


Bronzong really loves his alien baby. I think he pays more attention to this little guy than to any of his other children combined.

Bronzong: When those other kids become aliens, maybe I’ll pay them more attention.

Priorities. His are perfectly straight.


Abby has no problems making herself right at home.

Abigail: Wow, how pathetic. He has our greeting card photo on his nightstand.

He kept it because he loves you and the memories you two created together.

Abigail: ….he’s a sap…


Gala: I need to pee.

Then go to the bathroom. I think you’re perfectly capable of taking care of yourself.

Gala: But I want to finish this delicious food I prepared…

Uggghh…you’re gonna pee yourself…


Gala: Son, don’t watch. I’m going to pee my pants.

Klink: ~chokes~ Plumbob, mother, why would you say that? I’m eating!


Gala: Well, there it all goes.

Klink: Just ignore the senile old woman and enjoy your cheeseburger, Klink…


Gala: Oh, it’s dripping down my leg…

Klink: Well, that sure was an appetite killer…


Klink: I wanna go to bed, but my mother’s pee puddle is in the way!

I am so lucky this isn’t an ISBI…


It’s nice to be on the side of the house that actually knows how to take care of themselves and others.

Bronzong: Here you go, little guy, a fresh glass of…green.

Unown: Yay, food!


Klink: Plumbob, my mother is so embarrassing…


Luckily, Klink finally gets to bed, where his totally non-embarrassing girlfriend awaits.

Klink: Zzzzz….

Abigail: I could totally steal from him and he wouldn’t even notice…


Gala: Ok, Unown, I know you’re tired, but please…go potty for momma now…


Unown: No way! I want bed time and you smell like pee!

Gala: Could you at least stop impaling me with your thought bubble?…

Unown: No! Not until I get my bed!

Everyone’s tired and cranky tonight…we’ll pick back up in the morning when things have calmed down a bit.


Abigail: I’m soooo hungry! Feed me!

Go feed yourself.


After Abby’s satisfied her hunger and washed her dishes, she finds herself in a predicament in the bathroom.

Hand: You disappoint me, Abigail. You were supposed to do the dirty work tonight.

Abigail: I know, Lefty, but he says he’s not ready yet…


Hand: Then you force yourself on him!

Abigail: Wha…no! I couldn’t…

Hand: Sure you could! I’ll show you!


Hand: You just grab him by the neck and shove him through the wall! Not just against, mind you. Right on through!

Abigail: ~chokes~ Hey, that hurts…


Hand: Then, still clutching his neck, you pull him toward you and you just…do it. Easy as pie.

Abigail: No way am I hurting my Klinky like that! He may be an idiot, but I don’t need to force myself on him.


Other Hand: I agree with Miss Abigail, Lefty. There is no need to use force. These things should just come about naturally.

Abigail: I’m glad you concur, Righty.

Hand: You’re both morons…


Klink: Good morning, my love. Or, afternoon, I should say. How are you?

Abigail: I’m starving. Shut up and let me raid your fridge.

Klink: ~loving sigh~ Isn’t she a dream?

More like a nightmare…Just kidding, I love you!


Gala does the one thing she’s better at than cooking. She’s made more progress on fixing things than Absol ever did, and that was his LTW.


On the other side of the house, Klink bonds with his baby brother.

Klink: We’re gonna have a great relationship, Unown, not at all like it was with me and my other brothers. I promise I won’t ignore you.

You’d better have a decent relationship. I have a feeling you’ll be raising him after a while. Gala and Bronzong might not be around much longer…


Unown: Teehee, my big brother is pretty cool.


Unown: But not as cool as my logic blocks!

Haha, you think he went for those himself? You’re sadly mistaken…


Klinky and his lover have some romantic bathroom times.


Klink: I certainly don’t see anything wrong with making out in a bathroom. Do you, my dear?

Abigail: Well, it’s certainly not the most romantic thing in the world…but it’ll do.


Gala: Sexy times are over, children. Grandma Gala needs to pee. So get out.

Why don’t you get out? There are two other bathrooms in this house, neither of which are currently occupied. ~sigh~ Sims…


Abby doesn’t hesitate leaving the small bathroom. This area is better for picture taking anyways.

Abigail: ~lick, lick~ Must groom myself…Must look my very best for Klinky…

…right…it’s best we don’t question these things…


Klink: Now, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?

Abigail: I think we were about…


Abigail: Here…


Klink: Damn…that was…something else…

Abigail: ~pants~ You could have so much more than that, you know…


Klink: Baby…you know I love you more than anything, but I just don’t want to rush into things…

Abigail: I know…you just really turn me on…

Klink: ~blushes~ Heh…


Klink: I’ll make it worth the wait, I promise. Actually, now that I think about it, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you…

Abigail: Wait, Klinky, I don’t think now’s the right time. Can’t this wait?

Klink: I…I guess so…

Abigail: Good. Now, let’s get some sleep. That angry red thought bubble’s been jutting out over your head for hours.

Klink: Yeah…sleep would be nice…


No, really. It wouldn’t let him ask. The option never showed up. Highest relationship possible, extremely irresistible, the works. I know she’s insane and all, but that shouldn’t stop him from being able to ask. Oh well, we can try again tomorrow. Well, that about wraps up this chapter. I had originally thought there would only be one more chapter plus the spare update before the new generation, but I was wrong. There will be two more. The next one should come out tomorrow. Have a great night, everybody, thanks for reading 😀

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