2.15: A Stone Grey Heir

Whaaaat? Another post just a day after the last one? I know, surprising, huh? Last time, Klink and his friend Abby hung out at the festival, Gala summoned Robin the Genie and wished for eternal happiness, and Bronzong was abducted by aliens yet again. This time, we have lag! I…I mean fun…yeah, fun…


Dawn the Shrew has passed on. What a pleasant beginning to this chapter.


Rest in peace, old friend. It’s a good thing Steelix doesn’t live here anymore, he’d be throwing an absolute fit.


I suppose Gala’s having the fit for him.

Gala: Oh, Dawn, if only we’d taken better care of you during Steelix’s absence!

We took perfect care of her! She’s just old. Stop your babbling.


I wouldn’t eat that if I were you, Bronzong.

Bronzong: Why not?

It has stink lines emanating from it.

Bronzong: That’s a sign of good quality!



Klink: Can you believe we’re graduating soon, Abby? I know, right? You coming to the party later? What do you mean it’s gonna be lame?…it’s my birthday…

Abby Snitcher, world’s best friend.


Bronzong: ~barfing sounds~

Oh, look at that. He must be pregnant. Hehe, just kidding. Alien pregnancies don’t cause morning sickness. This is just his punishment for eating that spoiled food this morning.

Bronzong: But it tasted sooo good….


Hey, what business do you have on the computer? Go do something productive!


Much better.


Klink: I know! No more school! Like, ever! Listen, you gotta get over here, the party’s gonna start soon. Yes, free cake. C’mon, you have to come for at least that. Awesome, see you in a bit!


Gala: Did somebody say party? Sweet! I can show all the young folks my awesome dance moves.

Or you could go cook us food?

Gala: Naw. I’m good, thanks.

~sigh~ Useless Sims are useless…


Yay, Abby’s here!

Abigail: I brought food. I figured you lame-o’s wouldn’t have anything decent to eat. You all suck.

Well it’s the thought that counts.


Bronzong: Why do I have to be up?

Because it’s your youngest son’s YA birthday, and now he’s going to be taking over as heir. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?

Bronzong: Yeah, it means I can be lazy from now on because running this family is no longer my responsibility.

Uggghhh, just get your butt in there.


Poochie and Minnie both arrive just in time. Neither brought their significant other.


Klink: Abby, you’re here! C’mon, the cakes are all set up! Let’s grow up!


Abigail: At last, I finally get to be an adult.

Klink: Caaaaake…..


Abigail: What shall I wish for? Oh, I know! I wish to one day rule this legacy!

Klink: I just wish for caaaake….


Poochyena: Why didn’t I get a party this extravagant?

Minccino: Because, dear brother, you are the least favorite child. I would think years of neglect would tell you that much.

Poochyena: Hmph!


Steelix: Hey mom, what’s up? Where’s the party?

Crowd: We want cake! We want cake!

Fat Guy: My, my, that is sure one FIIINE old lady.

Gala: Who let all these people into my house?…


Klink: I thought of what to wish for! I wish to write and illustrate children’s books!

Abigail: Haha, lame.

Klink: But…but it’s my wish…


Poochyena: What a beautiful ceremony…. ~sniffles~

Gala: You go, son! Woohoo!

Minccino: Dearest brother, I apologize for everything nasty I’ve said to you. I’m glad you get to be the heir!

Steelix: Haha, what a loser!

~sigh~ Just like old times…

Klink's Intro Card

Here is our Pewter heir in all his glory. He wasn’t kidding, he really does want to write and illustrate. And we share the same favorite color! Yay! Klink Kanto, welcome to the spotlight!


Abigail: Why does he get all the attention? I’m the fun one…

Because he’s the heir? Marry him and you can have that kind of attention as well.

Abigail: I’ll consider it.


Getting a little tubby, aren’t you, Bronzong? Maybe you should lay off the cake.

Bronzong: Get off my back, ok?! I’ll overeat if I wanna! Besides, you can’t deny me cake at my own son’s birthday party.

That you didn’t even wanna come to.

Bronzong: Shut up and let me eat!


A little late there, aren’t you missy? For those of you who don’t remember, this is Rae Kanto-Chimeree, the daughter of Misdreavus and Cocaine. She’s grown since the last time you saw her.


Even later is Felix Kanto-Creeper, son of Ivysaur and Pilot Inspector. He’s a real cutie-pie. You can’t really see it all that well here. You’ll get a better look at him in the spare update coming up soon.


Abigail: “What a lame party. I’m out of here!”


Felix: You shouldn’t cuss in front of children.

Oh, don’t act like you haven’t heard these words before.


After the party, everyone gets busy with their skilling.


Klink doesn’t paint for too long though, because he also has to get working on building up his romantic relationship with Abby if we want cerulean babies anytime soon.


Abigail: I was just over here. What do you want?

Just get inside and talk to Klink.


Abigail: Hey Klink, sorry I left so soon after the party. Your dad kinda scares me a little…he’s crazy…


Klink: If you think he’s insane, you should see my mom…


Bronzong: I sense I’m being talked about…

Oh, do shut up.


Klink: Hey, Abby? I, uhh…I think you’re really pretty…

Abigail: Heh, doofus…


Abigail: I thought you’d never fess up…


Klink: You’re my best friend, Abby. You were the first person in this new town to even give me the time of day, and I wouldn’t want to ruin what we have, but…I think I like you as more than a friend.


Abigail: I think I might like you as more than a friend too, Klinky…even if you’re an idiot…


Klink: If I kissed you right now, what would you do?


Abigail: ….kiss back….




Klink: So…will you go out with me?

Abigail: Yes, of course I will.


Mission accomplished.


Romantic photo to commemorate the evening. They still haven’t quite mastered the art of kissing, but they’re at least doing better than Poochie on his first try.


Bronzong: I hate to inturrupt this “beautiful” moment, but…PAIN!!!

alien baby

Looks like it’s baby time. Of course we’re going to raise the little tyke. After all the times this family has been abducted, it’s about time we got a little bundle of joy out of the deal.


Bronzong: Plumbob, that was painful. Now I know how Gala felt all those times.

But he’s adorable and worth the pain, right?

Bronzong: Ehhh.

Right…the little guy was named Unown.


He was born a loner who loves the outdoors. What is with this generation and the outdoors, be it a love or a hate of it? Seriously?


Bronzong: I guess I’ll go dump this thing in its crib now.

Well aren’t you as sensitive as ever.

Bronzong: ….I guess it is kinda cute…


Klink: Hi, we’re still here too. Also being adorable.

Yeah, but…alien baby…


…ok…you win…this is one of my favorite interactions, next to “embrace.”


Klink: I’m super tired, but my girlfriend is still here…and she’s giving me these looks….

Maybe she wants to “hide the jellyfish” with you…

Klink: But…but that’s gross! And for married people!

Hey, don’t blame me. I’m just telling you what she probably wants.


Gala schmoozes Robin the Genie a bit more. They’re friends now, but still not close enough for her to free him.


The baby is…boring. Grow up please!


At least Bronzong seems to have grown attached to him.


To finish off this night of happiness, Gala makes her second wish.

Gala: Genie, I wish for world peace!

Robin the Genie: Well, I can’t exactly give you that….


Robin the Genie: But I can make you feel completely serene for the next two days.

Gala: Works for me!

What a rip off…


Well, I think it’s been a successful day, don’t you? This chapter is now coming to a close. The next chapter should be up tomorrow if I’m not feeling lazy. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading!

Edit: Fixed the formatting! I seriously hope I don’t have to go through this tedious process every time I post something from now on…I don’t know why it’s doing this to me, but it doesn’t matter too much now that I’ve finally got it figured out.

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