2.14: Festival Fun

Hello everyone! We’re back with another chapter of the Kanto legacy! Last time, we packed up and moved to Moonlight Falls (which I keep wanting to call Midnight Falls). The twins moved in with Minnie’s boyfriend and his family, and Klink came home from boarding school. This time, more fun will ensue!


Our little Klink is getting ready to head to the festival, but first, he has to invite a friend to join him. Remember the girl he talked to on the phone in the last chapter? The one I said wouldn’t be important? Yeah, turns out I lied. She’s his best friend. Her name is Abigail Snitcher.

Klink: Hey Abby, wanna go to the festival with me? Of course it won’t be a date, who do you think I am? Ok, cool, meet you there in a few.


Klink: ~pouts~ She isn’t here yet…

Relax, kid. You just got here yourself.


Klink: I guess I’ll just walk around until she gets here.

Good idea.


Klink: Gosh, about time you showed up! I’ve been waiting for you for a whole Sim hour!

Abigale: Oh, shut it, loser.


She’s a bit bland looking, but she’s not a face one. Plus, she’s a fairy! So she’s definitely gonna be the legacy spouse.

Abigail: Pft, you wish.

Isn’t she a joy? I do love her.


Puddy Chimeree decided to make an appearance at the park. He is only included because of the name. I am a Seinfeld fan, you see.


Klink: So, wanna get something to eat first, or do you just wanna jump right into the fun?

Puddy: I want food! You can give me some!


Abigail: If we eat, you pay.

Klink: Awww, c’mon Abby, I only brought enough money along for myself…

Puddy: It’s ok, just keep ignoring the starving cat. He’s certainly not an important part of the ecosystem or anything.


Abigail: I guess we aren’t eating then.

Puddy: Don’t mind me, I’ll just be going now. Perhaps I can find food elsewhere…


On the contrary, you two DO get to eat. Granted, you get disgusting street vendor hot dogs that you have to quickly shove down your throats, but at least it’s free, right?

Klink: This isn’t really my thing, but I’ll give it a try. Who knows, maybe I’ll win!

Abigail: Don’t get your hopes up, Klinky. I’ve got magic on my side. Ima own all you bitches!


Army Guy: Can I join you kids? A little friendly competition is always fun.

Abigail: You may join, but you are no match for the mighty Abby!

Klink: Hot dogs….

Screenshot-12On your marks…get set…GO!


The contestants begin downing their wieners. So far, everyone seems pretty evenly matched.


Uh-oh, the teens seem to be struggling a bit. Army Guy is pulling ahead! Can they catch up?


Abby is doing her best to catch up, but there is just no way she can win at this point. Army Guy has got this competition in the bag.


Army Guy wins!

Army Guy: That was much less satisfying than I imagined…

Abigail: No, this can’t be! I was supposed to win! I have magical fairy powers and everything!

Klink: ~chokes~ Too….many….wieners….


Infuriated by her loss, Abby storms off.

Abigail: Shut the hell up and stop following me, jackass.

Geez, sorry.


Abigail: My only consolation is that one day in the future, I’m going to hide the jellyfish with a legacy Sim!

Klink: ~blushes~ Ummm….yeah….well….wanna go skating?

Poor little Klink. So innocent.


Klink: I don’t know about this skating thing….Abby, you coming?

Abigail: Yeah, yeah, hold your horses. He has a nice butt…


Abigail: Haha, Klinky, you slowpoke!

Klink: Hey, that’s no fair! Wait up!

At this point, I wanted the two of them to spin together. However…

can't spin with abigale

He clearly doesn’t have the option to do so. Is this another skating glitch with supernatural Sims?


Let’s check up on the elders. Gala is hard at work preparing another meal. We have, like, twenty different options for leftovers right now, but she wants to cook all the time.

Gala: It is my calling!


Bronzong: It’s a wonder I’m not fat, what with all this food my wife keeps making.

I know, right?


One of the MacDuffs, I think it’s Joe, came to skate, so I did some experimenting.


Klink: Hey Joe, come here and spin with me.

Joe: Oh…ok…

Yupp, it must be a supernaturals glitch. The two skated together for a while, while I decided whether or not they’d make a cute couple, until….


Klink: Ooof!

Joe: S-sorry…

Klink: It’s cool dude, don’t worry. But could we not tell anyone about this?

Joe: S-sure…ok….

I don’t think I’ll have him pursue this relationship. He and Abby just get along so swimmingly, don’t you think? Shortly after this, I sent him home. He had a great group outing.


To commemorate their first “date,” the two took a greeting card photo together. Cute, huh?


Bronzong’s working his butt off on that guitar skill, although at this point, I’m not sure he’ll be able to master it on time.


He did, however, master painting, and this plaque proves it. Maybe possibly hopefully we’ll have another one up on the wall to go with it, but if not, I won’t be TOO upset about it.


I don’t recall getting Gala the genie lamp, but I must have. At any rate, now seems like a good time to use it.

Gala: How does this infernal thing work? Umm…genie of the lamp, I summon thee!


It worked. The genie has a name, but I’m just going to call him Robin. I think you can guess why.

Robin the Genie: I have come forth from the great beyond to grant thee three wishes. What shall your commands be, master?

Gala: Wow, it’s just like in the movies…


Let’s get the formalities out of the way.

Gala: Hi there, my name is Gala, and I’ll be your master for a while.

Robin the Genie: It shall be my pleasure to serve you, mademoiselle.

Gala: Oh, what a gentleman…


Gala’s always been kind of a depressed Sim, so her first wish made a lot of sense to me.

Gala: Genie, I wish for eternal happiness!

Robin the Genie: As you wish, master.


Robin the Genie: You shall be eternally happy for the rest of your days!

Gala: Oh my….


Gala: What is this strange magic coming over me?


Gala: I feel….wonderful! I haven’t been this happy in ages! Thank you, genie!

Robin the Genie: It was my pleasure, master.


I was leaning toward having Gala’s last wish be to free the genie, so I started building up their relationship. They seem to like each other pretty well.

Gala: I love dancing, especially to pop music. Pop is my favorite, did you know? It makes me feel hip and young again!

Robin the Genie: That’s nice, milady. Somebody shut this woman up….


Meanwhile, outside…


Bronzong: Damn it, not agian!!!


Exe: Foolish human, you didn’t think you could hide from us just by moving towns, did you? We have marked your family. You are forever enslaved to entertain us, however we see fit. I have left my mark upon you, so you will forever remember your enslavement to my kind.

Bronzong: Keep your filthy paws off my family, you damn, dirty alien….


Hey, Robin, what are you up to?

Robin the Genie: I am here to inform you that this is the end of the chapter.

Oh, thanks. That’s it for today, guys. I have three more new chapters all ready to go, plus a spare update, and after that, it will be time to start a brand new generation! Yay! I’ll see you guys tomorrow (hopefully) for another update. Till then, have a great night!

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