Cross Horizon


Hey guys, anyone interested in RPGs should totally check out this awesome mobile one, Cross Horizon. I just downloaded it last night, and I’m already addicted.


Once, an evil Thief King roamed the land, but the three Great Heroes were able to seal his power away. Now, the Thief King has returned, and he can only be sealed away again by the relics of the three Great Heroes.

Meanwhile, you and your new fairy friend, on your journey to regain your memories, get caught up in the quest to defeat the Thief King.


This game is completely free from the app store. For anyone interested in downloading it, I would highly appreciate it if you use the friend code 116613136 when starting a new game. If you do, I will get some fancy special items. For anyone who already has the game, feel free to search my friend code and add me! I hope to see everyone playing, this game is tons of fun!


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