2.12: Jolly Holiday

Hey everybody, I’m finally back! Sorry it’s been so long. Just got out of school for the summer, and this week is tech week for dance, and anyone who’s been in a performing art of some sort knows how hectic that is. But by golly, it’s about time I updated this story. Last time, Gala aged up into an elder. This time, more birthdays shall ensue. So let’s get started!


Bronzong has been tirelessly working away at his LTW. He’s almost finished with his painting skill. I think. Time to really get working on that guitar skill…


Elder Gala is just so adorable, guys. I can’t get over it.

Gala: That’s right, give me all of the screen time!


Although she seems to have gotten a bit senile in her old age.

Gala: Confound it, this high tech contraptions are just too much for me to handle.


Steelix still enjoys playing with his little shrew.

Steelix: Where’s my Dawnie?


Steelix: There she is!


It’s nice to see that Bronzong is still attracted to his beloved despite her new wrinkly form.


Poor Steelix. Ever since Poochie moved out and Minnie got a boyfriend, he’s been extremely lonely.

Steelix: Relationship status: Single and ready to mingle….why won’t anyone answer my instant messages?…why won’t anyone accept my friend requests?…where are all my love opportunities?…


Lysandre: What a delightful day to be evil…I mean good. What a delightful day to be very good. Yes. That’s precisely what I meant to say.





The Kantos are spreading their holiday cheer with some new Christmas decorations. Sure, it’s summer time for us, but in the Sims world, it is winter. So shush.


Poor Steelix had to witness a man dying right before his eyes on his way out of school. What is that girl wearing?…


On the other side of town, Minnie also witnessed death.


Minccino: How drab. I expected Death to be a bit more fabulous than this. Perhaps when mother passes…

Stop right there, young lady!


Oh look, Ivy’s come over for a visit. You know what that means…

Ivysaur: Cake! Where’s the cake?

What is it with this family and cake?…


Gala’s old companion and Missy’s husband arrived a while later. His name is Brain, by the way. No, I did not misspell that. It’s really Brain.

Brain: My parents named me that a’cause Ima smarty pants.



Bunny: Yawn. That Ivysaur sure is unimpressive. And here I thought she was supposed to be gorgeous.

Ivysaur: ~glares~

Bunny, get out of here. Nobody invited you.



Pilot Inspector: Oh look, my ex is here. Do you think her brother would go for me?

Will you people just get in the house and watch our babies grow up already? Gosh…


Steelix: This is it. It’s finally time to see which one of us takes over the legacy.

Minccino: Indeed. Best of luck to you, dear brother.

Steelix: You too, sis.


Misdreavus: Uggghh, my brother’s mental breakdown is in the way of the birthday celebration!


Misdreavus: Fine then, I’ll just stand over here.

Bronzong: Woohoo, go kids!


Minccino: Here goes nothing…

Steelix: Please be me, please be me, please be me…


Misdreavus: Nevermind, I’ll come stand over here. By the way, you need ceilings.

I know…



Steelix: What? Am I too sexy for words?

Something like that…


Misdreavus: Oh my, just look at that child’s hair…

Missy, you make nice facial expressions. Thank you.


Latasha: This party is soooo boring. I’m leaving.

You got here all of five seconds ago…and you didn’t even watch the kids grow up…


Here’s our lovely Minccino, gaining no sense of humor to go along with loves the outdoors, friendly, workaholic, and evil. She wants to be a creature-robot cross breeder.

Minccino: First I will successfully breed with a robot, and then I will take over this legacy!


And here is our handsome Steelix. Man, he’s really attractive, guys…Anyways, he’s added the never nude trait to his collection of loves the outdoors, clumsy, inappropriate, and excitable. Such a strange set of traits…his LTW, as we already know, is the zoologist.

They will both be put up for download very soon, and neither of them have any CC, so there will only be one download link.


The twins sit down with their father for a nice family meal. They totally don’t have an ulterior motive or anything. Nope, they just want to spend quality time with their dad.


Steelix: So, dad, since I’m a young adult now, when do I take over as heir?

Bronzong: You don’t.


Steelix: ~chokes~ wait, what?

Minccino: See, brother? I told you I would be the one to earn heirship.

Bronzong: Actually, you’re not the heir either.


Minccino: ~chokes~ WHAT?!

That’s right, Klink won the heir poll!

Steelix: May I be excused? All this disappointment is making me sleepy.


Gala: What did I miss?

Latasha: Beats me. I’ve just been standing out here complaining about how lame this party is.


To make Minnie feel a little bit better about not being heiress, I had her invite newly aged up Heriberto over. Surely his love will cheer her up.


Latasha has decided to amuse herself by building a snowman. Don’t make a Frozen joke, don’t make a Frozen joke…


Gala: I bet I can make a snowman ten times better than that daughter-in-law of mine…


Well, I guess Gala wins by default. This snowman appears to be a tad bit…unfinished.


Bronzong: I will help you beat that slut our son married, my dear!

Gala: Don’t bother. She didn’t even finish hers. We already won.


Heriberto: Yummy, snowflakes!

How cute. Oh, Heri’s stats! He is a good, athletic, inappropriate loner who is afraid of water, and he wants to rescue animals.


Heriberto: Babe, I don’t care if you’re the heiress or not. You’re still the most wonderful girl I know, and I love you.

Minccino: Oh, Heri…you’re so sweet…


Gala: LOLZ! Young romance is so lame!

Gala! Be nice to your daughter!


Ummm…who are you?

Guy: I’m just here to tell you that this chapter is over.

Oh…ok then. I guess we’re ending the chapter here. Next time, the twins graduate and move out. And then it’ll just be Gala and Bronzong until the youngest baby comes back from boarding school. Before I officially end the chapter, I’d just like to say a couple of things.

One, I want to thank everyone so much for reading this legacy. It means a lot to me 🙂

Two, I’d really like to get through at least two more generations this summer, but we’ll see how that works out. I’m not always super motivated to play the Kantos for some reason, even though I always have a blast taking pictures and giving the Sims their own identities.

Three, I’ll probably be putting Hottie and Bagger on hiatus for a while. I might write the chapters that I already have pictures for, but after that, I probably won’t be playing it for a while. On top of the Kantos and the Centuries, I’ve started another challenge that I’m not documenting, but I might post some pictures of once per generation, and there’s also a story that I’d like to write based on the Seven Weekdays, Seven Daughters challenge. If I want to post that story, four Sims blogs seems like a little much for both myself and readers to handle, so one of them is probably going to have to go away for a while, and Hottie and Bagger seems to be the one both myself and readers enjoy the least.

Well, that was my last little piece of information for you. Hope you enjoyed this chapter, and have a nice day!

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4 thoughts on “2.12: Jolly Holiday

  1. Good to see you back!

    I’m not going to lie…I don’t remember who I voted for lol.
    I THINK it was Klink…but I’m not positive. Oh well.

    Don’t take on too much! You don’t want to overwhelm yourself.

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