2.8: Troublemaker


Gala: Welcome back, readers! Did you miss me and my amazing dance moves?

I’m sure they missed you very much, Gala. Now could you please do something productive with your time?


I had the twins go to the festival again today, and Steelix found this shrew, which I named Dawn. It was at this point that he rolled his LTW, zoologist.

Steelix: I want to save all the unwanted animals of the world and keep them for myself. They’re all just so cute!

I locked it in because I’ve never done this one before. Should be fun.


Minccino: Please tell me you aren’t actually thinking of this bald child as a potential mate for me…

Oh, don’t worry. I don’t know why I had her talk to him. He was just the only person there at the time, I think.


Minccino: Foolish werewolf, thinking she could actually beat me at a competition.

I don’t know, Minnie, this chick looks pretty intense.

Minccino: She’s no match for my wits. I shall win this, mark my words.


Minccino: See? I’m already in the lead.


Better watch out, Minnie. She’s ahead of you now. I think she might win this.

Minccino: Must…not…lose…


Werewolf: Finished πŸ˜€

Minccino: I refuse to admit defeat…must…keep…going…

You’ve lost, honey. Give it up.


Oh, look. Mars. Hi Mars πŸ™‚ A bunch of random Sims started flooding the lot after Minnie finished. The twins were sent over to talk to some of the other teens.


Minccino: Hello sir, my name is Minccino. I am very pleased to meet you.

As a friendly Sim, she can easily hide her evil nature from potential spouses. I’m not sure if I’m really considering this guy or not, but it’s nice to have them make friends anyways, right?


Jordan Coddle grew up. I appreciate that she’s wearing a Triforce shirt. She has an interesting face though, and I don’t know if I want to ruin the Kanto genes even more…sorry Gala, but your face just didn’t mesh well with Bronzong’s, apparently…


Klink: Oh my gosh, I’m soooo bored…nobody ever wants to play with me…

I think I can fix that.


Glameow: I’m a real boy!…I mean girl…


Steelix: We could really use another girl like you around the house. Nothing ever gets cleaned up. There are dirty plates everywhere!

Jordan: Wow, you guys are slobs…

Yes we are…I miss Absol…


Klink seems to be enjoying his new friend. I’m glad. This kid is properly ignored…


Latasha invited Poochie on a date, and I figured I’d let him go. I didn’t think any harm would come of it.

Poochie: You and I will be together forever and ever and have lots of babies and name them all after Pokemon and then they’ll have lots of babies and name them after Pokemon and the cycle will just keep on going!

Latasha: That sounds like a great idea!


This picture serves no purpose other than to show off how cute Steelix is.

Steelix: Awww yeah, I’m hot.


And then my poor baby got picked up by the police. I assumed it was for being out after curfew, even though he still had a few minutes to get back home, but no.


He got arrested for pranking. HE DID NOTHING!!!


Bronzong: How dare you go out with that slutty girl and prank! I knew she was a bad influence!

Poochie: But dad, I…

Bronzong: No buts! You’re grounded!


Bronzong: Perhaps I was too hard on him…

Yeah, I’d say you were, considering he didn’t even do anything wrong!


And then he got abducted for the second night in a row. I swear, I have worse luck with alien abductions than the Kooks…in any of my saves for any family, if a Sim is up after 1:00, they WILL be abducted. It’s pretty freaking ridiculous…


Alien: My comrade told me he had quite a bit of fun with this one the other night. He suggested I give him a try. I am impressed.

My poor Bronzong…


Minccino: I hate the color scheme of this legacy, little brother. I want our lives to be filled with many different colors, not just the ones for our specific generation!

I have to admit, pewter is a crappy color and I’m ready for the next generation…


I bought a thing for Steelix’s rodents. This picture is only here to show you that it indeed exists.


Poochie: I’m so sneaky, getting out of the house when dad’s asleep. He can’t keep me from going to school! The love of my life is there!

It’s so stupid that being grounded keeps kids from going to school…is there a mod that fixes that?


Gala: I can clearly see my son sneaking away, but I’m just going to let it go. My husband was really stupid, grounding him like that.

I know, right?


Both Minnie and Poochie brought friends home from school. Sorry Minnie, blue boy is off limits. He’s a Sim I created, so he’s not an eligable bachelor. But you may be friends with him.


Minccino: I’m warning you, you’d better keep that rocket of yours away from me or you’ll be in a world of hurt.


Poochie: Oh my god, hail! It hurts so bad!

Latasha: Wimp…


Bronzong: I can’t believe you brought this slut home again! How many times have I told you to stay away from her?

Poochie: But daddy…I love her…

On a side note, I know I haven’t changed the colors on their outerwear yet, and to be honest, I might just keep it that way for a while. It’s nice having some more color in this family.


Klink: So much drama…it’s like our life is a movie…

Glameow: I’d watch your movie any day, master Klink.

Creepy IF is creepy…


Poochie: Don’t listen to my stupid dad, Tash, you’re welcome here any time. In fact, why don’t you spend the night?

Latasha: Why Poochie, how sweet of you! I’d love to stay the night.


Steelix: It’s no fair…my siblings get to have fun with their friends, and I have to do my homework…


Oh, don’t worry Steelix. They’re hard at work too. And in the rain.


Latasha: Can you believe my boyfriend’s dad tried to kick me out of the house? How rude, right?

Max: Ummm….

Latasha: My thoughts exactly!


Max: Wanna hear a secret? I heard that your boyfriend’s dad is crazy. I heard he talks to himself.

Latasha: OMG, no way! Is it even safe for me to come over here?

Max: As long as you’re not home alone with him, you should be fine.

Thanks guy. Thanks for scaring Poochie’s girlfriend…she may not wanna come over anymore…


Latasha went straight for the guitar. I think she’s trying to ignore the flooded kitchen area. I swear, as soon as we fix something, it breaks the next time we use it…and nobody has time for upgrades…I REALLY miss Absol…


Steelix: Hey babe, I’m your boyfriend’s totally hotter brother. I bet you wished you’d met me before you settled for that clown.

Latasha: What is wrong with this family?

A lot…


This picture also serves no purpose. I merely wanted to show off that the twins are still inseparable. I do love them lots.


I was wondering why none of the kids were actually in school even though it was nearly noon, so I checked up on them. This wonderful sight greeted me.


Minccino: It’s all part of the plan. I will continue to be the most intelligent being in town so long as the other children are not able to attend school and further their knowledge.

You know you’re missing a field trip, right?

Minccino: Drat! I love field trip day…


Steelix: Are the ladies staring at me? I sure hope they are.


Hey Poochie, there are children behind you…don’t you wanna put a shirt on?

Poochie: I’m good. Shirts aren’t necessary in a classroom setting. It’s too hot inside. I’d just get pit stains.

Ewww….ok, just keep it off then…


Klink: These people are in the way of my learning…

D’awww, my poor impatient baby.


Dawn does cute things like this, but is otherwise uninteresting.


Bronzong: Can you believe that our oldest kid is nearing young adulthood and this is the first time we’ve ever slow danced?

Gala: I know. Pretty crazy, right?

Dancing in a puddle of sink water. How romantic. On that note, I’m going to end this chapter. Remember to go vote for heir! Have a good day, everybody!

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6 thoughts on “2.8: Troublemaker

  1. Haha! “I swear, I have worse luck with alien abductions than the Kooks” and I thought my Sims had it bad. I don’t know what is up with the Aliens lately. None of my other games have ever had so many abductions.

    Great chapter! I can’t get over how messy their house is! πŸ˜€

    • I’m thinking of just locking my Sims inside at night so they won’t go out to investigate the aliens. That may be cheating, but at this point, I don’t really care.
      I really should hire a maid sometime soon, but they still don’t have that much money, so I’ve been waiting.
      Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚ I really appreciate the feedback.

      • I’ve never thought of locking them in! That’s a good idea! Ever since Anakin became preggers though they have left my family alone for now. Haha. Let me know how it works!

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