Generation Two Heir Poll

I didn’t write down all of their traits, but I think I remember most of them.

Poochyena: insane, friendly, loser, workaholic. Poochie is completely obsessed with his childhood friend, Latasha, and is constantly picked on by his younger twin siblings.

Minccino: friendly, loves the outdoors, workaholic, evil. Minnie is sort of the evil genius of the legacy. She is one of the two “demon twins” and wants to assure that she will be the heir no matter what.

Steelix: clumsy, loves the outdoors, inappropriate, excitable. Steelix is kind of the resident asshole of the legacy. He’s always picking on his brothers, and is sort of a minion to his evil twin sister.

Klink: artistic, hates the outdoors, excitable. Klink just grew into a child. As a toddler, he wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. He is constantly fawned over by both of his parents and is possibly the cutest child.


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