2.6: Birthdays Galore!

Last one for tonight, I promise!


Steelix: Don’t wanna get up….

Too bad. You have a job to do.


Steelix: ~grumble grumble grumble~ You could help out you know, Minnie…


Minccino: No, thank you. I am perfectly content to sit right here and watch.

Great sister, right there.


OH MY GOSH GNOME! I named him Red. I’m sure you can guess why.


Poochie: I am so upset right now…


Poochie: Because I’m missing work…they need me!

I’m sure they’re fine. Besides, you have a prom to attend.


Poochie: Do you think I have time to get a facial before prom? I wanna look my best for my lady love.

Give up already…


Steelix was supposed to go over to a friend’s house. This is where he ended up.

Steelix: This is highly suspect…

They never let him inside…


Prom time!


Poochie: Of course I’m ready. How could Latasha possibly resist me when she sees me like this?

I’d keep that smile to myself if I were you…


Two hours later, Poochie finally goes to prom.

Poochie: I can’t seem too eager. Gene told me to arrive fashionably late.

You got here so late that I only got one popup before the dance was over…


Stupid Latasha…


Here’s his prom picture. I wish he’d worn something other than his gym clothes…


Gala was invited to a party at this shabby place. Nobody showed up.


Bronzong continues to fawn over his obvious favorite.

Bronzong: Pick him. Pick him! PICK HIM!!!!

Again, that’s not up to me. It’s up to the readers.


Minnie, you don’t have to do that. It’s the weekend. Plus you’re about to grow up.

Minccino: I must complete each task assigned to me. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I overlooked something as minor as this.


Minccino: Our brother is about to grow into a child, Steelix, and we still haven’t managed to get rid of him. What shall we do?

Steelix: Relax. All toddlers are cute. Surely he’s nothing special as a kid. We’ve got this heir race in the bag.


Birthday time!

Gala: Get ready, little Klink. You can finally defend yourself.

Klink: CAKE!!!


Steelix: I bet he turns out ugly as hell!


Steelix: Oh….

Klink: I can haz cake nao plz?

The little one rolled excitable. Seems fitting.


Minccino: It’s our turn, brother. Let us show these simpletons who the real masters of this legacy are.

Steelix: Cake….


Holy crap, it’s a Gala clone!


That’s better. Minnie rolled the evil trait. She just became the most interesting Sim in the legacy.

Minccino: I’ve told you time and time again, this legacy will be mine. Now I have the proper trait to assure my victory.


Steelix: I am so hot.

Stop it with the smolder, boy! He rolled…excitable. Yay…


Klink: Ewww, I don’t wanna share a trait with me evil big brother…


I’ve decided that Minnie is really pretty.

Minccino: Well, sometimes it takes both brains and looks to achieve your means.


Here are our candidates, minus Klink. We still have a while to go before an heir needs to be chosen, but I’m going to go ahead and start the poll. I feel like we’ve gotten a pretty good feel for these Sims’ personalities.

Poochie: I wish you guys would stop picking on Klink…

Minccino: Would you rather we pick on you?

Poochie: Well….no….

Steelix: I’m so hot that I’ve already got ladies hitting on me. Although I’m not so sure I approve of ectoplasmic chicks…

That’s all I have for today. I know, short chapter. But you got two others today, so shush. Oh, but before I leave…


Mars continues to be totally attached to her cheater boyfriend. Poor girl. But maybe he’s settled down? Anyways, I’ll see you guys later! Be sure to start voting!

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