2.5: Familiar Faces

Hey there everybody! This is the second of the three consecutive chapters! Before we get into the story, I have some things to explain. First off, CC! Yay! Second, there was a BOGO sale at Target the other day, so I bought Seasons and University. Third, I have placed a new household into town. Let me introduce them.


This is my new and improved Simself. As you can probably tell, she looks quite a bit different from my old one. This one looks a lot more like me. She will not be accompanied by my boyfriend’s Simself this time, as I was too lazy to remake him.


Next is Cocaine Chimeree, a member of the Chimeree rainbow legacy. From the moment Coke first popped into existence, I loved him. He was my first Sim crush, so I have swiped him from his previous Simmer and dumped him into the chaos that is my game.


Next, we have Razor Langurd, of the Dysfunkshinul Legacy. I just stared reading this legacy last night, but I instantly fell in love with this kid. I guess I have a thing for softies with a tough guy exterior. He’s certainly gonna add some interesting genetics to the town.


Next is Pilot Inspector Creeper of the Creeper legacy. I don’t have much to say about this guy, aside from he’s another Sim that I instantly fell in love with. I experimented with genetics before dumping them into the town, and I must say…he and Sim Ami make very pretty babies…


Next, we have Cuddles Derpington of the Herping and Derping prettacy.  I LOVE THIS SIM. You don’t even know how in love with this Sim I am. Not only is he sexy in appearance, he has the best personality…I kinda want Sim Ami to marry him…


This is Leedle Derpington, also of the Herping and Derping prettacy. I know, this seems unfair. Two Sims from the same legacy? But just hear me out. Cuddles is an IF, meaning that he’s not actually a part of this family’s linage. So, to put genes that actually belong to this family into the town, I swiped Leedle, my favorite blood child. He’s adorable and I love him and every time I see his ghost I wanna cry…


Next, we have Mars Knight of the Rainbow Knights. Since this was a speed legacy, we didn’t really get too much time to get to know the spares, but Mars is just far too adorable and I wish I looked like her…now, Rad’s Kyoti legacy was the first legacy blog I’ve ever read, and I wanted to stick Lianndra into the town, but she’s unfortunately not up for download. So instead…


This is Dina Goyle, from some “good genes” exercise Rad did. I was promised that she would spice up the genetics in my town. I have high hopes for this one. I will keep you all updated on what these kiddos are up to. And if you wold like to offer one of your Sims for me to stick in my game, be sure to let me know 🙂

Let’s get on with the actual legacy, shall we?


With all the new CC I got, I decided to give the Kantos slight makovers.

Minccino: I am not impressed by your fancy new things.



How do you like your new look, kid?

Steelix: Ehhh.

😦 Doesn’t anyone like new clothes?


Hey Bronzong, I have a surprise for you. Come with me.


Bronzong: This is an impressive house.

Yes, but I think you’ll be even more impressed with who lives here…


It’s Misdreavus, everybody!

Misdreavus: Hello. I’m glad to be back in the legacy. Sort of.


And here’s Ivysaur. She’s just so gosh darn pretty…

Ivysaur: I know I am.


Ivysaur: Misdreavus is still as bland as ever. Can you believe she wants to be a politician?

Bronzong: LOL, how lame!

Oh Ivy, when will you get over that twin rivalry that the readers didn’t know existed because I lost those pictures?


Bronzong: So, what are you guys doing here anyways?


Ivysaur: Oh, you know. Missy and I just wanted a change of scenery. We didn’t even realize this is where you lived. What a coincidence, huh?


Bronzong: Well, I’m just glad to see you agian, baby sister. I missed you guys.

Ivysaur: I missed you too, big bro.


Bronzong: I am so happy to see you guys, Missy. Isn’t it funny how you ended up in the same place as me? It really puts a smile on my face.

Misdreavus: Ivy didn’t tell you, did she?

Bronzong: Tell me what?


Misdreavus: Oh, it doesn’t matter. I’m just glad we’re all together again.

Bronzong: Me too, baby sister.


Misdreavus: I feel like he should know…oh well, I suppose we’ll tell him later.

What are you speaking of, Missy?

Misdreavus: You’ll find out soon enough.


Ivysaur: How dare you pay more attention to that sister of mine…

Relax, Ivy. You’ve had more screen time than her. Plus you’re prettier. Don’t tell her I said that…


Meanwhile, back at home…

Steelix: Mr. Llama, can I sign my dork brother up for college now so he’ll leave us all alone?

Llama: Ummm….

(By the way, the guy inside the llama is super attractive…if only Minnie were older…)


Gala: Ooooo, fancy new things…

See kids, your mother likes new stuff!


Alright kid, time to start your training.

Klink: Duh….huh?


Klink: Can’t I just go play with my teddy instead?

Gala: I wish…


Poochie: Oh my sweet Latasha, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

You might as well give up, kid. You’ve been friend zoned.


Minccino: I don’t like the expression on my brother’s face. It’s as if he thinks he has a chance at being the heir.


That’s…very nice Bronzong. It looks like a young woman trying not to drown.

Bronzong: That’s my wife teaching my kid how to talk.

Oh…yeah, I definitely see that now.


Gala: I have to protect this baby from the demon twins. If they had it their way, he would be erased from heirship entirely.

Klink: Goo?


Minccino: Brother, I must insist that you stop assaulting Poochyena. He poses no threat to us. Our main rival is our younger brother. Ami thinks he’s cuter than us.

Steelix: I could beat that kid up with both hands tied behind my back. We’ve got the heir race in the bag.

You guys realize you can’t both the the heir, right?

Steelix and Minccino: …..


This is Glameow, little Klink’s only company most of the time.

Klink: Maybe if I don’t squeeze too hard, I won’t pop your head off this time…


Pretty horse is pretty.


Gala: Can I adopt it?

No. Are you forgetting that we have no money?


Minccino: This chair doesn’t appear very stable…

Just sit down and do your homework…>-<


What’s wrong, Ivy?

Ivysaur: G…g…ghost!

I added supernaturals to the town too. I want lots of interesting genetics for future generations.


Kid: Be gentle, master…

Steelix: This is so not what it looks like.



I really don’t know what to do with Gala right now. Like I said before, we don’t have money for new books, so I’m mostly just forcing her to clean and repair everything.

Gala: I hate all this manual labor…

Sorry…it’s not my fault your LTW forces me to spend butt loads of money.


Bronzong’s starting on his portrait. I think I’ll have him redo this one. It already looks kinda crappy.


Steelix: Here you go, baby brother. I so didn’t poison your bottle, if that’s what you’re thinking.

Klink: Yay, food! 😀


Minccino: Drat, brother, the poison didn’t work. What should we do now?

Steelix: Beats me. Can’t I just kill him?

Great kids, aren’t they? And on that note, we’ll end things. But first: TOWN UPDATE.


Looks like Mars and Razor hooked up. They’ll make cute babies 🙂


Leedle started dating one of the witches I put into town.


Sim Ami, what are you doing?!? He’s old and not Cuddles!!!


See, look at that! He’s cheating on you with a random hot chick I put into town!


Speaking of cheating…Razor seems to be taking after his father.


Yet he still claims to be “totally committed” to poor Mars.


Finally, it seems that Leedle’s first relationship may be ending sooner rather than later 😦 why does my game make every couple in Story Progression miserable? Well, that’s it for this chapter. The final one for tonight will be posted shortly.

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9 thoughts on “2.5: Familiar Faces

  1. well, you are welcome to any of the Cultrics.
    And just so you know, I am kind of having a thing with other legacy sims in my own game right now…if you are interested…>.>

    • I’d love to have Karla, she’s gorgeous. Is she up for download anywhere? And you’re welcome to any of the Kantos as well. Just let me know which one(s) you would like. Except for Absol, because I don’t think I’d be able to recreate him very well…

  2. You’re welcome to one of my WYDC kids! There are some pretty ones and some…more interesting ones.

    I love the people you’ve put in so far, great selection. And loving the scheming twins, can’t wait to see what they look like as teens.

    • I’d definitely love to have one of your WYDC kids! But as you’ll find out as you get farther along in this legacy, my town really can’t handle new people right now…but if I ever get my lag problem fixed or need Sims for a different challenge, I’ll be sure to pick out one (or a couple) of your Maloney kids.

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