2.4: Rejection

Hey, everybody, Ami here! I am going to throw three chapters at you guys today. That’s right, three! This one you’re reading right now is the last chapter from my three day play session, so there will be new things by the next chapter. Anyways, let’s begin! I left you off last time with the twins growing into children. Let’s see what they look like, shall we?


Here’s Steelix, looking just as adorable as I expected him to. He rolled inappropriate.

Steelix: Teehee, I just tooted…



Minccino: Brother, I am trying my best to act enthusiastic for you, but it’s just not working…

Apparently, I don’t have a picture of Minnie’s derp face, but here she is as a child. She’s a workaholic.


Oh yeah, Gala was about to give birth last time. Well, this is baby Klink.


His traits are artistic and hates the outdoors. He might not get along well with the twins, who are all about being outside.


Bronzong: I like that this one looks like me.

Yeah, so do I. After the birthdays, I decided that it would be a good idea for Bronzong to bond with his kids, so he took them down to the pond to hang out.


Poochie: YES! I get to leave the house for once!

Minccino and Steelix: ~are perpetually unimpressed~


Some excellent parent decided to leave their baby alone on the beach.

Toddler: Teehee, I am ever so adorable.

Perhaps this kid is spouse material. Or perhaps not. We shall see.


Minnie decided to spend her time fishing.

Minccino: There is nothing more fulfilling than capturing defenseless creatures for your own personal gain 🙂


My favorite for heirship Steelix decided to spend his time making friends with Bronzong.

Steelix: Do you still think Minnie and I are demons?

Bronzong: Of course I do, son!

Steelix: 😦


Poochie, the most excited to spend time with his father, ended up talking to his little girlfriend the entire time.

Poochie: And then our toilet broke for the thousandth time and mom threw a hissy fit and almost hit me with her mixing bowl. Yeah, I’m ok, I promise. Yeah, I suppose a hug would be nice…

This kid is the master of guilt tripping.


And then he decided to do his homework.

Poochie: If I don’t do it now, I might not do it at all.

You’re too good a kid…stop it…


Old Man: Dag nabbit, I think I lost my dentures in the water again…

Minccino: ~is scarred for life~


Steelix: ~panting~ I think I lost him…

Bronzong: ~casually strolling~ He realizes I’m right behind him doesn’t he?


Poochie: Oh, Gene (formerly known as Steve), I’ve totally got her wrapped around my finger! My lady love and I will rule this legacy forever!

Keep telling yourself that, kid.


Steelix: You know, my sister’s right. This is actually kinda relaxing.

Shortly after this, I sent everyone back home to eat and head to bed.


Poochie: I wish mom would make us nachos once in a while, don’t you, sis?

Minccino: Nachos are incredibly unhealthy, and they get all over everything. I think that mother’s cooking is perfectly acceptable.

Yay, sibling bonding moment.


Steelix: Stupid sister, sitting with that loser brother of ours instead of me…

Hey now, be nice. If you keep saying things like that, you’ll stop being my favorite.


Bronzong: I. WANTED. TO. SIT. THERE.

Steelix: Too bad, so sad.


I guess he was content to sit on the bathtub instead.

Bronzong: OM NOM NOM.


Oh hey, would you look at that.


Bronzong: You know, I kinda missed you…a lot…


Gala: Oh, Bronzong, I thought you’d never say that…I missed you too…I’m sorry I broke things off…


Bronzong: I forgive you, babe.


Bronzong: Will you marry me? Again?

Gala: YES! Yes, of course I will!


Gala: I love you Bronzong.


Bronzong: I love you too.


Well, that was easier than I anticipated…but yay! Together again 😀


What are you laughing about, Steelix?

Steelix: The unwanted child is growing up.

Hey, don’t call him that! I will admit, I should have probably paid more attention to this kid during his infant stage. Let’s hope he’s cute so I won’t ignore him more.


D’awww….I approve of this baby now.


Bronzong: This child looks just like me! Make it heir! Make it heir!

Easy there, kiddo. That’s not up to me. I will admit though, I think he’s the cutest baby so far. Although Steelix is still the best mix.


Poochie: Hey, sis.

Minccino: Hello, brother.

Poochie: Do you and Steelix wanna play tag with me?

Minccino: I suppose we’d be willing to partake in a game of tag.


And so they played. Not much to say here, just cute sibling bonding.

Steelix: Get back here, you dork! I’m gonna bash your head in!

Poochie: Run away…run away…run away…


Klink continues to be adorable.

Klink: Put the circle block into the…square hole? No, that’s not right…oh bother…




Steelix: Look at our loser brother back there, sis. Isn’t it just hilarious that we left him all alone?

Minccino: I find your cruelty quite refreshing, brother, but don’t you think this is a bit unnecessary?


Bronzong’s getting his painting skill pretty high. I think he’s almost ready to start painting legacy portraits.


Poochie: I shall prepare this kingdom for when my Latasha moves in. Together, we will rule the world!


Bronzong: I sense a disquieting metamorphosis…


Bronzong: Awww yeah, adulthood.

Please no midlife crisis…please no midlife crisis…




Poochie: UGGG! That stupid baby is getting on my nerves!

Minccino: Relax, brother. Soon, he will no longer be a baby.

Poochie: Not soon enough…

So true…


Steelix: Sis, you’re pretty cool. Not like that lame-o brother of ours.

Minccino: Your words are unimpressive…like that music mother insists on playing…


Poochie and Pupitar share a moment together, but don’t be fooled. He never plays with his IF.

Poochie: I just wanted to get away from my brothers…they both suck…


Poochie: Why are you sitting with me, sis? Won’t Steelix be mad?

Minccino: My twin will not cease his constant burping. It is getting rather vexing.

Steelix: ~burps~ Stealing my sister, huh? I’ll get you, you loser…


Birthday time already? Gosh, I really need to get better at taking more screenshots…

Poochie: I wish that my lady love will turn out as elegant as I imagine her to be. And I wish that we will be together forever and ever!

You can’t have two wishes!

Poochie: Oh really? Well then I’ll settle for the forever and ever part. She can be hideous. I’ll still love her.


Poochie: Am I as gorgeous as I feel?



He’s the spitting image of his mother, that’s for sure. I think that he would be really cute if he didn’t have such a squished head…anyways, I still love him. And he rolled workaholic, just like his sister. This family tends to roll the same traits…


This is the famous Latasha, by the way. She’ll grow up in a couple of days, then Poochie can work his magic.


The twins always do their homework together. Or, Minnie does her homework and Steelix makes her give him the answers.

Steelix: What’s the square root of 49 again?

Minccino: I grow tired of your ignorance, brother…


Since the Kantos are so dirt poor and Gala doesn’t go back to her job for another week almost, I made poor Poochie get a job.

Poochie: It’s ok, I forgive you. I enjoy the extra work 🙂

That’s my boy.


Gala: You should give this baby more screen time.

Klink: Yeah…aren’t I adorable?

I’m sorry…your siblings are just more interesting than you at this point…


Poochie: I wish dad would teach me how to drive.

I’d love to have him do that for you. Unfortunately, we have no car and no money. So, sorry kid.


Our little workaholic, dreaming about her career before she’s even a teen.

Minccino: According to these charts, our product will become the biggest seller since the slinky…

Ahhh, youth.


Ummm…Bronzong…is that supposed to be your son?

Bronzong: Why? Is there something wrong with it?

No, it’s just…sorta blurry…

Bronzong: You hate it! I’m a failure!

Not what I meant!


Here’s Latasha, all grown up. (The one in orange.) The other girl might be a Bayless offspring? I think her name’s Haeju or something like that.


Since we no longer have Absol to take care of these things, Gala’s been assigned the task of fixing all the broken crap in this house.

Gala: Why don’t you make Bronzong do it?

Because he’s actually able to work on his LTW right now. We can’t afford more recipe books at the moment, so you’ll just do whatever I tell you to do.


Gosh kid, you’re adorable.

Klink: I know. This is why you should pay more attention to me.

Do something interesting and maybe I will. Speaking of which…Latasha just arrived. See ya, kid!


Poochie: So Tash, I was thinking…wanna go to prom with me?

Latasha: No way! I only think of you as a friend.


Poochie: But…but I bought these flowers for you.

Latasha: Oh Poochie, that’s so sweet of you.

Poochie: So will you go out with me now?

Latasha: Absolutely not.


Poochie: But…we’re supposed to be together forever…


Latasha: Honestly Poochie…you’re such a child…

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how our dear Poochie got friend zoned. Seriously, she’s straight, she doesn’t have a boyfriend, and she’ll accept flowers, but as soon as he tries asking her to prom, she gets all pissy…oh well, I guess she’s just not the girl for our Poochie. Join us next time as we partake in prom endeavors.

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4 thoughts on “2.4: Rejection

  1. I had the exact same problem with poor claudia! She had to be going out with her boy before he would say yes!
    the kids are hilarious., I can’t wait to see the other three all grown up!

  2. Everyone has such unique looks, even Tasha. That’s Twinbrook for you, I guess.

    I found that the teens were more likely to accept the invitation to prom if they were already Romantic Interests, or at least thought they were “being alluring”. But yes, there are some sims that just don’t like others. Poor Poochy 😦

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