2.3: So Much Sadness…


Here’s a picture of our little demon twins to start us out. Aren’t they cute?


Poor Poochie…he always seems so lonely…he does have two friends at school though. I forgot both of their names, but one is a boy and the other is a girl.


D’aww, Steelix actually looks semi happy, if you take away the fact that his smile seems forced.

Steelix: They’ll only love me if I show emotions, Mr. Robot. Must…keep…smiling…


Gala: I’m already middle-aged, kid…soon I’ll just be a ghost wandering through these halls…

Minccino: That’s really morbid, mother…


Deer! And he’s fully rendered this time!


I was wondering why Poochie hadn’t come home yet. This is why. Well, at least he seems happy.

Poochie: This is my private sanctuary. Please leave.


As soon as he got home, I made him do his homework, because I am a cruel Simmer.


D’aww, look how happy these two are.


Gala: Bronzong, do you still love me even though I’m old?


Bronzong: Of course, baby. In fact…


Bronzong: Let me prove it to you.

Gala: Oh, my…


And prove it he did.


Despite having just had woohoo, Bronzong’s social bar was all the way in the red, and he had the “needs to brood” moodlet, so I plopped him down to do his thing.

Bronzong: Once upon a midnight dreary, as I pondered, weak and weary….


Clearly, it didn’t help. The moodlet didn’t go away, his social bar was still in the red, and he started talking to himself. I don’t even know what to do right now…


And then this happened….

Gala: Bronzong, this is not working out! You’re insane, and I just can’t deal with it anymore! You paint creepy pictures, you terrify our children, and you’re always pretending to talk to your ex-girlfriend! Frankly, I’ve had enough! I want a divorce!


Bronzong: But Gala, please…what about the children?…

Gala: Oh, I’ll stay here until they’re all grown up, but from this point on, I want nothing more to do with you!

Bronzong: Why are you doing this?…


Gala: Because I’ve realized that I never should have married you. It was the biggest mistake of my life.


Bronzong: When will my happiness return, you may ask? Nevermore….

Uggg, this is terrible…:( Gala rolled this wish, and I accidentally locked it in, and since it was a midlife crisis wish, I couldn’t cancel it…of course, this is just the thing Bronzong needed to send him into further depression…


Poochie: It’s ok, daddy, I don’t think you’re crazy.

D’aww, sweet kid…


Bronzong: Gala, why?……T.T

So sad….I feel awful about this….


I hope you’re satisfied, you little brat…you’ve broken Bronzong…

Gala: As if I care.

…I hate you…


Poochie: Don’t you worry, baby sister, I’ll take care of you while mommy and daddy are fighting.

D’aww πŸ™‚


Bronzong: Look out, Minnie, it’s the claw, back for revenge!

Minccino: ZOMG!!!

Nice to see that he still finds time for the kids between bursts of tears.


Gala: Well, what do you know…

Great, just what this broken family needs…another baby…thanks, autonomous risky, for not giving me the chime as a warning…


Gala: So, Bronzong…turns out I’m pregnant…

Bronzong: You say that as if I care.


Gala: Well, I tried.


Bronzong, shouldn’t you at least be supportive?

Bronzong: This bitch broke my heart. Why should I care about her baby?

Because it’s yours too!

Bronzong: So? I have three others.



I tried to get their relationship back up for a little while. It mostly went like this:

Gala: So…how’s your day going?


Bronzong: All of my days have been spent in misery since you ripped my heart out…


Gala: He’s just not working with me…

Well, you did dump him in your midlife crisis frenzy…


Bronzong: God dammit, Celebi, I get it! You were right! It was a mistake marrying Gala, and it was a mistake coming here! I should’ve stayed in Riverview! Happy now?!?

Poor kid…


Deer: I will distract you from the sadness for a while.

Thank you, cute deer, I needed that…



Ummm….kay….I’ll leave you to it…


Our little demon twins are cute as ever, despite all that’s happened.

Steelix: I can’t help the feeling that mother and father breaking up was somehow our fault, sis.

Minccino: Maybe if we act cute and innocent enough, they’ll realize that we’re not demons and get back together.

Steelix: Sounds like a plan!


Meanwhile, our wonderful little Poochie continues to keep to himself, mostly doing homework, calling his friends, or doing chores around the house. I swear, I’m not making him into a slave. He does this himself.

Poochie: I am a dedicated human being.

You certainly are, kid.


Gala: Hey, I was thinking…you’re actually pretty hot when you’re depressed.


Bronzong: You are a despicable human being!

No progress has been made…T.T


Poochie: Oh, hey Latasha. I’m so glad you called. No, not too much has been going on. My parents broke up. No, really, I’m fine. Well, I suppose I could use a hug at school tomorrow. Thanks Tash, you’re the best.

(I remembered her name!!!)


(Still don’t remember his other friend’s name, so we’ll call him Steve for now.)

Poochie: Yeah, Steve, I did just what you said. And the guilt tripping worked! She says she’s gonna give me a hug at school tomorrow! Lady Latasha and I will be together forever.

Ahhh, young love…


Oh, hey, birthday time already? Time really flies in this game.


Gala: Don’t forget about me. I’m about to go into labor here.

Oh, shoo. We really don’t need another baby, but at least Bronzong will be happy that you’re out of the house.


Well, tune in next time to meet the newest addition to gen 2 and see what the demon twins look like all grown up! Thanks for reading, guys. Have a nice day πŸ™‚

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