Dylan Carter (TMB) Sim

Before I began my obsession with all things Sims, my passion was for Nancy Drew games. I still play these games on a regular basis though, and yesterday, I decided to recreate some of my favorite male characters as Sims, not for any particular reason. I was just bored. Dylan Carter, who may possibly be my all time favorite ND guy, turned out perfect, and I just wanted to share him with you all.


Dylan Carter, from Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen, is a tour guide who just happens to walk into the dig sight Nancy has been hired to investigate. Is he very suspicious? Yes. But is he sexy as hell? Also yes. It’s probably because of his accent. I can’t get enough of British people. But he’s also very flirty, and I like that in a guy. “You would’ve had fun seeing the world with me. Admit it.” Maybe Nancy refuses to see the world with you, but you can take me instead! As you can see, I am very obsessed with this fictional man. Lord help me. The Henry Bolet Sim turned out pretty good too, but the ones for Nick Falcone and Rentaro Aihara don’t look much like their adventure game counterparts…sorry about this rambling, you guys. I’m done now. I hope you enjoyed this picture of one of the smexiest Sims I’ve ever made. Have a good night 😀


2 thoughts on “Dylan Carter (TMB) Sim

  1. weirdly as all heck, I was just finishing up a nancy drew game when I got this.

    I am a HUGE nancy drew fan! I have repeatedly tried to find a ‘grown up’ replacement for a mystery game, but i have yet to find one that doesn’t suck, and ND is still really good, and kind of tricky if you play senior mode.

    I was only missing a handful of the games but thanks to a 50% off sale, I now have the rest on digital download. Normally as a rule, I never by digital download, but the old games are impossible to find now a days. Maybe i’ll replace than on disk slowly, or I’ll just save them on disks and print off covers.

    And, I loved Dylan Carter too!

    Anyway, I’m going to go play another new ND game.
    I should probably pace myself instead of beating all my new ones within a week…but I can’t help it!

    • I have one suggestion for a more “grown up” version of a mystery game. It’s a Sherlock Holmes game called “Secret of the Silver Earring.” It’s definitely a step up from the child-friendly ND games, although it can be rather frustrating. I really enjoyed it though, and I’ve played it through a few times. It takes a lot of focus and you definitely have to pay attention to all of your clues instead of just looking over them and setting them aside like some of the clues in the ND games. I think there are other games in the series too, but I’ve never played them.

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