2.2: Demon Babies

Another chapter already! I had three snow days last week, so I have A LOT of pictures for both this and my dual legacy. And I do mean a lot. It’s kind of ridiculous. Last time on the Kanto legacy, we had multiples. Time to meet them!


First up, we have Minccino.


She’s friendly and she loves the outdoors.


And this is Steelix. (I think. I can’t tell which is which in the burrito baby form.)


He also loves the outdoors and is a klutz.

You guys, I love multiples. I really do. I’m always rooting for twins or even triplets. But the Kantos are NOT ready for this…Absol and Betty had plenty of money, so having Ivy and Missy was perfectly fine. But Bronzong and Gala are dirt poor…this is going to be interesting…


Poochie: I’m so glad I have you, Pupitar. You’ll never leave me alone.

Poor kid…just when we thought is parents weren’t crappy enough, they have two new reasons to ignore him…


In other news…Giovanni the teddy! And now he has a friend.


Brock the teddy. In case you don’t remember, I’m buying a bear for each generation and naming it after the gym leader of their town.


This picture has no purpose. I was just practicing. By the end of this post, or maybe the next one, my picture taking will be much better.


Gala: I don’t know which one you are, but I’m going to strangle you if you keep waking me up in the middle of the night.

Gala Kanto, world’s best mum.


Bronzong: I don’t want you ever to feel neglected, Poochie. I know the feeling, trust me. Your mom and I will always be there for you.

Gala: Bronzong, get in here and help me change the twins!

Bronzong: Oops, gotta go!

Well, at least he’s trying.


Poochie: Maybe if I hide in here, the terrible twins won’t see me…

Good idea, kid. Is there room for me in there?


We now interrupt the baby shenanigans to bring you…DANCING GALA.

Gala: Bitch, I’m fabulous.


Gala: You know, they’re not so bad when they aren’t screaming at me.

That’s hardly ever, unfortunately…


Bronzong: Why am I so much of a man that I fathered twins?!?! Celebi, I just know this was your doing!!!

Woman: Just walk away slowly…maybe he won’t notice…


Bronzong: Don’t worry Poochie, I will shield you from the wrath of your siblings.

Poochie: Choking…not breathing…


Poochie: WAAAAHHHH!!!! FOOD!!! NOW!!!

Relax, kid. I’ll get one of your parents on it in a minute.


Cheer up, Gala. At least it’s the twins’ birthday today.

Gala: Already?

Yupp. Time goes fast when you’re having fun.

Gala: I wasn’t.

Neither was I.


Bronzong: About time these things grew up.

Bronzong! Those “things” are your children!

Bronzong: They’re demons!!!


Steelix: Why won’t anyone pay attention to me?!?

You just had a birthday. Everyone was watching you. I think that’s plenty of attention.

Steelix: I want more!!!

See what we have to deal with?…Never satisfied, these ones…


Minccino is always expressionless. ALWAYS. She occasionally does cute things, but for the most part, she and her brother are both rocks…

Bronzong: I told you they’re demons!


Poochie: I’ll just stay over here and hope my demon siblings don’t find me.


Despite what he says, Bronzong does love the twins.

Bronzong: DEMONS!




Our twins closer up. See how expressionless they are? Even nomming on her hand, Minnie seems so cold and indifferent…


This zombie…is kinda cute



Gala: Oh Bronzong, these twins are taking everything out of me…


Bronzong: I know, babe, but we’ll get through it together.



Bronzong sweetie, you do not have the never nude trait. Why are you wearing your athletic pants in the bathtub?

Bronzong: Celebi’s been stalking me. I don’t want her to see me naked.

…..ok then…..


Oh my, Poochie’s birthday already?

Gala: Finally, one less thing to take care of.


Get up, Bronzong. It’s your son’s birthday.

Bronzong: But I was dreaming about my beautiful art gallery…

Up. Now.

Bronzong: Fine…


Bronzong: Yay, you go, child!

Darling, you’re facing the wrong way…


Gala: These children…they disgust me…


Here’s our little Poochie, all grown up. He rolled loser, poor kid.

Poochie: Does this mean I get cake now?

Yes. Eat away. You’ve earned it.


What are you up to, Minnie?

Minccino: Getting a toy.

What kind of toy?

Minccino: I don’t care.

Oh…ok then…I’ll be going now…


Bronzong: C’mon, kid, just get over here…


Steelix: I’d rather not.

Minccino: You tell ’em, bro.


Poochie is enjoying his childhood to the fullest.

Poochie: I’m gonna go find treasure!


I almost forgot he’s insane. He doesn’t act it, really. He just wears outfits at inappropriate times. Maybe he’ll become more Bronzong-like as the days go on.


Despite the fact that I take so many pictures of Minnie, I think Steelix is my favorite. Poochie and Minnie look so much like their mother that you can barely see anything of Bronzong in them. I think Steelix is the best mix. But we’ll have to see once they all get older.


Poochie, aren’t you gonna go eat in the living room with your father?

Poochie: No thanks, I’d rather be alone.

Are you sure you didn’t roll “loner?”


Bronzong: And remember to always eat your veggies!

Minccino: Uggg, you bore me, parental unit…and by the way, vegetables are icky…


Oops, I guess in all the hubbub, we forgot Gala’s birthday.


Gala: Tada! I’m still gorgeous.

Bronzong: Ewww, you’re so old now.

Gala: By the way, MIDLIFE CRISIS!!!


Well, that’s about all for today. Tune in next time for more silly antics from the Kanto family. Have a good night everybody 🙂

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