1.5: The Shortest Chapter Ever


Bronzong: You abandoned me…

No I didn’t…I just…stopped playing for a while…

Bronzong: Same thing…

Well, it’s been complicated…I’ve had the pictures for this chapter for a long time, but I haven’t been motivated to write…but now I am! The reason I can’t combine these pictures with ones from other play sessions is that I took all my CC out for a while. Bronzong will have different hair for the next few chapters, but I just put my CC back in this morning, so from this point on, his hair will be normal. Anyways, on with the (super short) show!


Hey Gala, feeling a bit ill are we?

Gala: Stupid Bronzong forgot to clean out the spoiled food this morning…

Oh…carry on then…


Bronzong: Get off my back, Celebi! I’m allowed to have other girlfriends! What we had back then was great and all, but we were teens! It’s time to move on!


Gala: Something in this house stinks…

Well maybe if someone would do the dishes…by the way, you’re wearing different clothes…and do you look a little bigger?

Gala: Are you implying that I’m fat?

No, but…nevermind…


Dat hair…I don’t even…


Gala, get back to work! You’re losing job performance!

Gala: But I’m going into labor.



Gah! Floating baby! This game is so glitched…


Gala: I gave birth.

I see that…seriously guys, I wasn’t sure that she was actually pregnant. She got stuck when she was developing her baby bump, so I had to reset her. She didn’t get the moodlet and she still had to go to work. But anyways, meet the first member of generation Pewter, Poochyena.


He’s friendly and insane.


Gala: I am uninterested in that baby.

That’s fine with me as long as you keep working on that LTW.


Bronzong: So, this is my kid, huh?



Bronzong: I love my nooboo ❤



Gala got the opportunity to befriend this woman. It seems they have a history.

Sofia: Girl, you used to be so fun! What happened?

Gala: I had a baby…


Bronzong: Who would paint such a horrible excuse for a picture?!?!

That would be you, dear.

Bronzong: Oh…


I decided to send Gala to her ex-boyfriend’s house to see what was up. She seemed entirely interested in a friendship. Image

All he wanted to do was play his guitar. It’s his loss, Gala. Now go on, you have a baby to attend to.


Gala: You know…he’s really not so bad…he’s actually kinda cute…


Gala: I’m thinking that I’d like to have another one.

You’ll just have to wait, missy.


Bronzong: This painting represents the beauty in working through your pain.

It’s just purple with some other colors scattered about randomly.



Gala: Yes, I need to go to work and my boyfriend just left to do God knows what. Can you send someone over right away?


This adorably awkward looking kid is our babysitter. I love him.


To be perfectly honest, I don’t even remember why I sent him here. I think he might have been stir crazy or something. Anyways, he met this woman and the two seemed to hit it off quite well. Sorry sweetie, we’ve already got our baby momma.


Bronzong: That girl was nice. She almost makes me forget how horrid humanity is.


Girl: He’s hot.


Meanwhile, Gala is home from work.

Gala: So tired….

Welcome to parenthood.

Well, this is all I’ve got for today. Sorry once again for the super short update. I’m gonna start writing the next one right away, don’t you worry. I was really afraid to play the Kantos for a long time because the game would always freeze and/or crash in their save file, but lately things have been working really well. I actually need to stop playing because it’s almost time to start the heir poll at this point. I’ll get you guys all caught up, don’t you worry. In the meantime, have a good day 🙂

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