Bad News…

Hey everybody, Ami here with some really crappy news. The other day, my computer got blocked with that virus that tries to make you think the government has been spying on your computer and you did something bad and now you have to pay money…I’m using my grandparents’ computer to type this, because as of now, I have yet to fix mine. I was going to this morning, but I couldn’t find our reboot disc. Anyways, this is a sad occurrence for this blog…since I’m going to need to reboot my computer, all of my Sims data will be lost. I do have some options in mind. In place of TDS, (because I will not be recreating all 22 campers. maybe when I have more time.) I will be doing something Sims 2 related. I have a couple of options in mind, but I’m open to suggestions as well. As for the Kanto legacy, I can either start an entirely different legacy challenge, or I can recreate one of the viridian kids and start the legacy with him or her as the founder. I will now describe what we know about each heir.

Bronzong Kanto, who was four days into his childhood when I left off, was always a very grumpy child, who had a propensity for creating beautiful works of art. Bronzong was often followed around his home by his imaginary friend, Celebi. Celebi was a good friend to Bronzong, but she had a mean streak. She also had abandonment issues, and would get angry with Bronzong if he didn’t talk to her for long periods of time.

Ivysaur Kanto, who had just turned into a child when I left off, was a good girl, if not a bit clumsy. Her only fault was that she loved to be the center of attention. Whether it was crying when her sister was being held or bragging when she learned a skill faster, little Ivy never wanted to be second best. Even her big brother Bronzong paid more attention to her than to her twin.

Misdreavus Kanto, who had just turned into a child when I left off, was always a fairly quiet and well-behaved baby. She never took much maintenance, and she often kept to herself, choosing to play with Elektrike, her imaginary friend, and letting her sister take the limelight. She was quite a friendly girl though, and very polite, probably making a very good dinner guest.

So, there are the children. Let me know in the comments which one sounds the most interesting. I know that a description isn’t much to go off of, but I don’t have the pictures anymore, unfortunately. If my boyfriend was in town, I’d ask him to show me how to transfer things onto a flash drive in safe mode, but he’s not, so…yeah…anyways, before I go, things I need from you in the comments:

1. Suggestions for a Sims 2 challenge

2. Would you rather I start a new legacy or pick a kid to restart the Kanto legacy?

3. If you want me to start with a viridian baby, which one is your pick?

Thanks guys, and again, I’m sorry about all this, but there’s unfortunately not that much I can do about it… :/


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